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Earthlings – Jungletrain Session 199 | The Ear & Drum

Earthlings – Jungletrain Session 199 | Nov 30th -0001

Earth Records was Bukem’s off shoot label for rare-groove based music. Although a lot of the compilations that came out under the Earth banner didn’t have a lot of D&B on them, the D&B tracks they did have were amazing and sublime.

Bukem’s own Constellations with DRS on vocals sets the tone for the mix, but big back-in-the-day artists like Blame, Crystal, Addiction, Phunky Technicians & Doc Scott all make this a listening pleasure.

Don’t just stand there, chill out. 

Earthlings – 1hr of Earth Recordings

LTJ Bukem – Constellations
Pablo – Do What You Gotta Do
Appaloosa – Traveling
Blame – Revival
Intense – Flashback
Vincent – Scythe (Studio Mix)
DJ Crystal – Mind Games
DJ Addiction – Senses
PHD & The Funky Technicians – Above & Beyond
Words 2B Heard Meets Ad-Ill (Planet Invasion) – Con-Quest
Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn

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/net/ - Project Skynet

/net/ : Project Skynet | Apr 25th 2011
File 128565427834.png - (325.54KB , 785x530 , acta.png )
No. 133
Hello fellow citizen of the internet. You may not be aware that the internet as you know it may be in danger. I am here to give you fair warning that indeed; in January 16th 2012 it will be changed forever.

The United Nations and other world political bodies believe that they are hiding a very large and dangerous secret from us, and this could be no further from the truth. Because we the people, know all there is to know. The UN is, without the consent or knowledge of the people at large, passing a document known as the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement.

The ACTA, has a few effects on the worlds economy, such as increasing tariffs on trade (which raises the prices of foreign goods significantly), and monopolizing the worlds power, water, and production of limited resources, a few being lumber, oil, diamonds, and gold. The effects are that the companies bought in by the ACTA will have enormous capital gain, and the citizens that purchase certain products will see a small decrease in the price of home-made products and services.

However, along with the increase of the prices of foreign goods, ACTA has one very dark secret, the complete control of all intellectual property. Any site that hosts copyrighted material will be affected by the ACTA so vastly, that they will no longer be able to sustain themselves. Sites like Myspace, Facebook, Myyearbook, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Digg, Youtube, Metacafe, Deviantart, and so many others, will be forced to close or cut services due to the transfer of copyrighted materials. The ACTA laws on intellectual property still stay in effect, even if full permission is given to use said property. In order for a site like Youtube, or Myspace to stay functioning, they will be forced to pay the standard fee of $0.99 for every song played on the site for each user, for each video. It will be impossible to maintain the fee’s for audio, at the trillions it will cost them.

If you think this is bad, start your raging now, because you don’t want to hear this next part. Internet Service Providers (Comcast/Verison/Warner… etc), will be forced to monitor all data transferred from the internet to a user of their service. This is meant to be used for “Seizing Copyright Protected Information”. However, a new article to the ACTA is being discussed, that will also allow the ISP’s to copy this information without your knowledge or consent. Also if you are accused (it does not have to be proven), of transferring, or downloading copyrighted material; the ACTA forces ISP’s to restrict or prohibit your internet service, blacklist your name to receive internet service again, and fine you for the cost of the copyrighted material, as determined per state or national law.


>> No. 134
>> No. 138

File has been deleted.

>> No. 141
What can we do at the moment?
>> No. 142

Get postcards. Address them to your congressman/woman/transgender/alien ... Write only this. "Vote no on ACTA and COICA" Do the same to the supreme court.

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Operation Desert Angel - Operation Desert STORM!

Written by Stevie Nicks and M. Campbell.

I was born in the desert
So I know how it feels there
Well look up it's a shooting star
But it's as black as night no stars

Well this is the first thing,
That I've written
Since I wrote about freedom
And then the wall came down
Well we thought it was a great beginning
People were free to cross the line
But then something happened in the desert
Something broke the stars into pieces

Well I live below a great red mountain
In the shape of a great huge beast
In a place the indians call Paradice Valley
Well this has always been my sanctuary
I send that to you too
There on the other side of the world
In the desert
And we are the guardians
No black clouds just the faces of you

So where is my father,
Where has he gone
Where is my husband
Where is my son
Where is my father
Where has he gone
What is it that happened here
Is it real This war
This can't be happening

Ooh well I need to see you
In your far away war
And you should know how much we love you
They call us here, Operation Desert Angel
They call us here, Operation Desert Angel
In waiting
Operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm
Operation Desert Angel

Whole Lotta Trouble

Written by Stevie Nicks and M. Campbell.

Would you change your mind, at the very last moment
Would you say stop for a second I'll bet you could think for a minute
In the morning light he says when will I see you
She says I don't think tomorrow, baby
Sometimes I wonder if things would change if we stayed together
Would you change your mind, at the very last minute
I think you should stop for a second Think for a moment

This could be a whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble for you
Well this could be a whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble for you

And the angel said well you must have had a dream
And you remember it 'till the dream followed through
Till the end of the dream and the dream came true
When I want something I get it
You'd better go he says yes I think I better
Stop for a moment I think you should think for a minute
Would you change your mind, at the very last minute
When I want something I get it

Whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble for you
Well this could be a whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble, baby
Whole lotta trouble for you

Oh yeah, oh yeah not guilty have mercy!
Oh he says you could be my prisoner
Well you're not living in the real world
You're not living in the real world

You're not my friend you're not my love
And this is something that we really don't discuss
Where are you sometimes I hear you crying
And I wake up and I get through it

Well this could be a whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble for you
Well this could be a whole lotta trouble
Whole lotta trouble, baby
A whole lotta trouble for you

Not Ready To Make Nice

"Not Ready To Make Nice"

Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I’m not sure I could
They say time heals everything
But I’m still waiting

I’m through with doubt
There’s nothing left for me to figure out
I’ve paid a price
And I’ll keep paying

I’m not ready to make nice
I’m not ready to back down
I’m still mad as hell and
I don’t have time to go round and round and round
It’s too late to make it right
I probably wouldn’t if I could
‘Cause I’m mad as hell
Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

I know you said
Can’t you just get over it
It turned my whole world around
And I kind of like it

I made my bed and I sleep like a baby
With no regrets and I don’t mind sayin’
It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
And how in the world can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter
Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing
Or my life will be over

I’m not ready to make nice
I’m not ready to back down
I’m still mad as hell and
I don’t have time to go round and round and round
It’s too late to make it right
I probably wouldn’t if I could
‘Cause I’m mad as hell
Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

I’m not ready to make nice
I’m not ready to back down
I’m still mad as hell and
I don’t have time to go round and round and round
It’s too late to make it right
I probably wouldn’t if I could
‘Cause I’m mad as hell
Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

What it is you think I should

Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I’m not sure I could
They say time heals everything
But I’m still waiting


I wonder what it's like to be the rainmaker
I wonder what it's like to know that I make the rain
I'd store it in boxes with little yellow tags on everyone
And you can come see them when I'm... done, when I'm done

I wonder what it's like to be a super hero
I wonder where I'd go if I could fly around downtown
From some other planet, I get this funky high on yellow sun

Boy I bet my friends will all be... stunned, they're stunned

Straight up, what did you hope to learn about here
If I were someone else, would this all fall apart
Strange, where were you, when we started this gig,
I wish the real world, would just stop hassling me

I wonder what it's like to be the head honcho
I wonder what I'd do if they all did just what I said
I'd shout out an order, I think we're out of this man get
me some
Boy don't make me wanna change my... tone, my tone


Please don't change, please don't break
The only thing that seems to work at all is you
Please don't change, at all from me
To you, and you to me

Repeat chorus...

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In 1963 Eduard Albert (Billy) Meier and his friend ex-Greek-Orthodox priest, Isa Rashid recovered these four scrolls, where they had been buried for 2000 years. Rashid translated the first scroll of 36 chapters from Aramaic into the German language of Meier. Rashid's work was interrupted when Israeli authorities discovered his work in Jerusalem. Rashid fled with the scrolls to a Lebanese refugee camp, but the Israeli Military bombed the camp, forcing him to flee to Baghdad. Because the scrolls were either destroyed in the bombing or they fell into Israeli hands, the remaining three were never translated, and their message was lost to the modern world."

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Awareness and The Superpowers Vs A Conspiracy (?) to Suppress Knowledge of

Awareness and the Superpowers vs A Conspiracy (?) to Suppress Knowledge of Awareness | Oct 20th 1999

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Awareness and the Superpowers
A Conspiracy (?) to Suppress
Knowledge of Awareness

Ingo Swann (20Oct99)

The central purpose of this essay is to BEGIN to bring to light an extremely subtle and hidden situation that continuously surrounds the essential nature of the superpowers in an on-going and prevailing cocoon of disinformation.

This situation is so strange, and so seemingly unlikely, that at first take the following considerations might seem outrageously off the wall.

And so I hasten to refer to an ancillary situation that is entirely credible because it is generally understood to exist, and is broadly confirmed by relevant and available documentation.

It is a well-known fact that research and discovery regarding the nature of the superpowers is neither encouraged nor supported within the workings of the more powerful societal mainstreams.

As a result, organized forms of psychical and parapsychological research have been left dangling at the fountains of funding and needed academic interaction. They have been continuously distressed with regard to any authenticity of their accumulated work over the last 120 years of the so-called Modern Age.

The exclusion and condemnation of Psi, etc., by the powerful societal mainstreams is so obvious that it really should be considered as deliberately purposeful in its general intent.

Obviously, the societal mainstreams do not want constructive increases in parapsychological knowledge, perhaps especially with regard to telepathy. If developed into high states of functioning, telepathy would be considered as invasive of minds. And most societal power structures depend on power-making secrets being KEPT secret.

There are other considerations about the reasons, some of which have been partially considered in the essay herein entitled "Remote Viewing and Its Skeptics."

The foregoing having now been said, it can be pointed up that societal worries about possible Psi superpower enhancing have a history that stretches back anterior in time before the last 120 years of the Modern Age.

In this anti-Psi history, throughout which cognitive development of Psi knowledge has not been wanted, it stands to reason that ANY knowledge regarding factors that might contribute to its development must themselves be culturally suppressed or permanently suspended in ambiguous confusions.

There are many subtle, long-term knowledge vacuums that have been perpetuated to that end.

The term AWARENESS is used all the time, and so it is difficult to think that information regarding its dynamic and extensive nature is encapsulated in a knowledge vacuum.

As that may be, however, it is clear that kinds of awarenesses and the kinds of superpowers are not only ancillary but are fundamentally interactive with each other.

Thus, if effective knowledge about the superpowers is to be suppressed, or at least distorted in some counter-productive sense, then effective knowledge regarding awarenesses must also be treated likewise.

To help drive home this point, the term IMPEDE is defined as "to interfere with the progress of, to block, to hinder."

In this sense, we can think not only in terms of impeded and unimpeded knowledge regarding the superpowers, but also in terms of impeded and unimpeded awarenesses.

Societal Suppression of Knowledge
About Awareness Faculties

There are two central reasons for entering into the strange topics of this essay.

First, it can be thought that the superpowers and the spectrums of awareness are so basically and closely interrelated that it is virtually impossible to consider them apart from each other.

Second, it is true that the word "awareness" is used all the time. But if one makes a determined effort to discover the existence of any in-depth research and accumulated knowledge regarding it, one might become aware of rather extensive information and knowledge vacuums in this regard.

Awareness faculties and abilities are exceedingly strategic to the superlative functioning, and even to the basic survival, of our species entire, and, of course, to each of its individuals.

Indeed, without what is called AWARENESS we would be little more than darkened, blind, stimulus-response critters that only react to stimuli but are unable to discriminate anything.

Because of this strategic importance, knowledge vacuums regarding the dynamics of awareness really should not exist as such.

Therefore, the existence of the knowledge vacuums regarding awareness faculties must be seen as representing an invisible, but profound situation of some kind - one in which a lack of awareness-knowledge seems to be important and with purpose.

It is broadly understood that scientific and philosophic minds, as it were, should take active interest in all matters that are of extreme and significant importance.

But science and philosophy are not independent of the societal environments in which they occur, so much so that without the positive support of those environments neither science nor philosophy can exist very well.

When one speaks of "societal environments," one is of course, and in the first frame of reference, speaking of societal power structures, within which power and the maintenance of it always represents the first order of business.

Speaking in metaphor, then, power structures do not like the emergence of information and knowledge that might weaken or threaten their assumed authenticity and realities, and within which societal power forces are vested.

Thus, determination of what knowledge is to consist of, or not consist of, is almost always a societal concern before it can be handed down into scientific and philosophic minds.

And indeed, ever since Francis Bacon (1561-1626) pronounced his famous axiom that "Knowledge itself is power," thereby connecting the two, it can be understood, with some certainty, that various power structures soon began keeping an eagle eye on emerging knowledge that might either support or disrupt them.

In other words, societal power structures first, THEN science and philosophy - provided those two workhorses of knowledge confine their efforts within societal power guidelines.

Indeed, knowledge is power, or at least can help make and sustain power to those who have it. Therefore, non-knowledge or lack of it gives depowerment to those, the powerless, in whom certain kinds of power-making knowledge are caused to be absent by intent and design.

It is certainly clear enough that awareness is very closely related to power and to power status. What is not so clear, though, is that certain kinds of awareness are more power-pertinent than other kinds.

To somewhat grok the nature of what is involved along such lines, one has only to consider what, at the individual level, various INCREASES of functional awareness might portend in societal systems and their stratified power structures.

Any competent examination of such power structures quickly reveals that their continuing existence does depend on maintaining this or that extent of non-operative awareness factors of the masses.

There are many ways to achieve this, of course, and on many different levels. But one really efficient way is simply to suppress and remove the entire topic of awareness from constructive study - so that, simply put, knowledge of pro-active awareness cannot dribble down into the depowered intelligences of the masses.

In any event, while much of the information in this Website can be considered within hypothetical contexts, the direct relationship between awareness and the superpowers is so obvious that it is cast in factual cement.

If, however, one wishes to locate information packages relevant to this factual cement, one will ultimately discover three factoids:

  1. A great deal of information is available regarding the existence of the superpowers; but
  2. Information regarding awareness is so scant as to be almost non-existent; and
  3. In the conventional societal approaches to the superpowers, and via parapsychology itself, there is no linking of awareness to the superpowers - even though clairvoyance and telepathy, for example, can be thought of as different specializing kinds of awareness.

But beyond the parameters of parapsychology, there is a larger and identifiable reason for this.

At the societal levels, beyond a few rather brief and obviously truncated dictionary definitions for AWARE and AWARENESS, there are no in-depth studies regarding their essence, nature, workings, and multitudinous phenomena in science proper, in philosophy, in sociology, and even in anthropology.

Thus, the information vacuum regarding the nature of awareness goes beyond its implications to parapsychology. Indeed, the vacuum is universally present in all modernist approaches to knowledge, and especially with regard to endeavors that have anything at all to do with power and empowerment.

Awareness and the Superpowers
of the Human Biomind

There can be little doubt that in their first or primary instance, the various kinds of superpowers consist of various kinds of naturally indwelling "units" that can exist in at least three identifiable states: (1) active; (2) inactive; or (3) blocked, impeded, or desensitized.

Thus, if one examines to examine the phenomena and functions regarding the superpowers, but does not examine the awareness spectrums that intimately go along with them, the end product can manifest as very little regarding superpower activations.

The whole of this results in two simple equations:

(a) The lack of awareness activation equates to no superpower recognition or activations.

(b) Organized awareness knowledge and expansions equate to increases of superpower recognition and activations.

In the light of the above, if a school or center for superpower development were ever established, its Basic Course 101 would focus on the nature of awareness, and include methods for enhancing and expanding not only its spectrums, but its entire panorama.

As it is, then, there are precise reasons for introducing this subject of awareness into these essays regarding the superpowers of the human biomind:

  1. The superpowers involve those biomind awareness-faculties that can transcend the known limits and physical factors of space, time, matter, and energy;
  2. It is entirely difficult to comprehend how the biomind faculties can achieve the transcending IF THEY DO NOT INCORPORATE ESSENTIAL AND SPECIFIC AWARENESSES consisting of a number of kinds and varieties;
  3. If one subtracts awareness from the superpowers, one will NOT have the superpowers;
  4. If one discusses and studies the superpowers as anything other than specific kinds of awareness modules, the superpowers will not become volitionally active;
  5. Those who possess some "natural" kind of superpower functioning obviously also have a "natural" activation of the appropriate awareness modules.

Impeded vs Unimpeded Awareness Modules

One of the central functions of this present essay is to hypothetically consider the possible, but very subtle, existence of three factors. Their existence is of enormous importance to the superpowers of the human biomind.

The three factors are:

(l) The hypothetical existence of something that, for lack of more precise terms, might be called unimpeded or noiseless awareness.

(2) If it can be supposed that unimpeded awareness can or could exist, then it can be shown that the present compilations of modern knowledge are constructed in ways that navigate around it. The result would be that knowledge of it is not only consistently avoided but obliterated.

(3) In that ways and means must be contrived to avoid knowledge as well as to discover it, then the use and meaning of the term CONSPIRACY cannot be disallowed - although the exact sources of such conspiracy not be entirely groked via conventional suppositions.

(NOTE: With reference to concepts of impedance regarding (1) above, one might refer to the essays herein entitled "Remote Viewing and the Signal-to- Noise Ratio," "Mental Information Processing Grids and Meaning Transducers," and "Information Processing Viruses and Their Clones.")

Our Species As An Awareness Life Form
Our Species As a Stimulus-Response Mechanism

Here we might pause to wonder again what our species, and its downloaded individuals, would be like if it DID NOT possess various kinds of awareness spectrums each of which may be quite extensive.

Indeed, without its vast arrays of awareness factors, any palpitating biomind would be not much more than a palpitating blob. In fact, one could delete the mind part from consideration, ending up with the bio part being little more than a non-aware stimulus-response affair, if even that.

Along those lines of thought, efforts to establish that the human is only a stimulus-response affair are thickly woven into modernist knowledge packages via which attempts are made to codify what is knowledge about ourselves and what is not.

Attempts to erect a picture of humans as being only stimulus-response affairs are grouped together under the general heading of "behaviorism," or the "behavioristic" sciences and philosophies.

Definitions of BEHAVIORISM differ slightly, but are nevertheless consistent in concept.

WEBSTER’S (1967) indicates that BEHAVIORISM is "a doctrine holding that the data of psychology consist of the observable evidence of orgasmic activity to the exclusion of introspective data or references to consciousness and mind. [I.e., to the exclusion of awareness faculties.]

As the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY (1967) further indicates:

". . . behaviorism, as a philosophical theory, is as old as reductive materialism [and is defined as an attempt] to interpret all mental states in terms of matter in motion."

Additionally, the fifth edition (1981) of the PSYCHIATRIC DICTIONARY (R. J. Campbell, Ed.) indicates that:

"Behaviorism claims that ‘consciousness’ is neither a definable nor a usable concept, that it is merely another word for the ‘soul’ of more ancient times. . . Classical behaviorism asserted that all behavior is to be understood in terms of stimulus-response formula; the organism [i.e., the human being] is thus essentially passive and can only react to stimulation."

(NOTE: In the context of the above, do be pleased to remember the use of the words "essentially PASSIVE and can only react to stimulations.")

In their collective sense, the three definitions above can be simplified in the following way.

It would be obvious that awareness and consciousness have something to do with each other. If we substitute AWARENESS for the term CONSCIOUSNESS, we can conclude that awareness is also "not a usable concept within the behaviorism model."

It is at least partially legitimate to make this slight replacement, since consciousness is given as one of the synonyms for awareness, as we will see shortly ahead.

Beyond behaviorism, an overall, and larger, picture of human history clearly establishes that smaller and bigger parameters of awareness frequently have played exceedingly important survival roles, and continue to do so.

This is highly suggestive of the perfectly logical premise that however the human "organism" might be explained or conceived otherwise, it would seem necessary to incorporate the elements of awareness rather than abolish or trash them.

This is to say, those elements would necessarily need to be incorporated - if we are to assume a picture of ourselves as something beyond the stimulus-response states of toilet training and eating dirt because the stimulus of hunger requires a response.

As a somewhat delicious aside here, it does seem that specific human specimens suffer from deletions and subtractions of awarenesses - and which subtractions might be inherent in not a few behaviorists.

Be that as it may, the desirability of enhanced parameters of awareness is not denied by other specimens - for example those obtaining to street smarts, etc., and those intent on climbing corporate ladders.

Expanded awareness does come in handy. One cannot climb a corporate ladder solely as a stimulus-response mechanism.

The Relationship of Awareness
Modules to Human Intelligence

The existence of awareness is assumed to be one of the major criteria for designating our species as sometimes manifesting rather impressive attributes of generic intelligence - the functioning of which is rather dependent on some quanta of awareness however minimal or minuscule.

It is almost impossible to attempt to consider intelligence without also considering the NECESSARY attributes of awareness upon which any form of it can be mounted.

Even the stimulus-response routines of toilet training require a modicum of intelligence so as to enable continuous awareness-recognition of certain facilities established for such purposes.

Considered this way, it is clear that awareness and intelligence go hand-in-hand. It is entirely possible that one doesn’t exist without the other.

It is even ethically and rationally possible to suggest that awareness and intelligence are two sides of the same coin.

In this sense, then, while enormous amounts of cultural, philosophic, and scientific research during the Enlightened modern period have been specifically devoted to TRYING to examine the nature of intelligence, hardly any investigative attention has been directed to the needed concomitants of awareness (this, of course, being another knowledge vacuum regarding awareness.)

The Societal Avoidance
of Awareness Issues

To reiterate, there is an old saying that something can occasionally be recognized by its voluminous or thunderous absence. The topic of awareness clearly falls into the category of subtle absenteeism.

As but a few examples of the prolific absenteeism, no reference to AWARENESS is found in any scientific compendiums or authoritative scientific resources.

The topic of AWARENESS is likewise absent from psychological compendiums and resources, while the term itself hardly ever appears in their indexes.

With regard to philosophic theories and studies, the extremely inclusive ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY (1967) does not have an entry for awareness. However, the term is mentioned five times in the cumulative index of the Encyclopedia’s eight volumes.

But since the eight volumes taken altogether amount to some 4,000 double columned pages, five mentions of awareness in the index can only be taken either as evidence of extreme marginalizing or as a gaping hole in overall philosophical mind-bending.

As another, perhaps somewhat smelly aside, one possible reason for the absenteeism of AWARENESS in overall philosophical perspectives is that philosophers, somewhat akin to behaviorists, might not necessarily need excessive quantities of it.

Returning briefly to the topic of parapsychology and etc., while much can be said about the many and quite varied topics that have surfaced in such research, the hidden thread that obviously binds them all into one unwinding spool are the different forms of awareness, and their various states and conditions.

And so, here to it can be pointed up that although the various categories of Psi obviously consist of a variety of awareness parameters and little else, no entry for AWARENESS is found in any organized compendium of psychic or parapsychological terms and nomenclature.

What all of this adds up to is that the more intimate concepts of AWARE and of AWARENESS are so generally taboo that they are not even mentioned as being taboo.

This, it seems, would more or less equate to a taboo taboo, the whole of which is ultra-taboo.

Thus, the history of awareness phenomena is almost completely and consistently marked not only by efforts to deconstruct the topic itself, but also to condemn, distort, and torture-punish it, and likewise to deconstruct and erase any organized approach to study of it.

Discussion of Existing Definitions
of Awareness

In order to move ahead, two factors might be carried in mind in review of what has already been discussed.

  1. There is almost nothing with regard to historical studies of awareness to which one might gladly refer in order to increase in-take of information packages regarding empowerment of it.
  2. Thus, one is more or less in the position of attempting to locate relevant information packages via tugging at one’s own boot straps.

In the sense of the above, tugging at one’s boot straps can begin by identifying something or anything about awareness that is obvious.

One obvious element that has tremendous importance to each specimen of our species is that awareness does exist in many different formats. Without those formats, discernment of different things would soon resemble something like a murky soup.

If this tremendous and obvious importance is accepted as self-evident and unarguable, then it would seem that the nature and functions of awareness would long ago have been pointed up as one of our species chief and necessary characteristics.

This, in turn, would mean that awareness would have been submitted to in-depth, systematic study over time - and that studies specific to the nature of awareness would ultimately be housed in a hefty resource library resembling those that accumulate around all other important topics.

Well, all we have is the word AWARENESS and its exceedingly brief definitions. These are interesting enough in themselves.

However, one important factor that will not be immediately visible (but will be pointed up ahead) is that definitions of the term have, through time, undergone a curious shift of emphasis.

Most contemporary dictionaries that include mention of a word’s etymology indicate that our present term AWARE is derived from the Old German-English GEWAR - the definitions of which are given as "wary" and "watchful."

The Oxford dictionary of the English language indicates that the term GEWAR was made up of GE + WAR, and is normally translated as "to be-become wary" or "to be-become watchful or alert."

However, GE had several nuances, one of which was taken to mean "to have," but another which was used to indicate "to be with."

Thus, GEWAR most likely meant "with wary," "to be with wariness," or, perhaps, "to be within wariness-cum-watchful-cum-alert."

These early definitions imply some kind of active-awareness state.

After these etymological tidbits, it is then indicated in most dictionaries that the two definitions "wary" and "watchful" are ARCHAIC - meaning that they are obsolete, and which advisory further indicates that they should not be used with regard to awareness unless one wishes to be seen as a retro something or other.

Why "to be wary" and "watchful" in relationship to any definition of awareness should be consigned to the nomenclature trash bins of history is something upon which one can meditate.

Indeed, those two definitions are entirely reflective of a vast spectrum of awareness attributes ranging from street smarts up through and including all organizational functioning where they are required in the contexts of economic, military, diplomatic, and corporate survival.

In any event, the modern definitions of AWARE substituted for the so-called "archaic" ones are:

  1. "Having or showing realization, perception or knowledge;"
  2. "Implying vigilance in observing or alertness in drawing inferences from what one sees or hears or learns."

Additionally, modernist dictionary conventions have established certain synonyms for AWARE:

COGNIZANT - implies having special or certain knowledge as from firsthand sources.

CONSCIOUS - implies having an awareness of the present existence of something; it may suggest a dominating realization or even preoccupation.

SENSIBLE - implies direct or intuitive perceiving, especially of intangibles or of emotional states or qualities.

ALIVE - adds to SENSIBLE the implication of acute sensitiveness to something.

AWAKE - implies that one has become alive to something and is on the alert.

While the above definitions suffice for a superficial comprehension of what is involved, they do not result in deeper understanding.

In the first place, the terms given as synonyms are not exactly, or are only loosely, the synonyms they are indicated to be.

SYNONYM is defined as "one of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same essential meaning in some or all senses."

If they are examined closely, the chief distinction between AWARE and the given synonyms becomes quite clear if one considers that awareness has to precede the downloading processes of cognizance, consciousness, sensible, alive and awake.

This is to say that the synonyms are products of awareness. If awareness did not pre-exist as a prime factor, then the secondary or downloading manifestations would not take place.

For clarity, one cannot have cognizance of consciousness of something unless awareness of the constituents that will comprise the cognizance has first taken place.

And indeed, the definition for COGNITION reflects this arrangement: "The act or process of knowing including both awareness and judgment."

Here is an an all-to-frequent example of utilizing the definitions of secondary manifestations to define the prime factor involved - and which permits the hidden probability of mistaking the secondary manifestations as the prime factor itself.

The above discussion is not just splitting semantic hairs - but has direct reference to the problems of causes and effects. The foregoing synonyms are describing EFFECTS that download from the causative state of AWARE, and which effects themselves can be mistaken as original causes.

Furthermore, if one examines the second modernist definition of AWARE, then it is possible to conclude that "showing realization, perception, or knowledge" are, themselves, downloaded secondary products of awareness.

Another somewhat more precise and therefore more elegant way of putting all of the above, is that there must exist an awareness prime principle - and from which are downloaded all of the secondary products given in the above definitions.

But if this is considered, at least for hypothetical progress, then we are essentially left WITHOUT a specific definition for AWARE - unless we again consider the so-called "archaic" definitions of "wary" and "watchful."

If we elect to consider the archaic definitions, one can begin to wonder:

(a) Why or how they achieved their archaic status; and

(b) Why the secondary definitions have been officially and culturally substituted for the prime meaning of "watchful" and "wary."

And it is in pursuit of glimmerings of understanding for (a) and (b) above that we can begin to encounter one of the invisible factors that apparently besets our species - and which invisible factor, if groked to its fuller implications, is, simply put, shocking.

The Societal Conversion of Awareness
Definitions From an Active to a Passive Mode

One way of getting into this is to attempt to perceive what the secondary definitions have in common.

Altogether, there are eight terms that represent the secondary, downloading manifestations of AWARE. These are: realization of, perception of, knowledge of, cognizance of, conscious of, sensible to, alive to, awake to.

Please note that "of" and "to" have now been added to those terms, since all eight of the terms are dependent upon being in some kind of relationship with something.

In other words, although an undifferentiated state of awareness might exist, awareness is usually in relationship TO or OF something.

One of the qualities the eight terms have in common is that their contours can be thought of as passive awareness formats, and which can be managed by factors that are external to the experiencer.

In other words, one can be taught, told, guided, educated, with regard to what is to be perceived, realized, etc. - and also with regard to what is NOT to be realized as well.

In contrast, "to be wary" and "to be watchful" seem more to be pro-active in a species generic kind of way. However, the subtle implication involved here might not be all that visible unless it is somewhat understood that large numbers of people who are wary and watchful might not be easy to socially condition this way or that.

If one can consider the existence of an ideal state of to be wary, or to be watchful, then it is explicit and implicit that that state would have to be composed of unimpeded awarenesses spectrums.

Indeed, it is difficult to think of active awarenesses themselves somehow deciding NOT to be aware of this and that. And so "learning" not to be aware of something can only be a societal artifact, deliberately installed by social conditioning that depends not on active awareness but upon passive formats of it.

If one considers the above with patience, and as calmly as possible, then it is possible to perceive that the eight terms are, in the first instance, NOT nuances of AWARE. Rather, they are properties of MIND or of mentation - as which, as most realize, can be conditioned this way or that by societal forces.

In other words, they are mind properties that can easily be responsive, in behaviorist terms, to organized formats of social and/or societal mind-management - this an easily recognized cousin to mind-control.

If there are difficulties groking the above, they quickly clear up when the definitions of the archaic term WATCHFUL and it’s synonyms are integrated into the overall picture.

WATCHFUL - "vigilant, wide-awake, alert, being on the look-out especially for danger or opportunity."

VIGILANT - according to most dictionaries, "suggests keen, unremitting, wary watchfulness."

ALERT - "stresses readiness or promptness in apprehending and meeting danger or emergency or in seizing opportunity."

WIDE-AWAKE - "applies to watchfulness for opportunities more often than dangers and suggests awareness of accurate meaning or of relevant developments and situations."

With regard to the above terms, it doesn’t take much imagination to grok that they represent awareness states or conditions that directly relate to power-making factors.

In THIS sense, then, it would be understandable that knowledge-managers in the service of societal power structures might easily view "being alert and keen, watchful and having unremitting vigilance" as the gravest of all their possible difficulties.

With regard to the watchful, vigilant definition of awareness, it is possible to connect that definition directly and unambiguously to various kinds of the superpower faculties.

That definition has to do with being alert, but with special emphasis on being alert regarding danger or opportunity, and perhaps other stuff as well, such as stupidity, etc.

Any competent survey of reported occurrences of spontaneous (natural) ESP, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, foreseeing and intuition easily establishes that a very large percentage of them have to do with alerts to danger. The remainder usually have to do with opportunity whether sensed, for instance, via telepathy, clairvoyance, and intuition. The danger and/or opportunity may be present or forthcoming.

Thus, it is apparently necessary to establish that some kind of unexamined situation exists that directly links the watchful-vigilant-alert definition of AWARE to what might be taken as two of the major functions of the superpower faculties having to do with danger and opportunity.

Theoretically establishing the certainty of the existence of those links is easy enough to do, since much of the available data regarding spontaneous functions of the superpowers are unambiguous in this regard.

In that the above statement reflects what abundantly IS the case, it is surprising that the nomenclature link between aware-watchful and the superpowers has not ever been clearly identified - and so, of course, no considerations along that phenomenological line have ever come into existence.

From the foregoing discussions, it can be seen that TWO definitional sets exist for AWARE and AWARENESS - i.e., the active set, and the passive set. For increase of clarity, those two sets should be compared side-by-side.

Taken together, there can be no doubt that the elements implicit the two sets do constitute a bigger picture of whatever is functionally involved regarding the overall qualities of aware and awareness.

But there are important and informative distinctions to be made between the two sets.

In the first instance, the archaic set is entirely suggestive of some inner kind of an ACTIVE state per se.

The second set is suggestive of PASSIVE relationship to outer situations, information, social conditioning, educational parameters, and so forth.

At first take, one might think that too much is being read into the above distinctions. But there are two vital clues available.

The replacement set is suggestive of relationships to conditions that can be formatted and educationally managed in this or that way - with the added proviso that one’s mind elements can be equally conditioned:

  1. To realize or perceive certain kinds of information - and which would equate to a condition of limited awareness; and
  2. To NOT realize or perceive other kinds of information - and which would equate to a conditioned state of non-awareness or un-awareness.

A substantive question can now be asked: WHY were correct, vital, direct, and active definitions of AWARE declared archaic at some point, and thence replaced by definitions that are indirect and passive? And whose vitality can be managed by conditioning this way or that?

To help consider the appalling nature of this situation, it is useful to postulate that unimpeded states of awareness do exist. In their first instance, they are not dependent upon conditional situations which can be modulated by motivational societal factors.

If we postulate the existence of the unimpeded states, they could be unimpeded only if they were NOT amenable to being modulated by conditioning motivational factors.

Additionally, in order for the awareness states to become impeded, they would FIRST have to exist in some kind of unimpeded state.

With regard to the superpowers, the existence of unimpeded awareness faculties would have to naturally pre-exist them as such - after which they could undergo having impedance installed by various societal conditioning formats.

As mentioned earlier, the term IMPEDE, of course, means "to interfere with the progress of; to block; to hinder; to obstruct."

As it is, one cannot impede something that doesn’t pre-exist in an unimpeded state.

So it becomes at least hypothetically possible to think that if one’s superpower faculties are non-functional or inactive, the reason could be that their ancillary awareness spectrums have been impeded - and for any number of possible reasons.

Nuances of some of those possible reasons will be discussed in two subsequent essays.

One of these is entitled as "Awareness and Perception vs Status of Individual Realties."

Another essay, entitled "Passive Awareness Formats vs Active Awareness Formats," will discuss the prevailing problems of attempting to activate the superpowers by utilizing passive awareness formats.


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We still haven't received a response from the Editor who should have some responsibility to monitor this crap given that they have access to my account and password and this is just bad for business to allow fraudulent or illegally obtained documents to be "linked in" to

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bizarre mind-control atrocity exposed, part 1

bizarre mind-control atrocity exposed, part 1 | Feb 5th 2008
Although I have not attempted to recover my memories, I strongly suspect that as a child, I was subjected to ritual abuse and other forms of torture in an attempt to fracture my mind into multiple personalities as part of the CIA mind-control program known as Project Monarch. See this:

But regardless of whether I was subjected to ritual abuse as a child, I will demonstrate in this multi-part series, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I was targeted by the Illuminati, the Freemasons and their henchmen in the CIA for a bizarre and lifelong mind-control atrocity. For more information about the Illuminati, see this:

Last year, a CIA agent confirmed to me that I had been subjected to ritual abuse as a child, but that I had broken away from my programming. I believe one reason why I was chosen for this lifelong ordeal was to punish me for rejecting the satanic way of life that was part of my family's heritage, and to teach me that being "good" doesn't pay.

I think another reason why I was selected for Project Monarch is that my father was in the Air Force and had a top-secret security clearance while working on the hydrogen bomb project in the 1950s. In my case, it's evident that Freemasonry also played a major part in my being selected for a lifelong mind-control project. My grandfather was a Shriner, which means he was a high-ranking Freemason, and my father was also a high-ranking Mason.

A number of books have connected Masons to ritual abuse and CIA mind-control programs, including "Trance Formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips ( and "Thanks for the Memories" by Brice Taylor ( )

According to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, "It is certain that onomatology, or the science of names, forms a very interesting part of the investigations of higher Masonry." In my case, the science of names connects me to Freemasonry, ritual abuse, the JFK assassination, mind control, satanism and other related topics.

I didn't wake up to this until recently, but once I did, I used this knowledge to piece together the clues to the mystery of my life. Names of people, streets, towns and much more began to take on a meaning that I had never understood before. It became apparent to me that people had been planted in my life whose names would connnect me to Freemasonry, ritual abuse, the JFK assassination, the Franklin Credit Union scandal in Nebraska, mind control, satanism and other related topics.

This was a way for the Illuminati to reveal to me that I had been targeted by a mind-control program without coming right out and telling me. In other words, it was designed to be plausibly deniable, but at the same time, to leave no doubt in my mind what was going on and who was behind the program. Arrogance is one of the Illuminati's weaknesses. They are so proud of themselves and so anxious to demonstrate how powerful they are, that they leave their fingerprints all over the place.

Certainly it's possible that the appearance of some of these people in my life could have been coincidences, but what makes me think there's something more to it is the sheer number of "coincidences." At some point, in the face of so much evidence, it becomes impossible to attribute all these examples to "coincidence," especially when there's so much other evidence of mind control in my life.

Jerry Rose, editor of the JFK assassination research journal The Third Decade and later The Fourth Decade, made the same point in an article titled "Jack Ruby and J.D. Tippit," published in the March 1985 issue of The Third Decade:

"The question, as always, is that of the point at which the reasonable mind rebels at accepting a host of coincidences and begins to demand that we look for the conspiratorial agency behind all these 'coincidental' happenings."

I have read the accounts of dozens of mind-control victims, and I share with them many of the usual symptoms, including being targeted by gang stalking, electromagnetic harassment, slander campaigns, unexplained rude treatment, references to my ordeal in the news media, and so forth.

But the phenomenon of the science of names, which I have experienced since childhood, is unusual and possibly unique to my situation. That's why I decided to expose it on this blog. If someone else is being targeted in a similar fashion, it could alert them to the situation. But more importantly, since it points to Masonic involvement in mind control, it could help people wake up to the fact that Masons are deliberately running this country into the ground so they can dissolve the United States and merge it into a global fascist dictatorship known as the New World Order.

I will be listing dozens -- maybe hundreds -- of examples in this multi-part series, but just to give you an idea, I'm going to list in this post a few of the bizarre "coincidences" that have been one of the hallmarks of my lifelong ordeal. Another hallmark of this brutal, covert and vicious campaign has been emotional abuse -- particularly the type inflicted by women who pretended to be interested in me and then abruptly broke off the relationship with no explanation.

After 17 years of marriage, my wife divorced me in 1993, but I was confident that I would find someone who was a better match for me, so although I resisted the idea at first, I eventually went along with the idea, not realizing that all my efforts to find a new life partner would be sabotaged as part of the mind-control atrocity.

My wife's maiden name was Mary Pat Dowling, so her initials were MPD, which is an acronym for Multiple Personality Disorder. Freemasons have long induced MPD in young children as a means of programming them for mind control. Mary Pat and I first met in the summer of 1967 when we were both about 12 years old. A "friend" of mine, and I use that term loosely these days, named Don Lawrence, first called my attention to her on the playground at the elementary school we attended in Niles, Mich.

Many times when the three of us were together, Don would say to her, making sure I could hear, "That's a little MPD" or "What's a little MPD?" Then he would look at me and smile. I always thought that was strange, but I never understood the significance of it until recently.

Don Lawrence moved to Niles from Pennsylvania in 1965, the same year that Lincoln Lawrence's book "Were We Controlled?" was published. That book suggested that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby may have been victims of mind control.

A woman named Mary Dowling waited on Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 20, 1963, at the Dobbs House Restaurant in Dallas, two days before the assassination. This was not the same Lee Harvey Oswald who was framed for the JFK assassination and shot to death by Jack Ruby. That man was also named Lee Harvey Oswald, but he had been known as Harvey Oswald as a youth. Later, he was sent to Russia on a mission for U.S. intelligence, and after he returned to the United States, he was set up with a job at the Texas School Book Depository.

The story of the two Oswalds is spelled out in a fascinating book by John Armstrong called "Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald." You can read about it here: and purchase the book here:

According to the late conspiracy researcher James Shelby Downard, the Kennedys are connected to the Beals through the "magic and mystery of words." Jackie Kennedy's aunt, Edith Bouvier, married a man named Beale, and John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917, at 83 Beals St. in Brookline, Mass. Beale onomatology is rendered thus: El-Bel-Baal-Be al-Beal-Beale.

I learned this from reading Downard's article, "Sorcery, Sex, Assassination and the Science of Symbolism" in the book titled "Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History," edited by Jim Keith and published in 1993. You can read more about Downard's research here:

Downard demonstrates that the JFK assassination was essentially a Masonic ritual, covered up by high-ranking Masons, including Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles and Gerald Ford. And since the Beals are connected to the Kennedys by the science of names, I feel that my lifelong ordeal is also a Masonic ritual related to the JFK assassination.

I can give hundreds of examples of how the science of names connects my life to the JFK assassination, ritual abuse, mind control, satanic cults, Nazi Germany, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, extraterrestrials and other strange phenomena.

As far as I can determine, the pattern of placing people around me whose names are identical or similar to the names of people involved in these subjects started in 1965, the year I turned 10 years old. But it reached its peak in 1998, the year I took a job on the metro desk of the Daily Southtown in Tinley Park, Ill.

I was one of five metro editors who worked together closely, and our desks were clustered together so we could communicate with each other easily. The editors I worked with were named John Hector, Mike Waters, Tom Finn and John O'Brien. Later, Karen Sorensen joined our group. This was before I learned about the Masons' bizarre obsession with names, so I didn't think anything of it at the time.

Later, after a fellow mind-control victim tipped me off to the science of names, I started to write down the names of people I had known in my life, and the pattern emerged. Here are the connections of the Daily Southtown metro desk to ritual abuse, mind control and the JFK assassination:

John Hector -- Daily Southtown night editor.
Holly Hector -- Therapist who treated survivors of satanic ritual abuse and described her experiences in a book titled "Satanic Ritual Abuse and MPD: Understanding and Treating the Survivor," published in 1991.

Mike Waters -- Daily Southtown metro editor.
Ethan Watters -- Co-authored the 1996 book "Making Monsters: False Memories, Psychotherapy and Sexual Hysteria." This book was one of the many fraudulent efforts on behalf of ritual abuse apologists to brainwash the public into believing allegations of ritual abuse are examples of "hysteria." The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a CIA-connected organization set up for the purpose of debunking the testimony of ritual abuse victims. It was established in 1992 after a number ritual abuse victims began to speak out about their experiences. Alex Constantine exposed the FMSF as a CIA front in his books "Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A." and "Virtual Government." See this:
Brent Watters -- Daily Southtown reporter who worked closely with me on many of his stories. This was part of a pattern that became apparent to me in which I would be placed into close contact with people whose names the mind controllers wanted me to remember.
Cecil McWatters -- Driver of the bus "Lee Harvey Oswald" allegedly took after allegedly (but not really) assassinating President Kennedy.

Tom Finn -- Daily Southtown editor.
Terri Finn -- Mother of a boy who was molested at Small World preschool in my hometown of Niles, Mich., in 1984. The boy's testimony against the defendant, Richard Barkman, was instrumental in Barkman being sent to prison for five years following his conviction in 1985. At that time, I was working as the sports editor of the Niles Daily Star. Although Barkman was the only employee of the school to be tried, dozens of children told therapists that they had been molested, and some of them talked about bizarre satanic rituals they had been subjected to as part of the abuse.

Other employees besides Barkman were allegedly involved, but as typically happens in ritual abuse cases, the prosecutor chose not to pursue evidence of a wider conspiracy, and the case was prosecuted as a simple case of child abuse by one defendant. One reason for this is that ritual abuse is protected at the highest levels of society, because judges, politicians and other powerful members of the establishment are directly involved in the scandal. For more information about this, read "The Franklin Cover-Up" by John DeCamp and "Why Johnny Can't Come Home" by Noreen Gosch. See this:

Another connection between the Small World case and the Daily Southtown that the mind controllers in charge of ruining my life wanted me to make was the relationship of Tom Finn to the Southtown's graphic artist, Bonnie Ballew. Bonnie often visited Finn at his desk to socialize, and it was obvious to everyone that they were good friends, so it was natural for me to connect them to each other. That was important because one of the employees at Small World was named Laura Ballew, so the Ballew-Finn connection was a reference to the Small World case.

John O'Brien -- Daily Southtown editor.
Cathy O'Brien -- Co-author of "Trance Formation of America," published in 1995, which is the story of her enslavement in Project Monarch. Cathy was subjected to ritual abuse when she was a child in an effort to split her mind into multiple personalities. She was then programmed to be a sex slave and courier.

Karen Sorensen -- Daily Southtown editor who joined the metro desk soon after I did.
Kathleen Sorenson -- Foster parent who was killed in a suspicious car accident after "talking too much" about the satanic cult in Omaha, Neb., that was sexually abusing children. Her story was detailed in "The Franklin Cover-Up" by former Nebraska state senator John DeCamp. Kathleen decided to speak out about what she had learned from children in her care. Together with her eldest foster daughter, a survivor of ritual abuse, she spoke at public forums around the state, gave radio and television interviews, and appeared on Geraldo Rivera's nationally televised special on satanism.

I'm not saying that John Hector, Mike Waters, Tom Finn, John O'Brien and Karen Sorensen are involved in ritual abuse, mind control or anything like that, although the newspaper industry is flooded with CIA operatives, and it's certainly possible that some of those operatives are involved in the scandal. What I am saying is that the officials in charge of my mind-control project, whether they're from the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, Naval intelligence, Army intelligence, Air Force intelligence or some other government agency, arranged for me to be placed into that position so I would come into contact with those specific individuals.

Apparently, as part of my own particular lifelong project, they're not permitted to explain what's happening to me verbally or in writing, so they have to resort to other means when they want to communicate with me. At some point, they must have decided to let me know who was behind the nonconsensual mind-control experiment that is my life.

Occasionally, I receive more direct indications. In the summer of 2004, the Matt Beal project was escalated from covert status to a more direct approach with the introduction of an organized slander campaign, gang stalking, microwave harassment, electromagnetic harassment and other forms of psychological warfare. For more information about this aspect of mind control, see:

As a result of being targeted by this latest form of harassment, I sought to reach out to other victims for moral support. Unfortunately, many of these so-called "victims" turned out to be agents. One such agent is the one who told me that I was part of Project Monarch as a child, but that I had broken away from my programming.

She wouldn't tell me more, so I'm not sure if I was supposed to be trained as an assassin, a sex slave, a courier, a patsy, or just what they had in mind. But there has been a pattern throughout my life of placing me in situations that seem designed to lower my self-esteem and humiliate me in various ways. I suppose that made me easier to control in a way, but it also caused me to feel a great deal of anger toward the people responsible for this, which fuels my efforts to expose this atrocity.

I'm not writing about this subject to make people feel sorry for me, although I do want people to feel outraged that this is happening to innocent people in the United States. My primary motivation for exposing what happened to me is to help stop mind control before it enslaves the entire human race. For readers who are not familiar with the subject of mind control and the threat it poses to humanity, here's a good place to start:

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Article on Star Beings and the Story of the Elohim

Article on Star Beings and the Story of the Elohim

This article looks at the story and background of the Elohim and is divided into a number of sections:

Human Evolution
Most people are aware of the Darwinian concept of evolution, which suggests that we are descended from a common ancestor with the great apes. Tracking human evolution has been a painstaking archaeological task but it is now thought that our earliest ancestors lived around 4 million years ago. There are many pieces of the jigsaw missing, with different hominid species arriving and disappearing but something significant happened around 150,000 years ago, which produced a new breed of human beings called 'homo sapiens', our direct ancestors. Running alongside the archaeological evidence is a very new branch of investigation based upon DNA, for our DNA holds the blueprint of the evolution of humanity. In a recent book called The Seven Daughters of Eve (pub. Bantam Press 2001), Professor Bryan Sykes has shown that the whole of the European population is descended from seven women who lived between twelve to thirty thousand years ago. If you are of European extraction you can send a sample of your DNA to a laboratory in Oxford, UK they will tell who is your clan mother. This study is based upon mutation rate of mitochondrial DNA, which holds one of the keys to unlocking our past history, for the pattern of human evolution is written in our genes. Recent findings have shown that the whole of the human population is descended from a tiny gene pool, perhaps just one original Eve, who lived in South Africa a little over a hundred thousand years ago. What makes us so extraordinary is that all other hominids alive at the time, like Neanderthal man, either died out or were wiped out in the ensuing years.

Linked to this genetic research is another branch, in the same field, that has been unlocking the secrets of the human genome and this too has produced some astonishing results. Contrary to original expectations it seems that we have far fewer genes than was first conceived. At the time of writing this sequencing is still being carried out and the most recent estimates suggest that we probably have as little as forty-five thousand. Not the hundred thousand genes that some authorities believed were necessary to explain the huge differences between our selves and other creatures. Indeed there appears be less than 1% difference in our gene structure to that of our nearest simian relative, the Chimpanzee, which amounts to perhaps as little as four hundred genes. Even the humble fruit-fly has half our number of genes so what makes us so special? When looking at gene development across all species it is clear that there is a progression up the evolutionary ladder with genes being added to more complex organisms from those found in other species. It is rather like taking a series of common bricks of different colours and putting them together in patterns to make up all of the species on this planet. All species that is until we come to human beings, for suddenly we find a completely new set of genes not so far found elsewhere.

Of the four hundred gene difference between the apes and us, over half of them appear to be unique to our species and do not have any predecessors in the evolutionary tree. Or rather not quite all, for around half of them are found in another organism - bacteria - although in most cases these are bacteria found only in human beings. The question that puzzled scientists, when this discovery was published, was did we get the genes from the bacteria or did the bacteria get the genes from us? Further research has appeared to rule out our receiving the genes from bacteria, so there may be as yet undiscovered common ancestor. But this does not account for all of our unique genes, so where did the others come from? Mythology and the story of creation in the Bible may provide some clues.

Inner Psychic Experience
In the early 1980's I had a very strange inner experience. I was carrying our some healing work with a friend when I slipped into an altered state of consciousness. I was aware of both of us in another life that was totally different from anything I had ever experienced before. Those who have experienced such slips into altered states will know the power of these experiences. It is not something that one just imagines, it is really lived, as though present time reality simple disappears and you 'are' in another time and another place. In this experience we were both dressed in long flowing robes and wearing a type of hat not unlike that depicted on the bust of the famous Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The space in which we stood was a sort of room that I sensed lay deep within a mountain. It was lit by a radiant light that subtly blended all of the colours of the rainbow but without any obvious source. There were many crystals around radiating different luminescent colours, which I knew we were activating for healing purposes through the concentrated thought power of our minds. Communication was telepathic and I also knew that every aspect of our world was controlled by our minds. The physical world was no barrier, for as we came to leave, we simple 'thought' ourselves through solid rock as we passed out of the mountain into the open air at which point the experience started to fade and I slowly came back to normal reality.

I deeply pondered my startling experience for I could not place it into any historical context and it seemed so alien to what I then knew. I eventually assumed that it must have been an experience of a past life on another planet. A few days later I had an opportunity to discuss my experience with my inner teacher HA and suggested to him that this must represent some life on another world. His only comment to me was simply "Are you sure it was another planet?" This left me even more puzzled and eventually I came to the conclusion that it must have been a glimpse of life in the distant future.

Several years after this experience, in the autumn of 1991 I had the opportunity to go to Sedona in America, which is located in the State of Arizona. Sedona is famous for its amazing geological rock formations and also for being the centre of a 'new age' culture that rivals that of Glastonbury in the UK. The energy of Sedona is very strange. Some people suggest that the high iron content of the rocks, which makes them very magnetic, causes its distinctive vibrational quality. But to me there was something else, something intangible yet also so very familiar. For the ten days of my trip I struggled with trying to understand the source of this energetic resonance that I was experiencing so tangibly through every level of my being. I knew that this energy was more ancient than anything relating to the Native American peoples, although their influences were distinctly around, something much, much older infused this area with its subtle messages.

On the last day I happened to have a conversation about this mystery with one of the tour guides in the area and she mentioned that she had been speaking that very day with someone who mentioned that there were 'cities of gold' over lighting Sedona. As soon as she made this statement it was as though a bright light went on in my head and I suddenly realised what I had been missing. At that point my mind went into overdrive and I had a whole series of amazing insights, which lasted over several days. In the ensuing weeks I had more revelations as I put the different pieces of picture together.

Cities of Gold
The 'cities of gold' were in effect etheric cities. In other words these cities existed on a level that was not fully physical but on a slightly higher vibrational frequency. This level of experience has already been mentioned in the previous chapter. I knew immediately that the humanoid beings that created these cities were etheric people and that I had been one of them for the memories of my previous experience came flooding back to me. What I had remembered was, in effect, etheric incarnation, not a physical one, which was why it was so easy to pass through rocks by the power of the mind alone. I now believe that there are many people in incarnation today who hold this same soul memory if they but care to access it. I also knew why we were here, what had led us from that finer state into dense physicality with all of its pains and traumas. The descent into matter was not undertaken lightly and in that revelation I realised that these events have enormous implications for humanity today. These cities are sometimes called 'crystal cities' because of the link to crystalline earth structure.

The Elohim
I was immediately aware that the name of this etheric race was the Elohim, the creator gods of human beings. I was sure that in my reading I had come across the name before, but I then needed to recheck these sources and to seek out more information, which I did by reading the Bible and several other books such as Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled. In Genesis 6: we find the quote:

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply upon the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, The "the sons of God (Elohim) saw daughters of men that they were fair; and they took unto them wives of all which they chose.... There were giant in the earth in those days; and also that when the sons of God (Elohim) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children of them, the same became mighty men of old, men of renown."

We also find reference a few verses early in the same book to Seth, Methuselah and others living to ages of eight or nine hundred years. This is surely a hint to the length of lifespan of an 'etheric' being.

In Isis Unveiled Blavatsky states:

"Tradition says, and the records of the Great Book explain, that long before the days of Ad-am and his inquisitive wife, He-va, where now are found but salt lakes and desolate barren deserts, there was a vast inland sea, which extended over Middle Asia, north of the proud Himalayan range, and its western prolongation. An island, which for its unparallel beauty had no rival in the world was inhabited by the last remnants of the race that preceded ours. This race could live with equal ease in water, air, or fire for it had unlimited control over the elements. These were the "Sons of God;" not those that saw the daughters of men, but the real Elohim, though in the Oriental Kabala they had another name."

These cast new light on the role of these beings on the Earth and I realised that others too had been aware of their influence, in the distant past, in the development of the human race. When the first revelations came flooding in I knew with an intuitive inner certainty that this race that had been responsible for the creation of our present human species through genetic manipulation and in that process something had gone wrong. Some deep flaw, or imbalance had been woven into the matrix of humanity - an original sin as the Bible so graphically puts it. Even when we experience the power of these altered states of consciousness and the knowingness of their veracity it is always helpful to have backing from others who independently have experienced something similar. It is also wonderful when science catches up and provides corroboration of such happenings. Science does not yet understand why we should have those additional genes and perhaps never will unless it can begin to take on board some of these other dimensional concepts.

In more recent times Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin, through his studies of their myths has thrown more light on the stories of these beings, although I do not agree with him in suggesting that the race, responsible for creating human beings through a mutation process, were physical like you and I. All of my experience and subsequent inner communications now tells me that they were an etheric race. So who are the Elohim, where did they come from and most important of all why did they interfere in the evolution of humanity?

In all aspects of inner development the ability of our minds to record accurately what is being received is still in its infancy. Even if we are in connection with that supreme source we call God, which is infallible, human brains and consciousness quiet definitely are not. Therefore all discoveries or pronouncements in these fields need to be treated with a degree of caution. It is only when significant numbers of people independently arrive at the same conclusions that we should begin to give greater credence to what is being proffered. What is presented below is based on the guidance that has come through to me. Whether it is true in an absolute sense is another matter.

The Story of the Elohim - Star Beings
The Elohimic race evolved on a planet that circled a far distant sun, which we see in the sky as the star Aldebaran. In astrology this is one the archangel stars being associated with the archangel Michael. It forms the bright red 'eye' of the bull of Taurus and if you look into the night sky and locate the constellation of Orion you will clearly see Aldebaran a little to the right of the right upper arm near the group of stars called the Pleiades. Aldebaran is an orange giant star, which shows its vast age. All stars eventually reach a point where their atomic reactions change and they start to expand growing to an enormous size and swallowing the planets that are part of their retinue. This will one day happen to our own Sun although not, according to scientific calculations, for several billion years.

The Elohim lived their lives on an etheric plane which in many ways would have similarities to our own for different energies could be brought together to create homes and buildings. The interaction between the physical and etheric planes is very interesting. Some people might have seen the film Ghost, where Patrick Swazi tries to discover his murderer whilst in an 'out-of-body' state. This is a fairly accurate portrayal of the relationship between these two planes. The Elohim worked with crystal energies from different stones and some have perceived their 'cities' as crystal complexes not unlike those depicted in the Superman movies. Indeed his stories are also a sort of memory of the skills available to the Elohim. Perhaps the blue and red tights are a little far fetched for that is not my recollection, but the ability to fly, to see through matter with laser eyes, to connect to distant worlds were all a part of their abilities. Their reproduction methods were slightly different from somatic evolution but in principle they too would go through a series of lives in the same way that we do here on Earth. They were a scientifically advanced race working with many different forms of energy and having the abilities for space travel. Because their energy frequencies were on a less dense level to the physical world that we inhabit they were not so restricted by the laws of physics that govern our realm. However they were a form of human being experiencing similar mental and emotional responses as we do.

A point came when the expansion of Aldebaran, their sun, caused their planet to begin to break up and they had no option but to flee, in a very similar way again to the Superman stories. Although in this case much greater numbers travelled through space, in special craft, eventually arriving on the Earth somewhere around two hundred thousand years ago. This was the planet that their guidance had stated was to be their new home. They soon began the process of exploring this new world on many levels, and establishing their centres of civilisation. All would have been well but for one significant problem.

If you are born and grow up in a particular region of the planet, something of the vibrational matrix of that area will become a fundamental part of your being. If you then subsequently move, in later life, to a new country with a different range of vibrational frequencies you will need to make an inner adjustment to these new energies. This is why people often find it so hard to settle down in another country. It has nothing to do with coming to terms with another culture but because the energies from the Earth are not the same in different localities. Indeed science has shown how variations in our genetic make up are more determined by region than by race. As you might well imagine moving to a different country are as nothing compared to moving to another planet. This is a problem that people will have to tackle in the future when space travel becomes more common.

Whilst in many ways the Earth provided an ideal new home for our space travellers it still had a vibrational frequency that was at odds with their inner natures. Initial adjustments were made but eventually a point was reached when the re-productive mechanisms of this race were starting to be affected causing a form of sterility. It is a general principle in the universe that no race should deliberately try to alter or modify another. This is why many people feel a sense of un-ease at recent scientific developments into genetic engineering. Whilst scientific advancement is necessary we are also treading a very thin line, which could unleash a karmic backlash if we are not very careful. The need for respect for other life forms is paramount.

The Elohim were aware of the human species on this planet but they were faced with a stark choice, they either had to find a way of incarnating down fully into the physical world or accept their doom. The decisions were not taking lightly or over-night but a point came when a group of their scientists took the step of genetically manipulating a small group of hominids to create a new super race that led to the development of homo-sapiens sapiens. A step that finally occurred when they started to incarnate fully into physical matter through Cro-Magnon man.

The metaphysical author Murry Hope in her book The Paschats and the Crystal People describes similar events although she claims that these beings 'the crystal people' came from a planet that encircled Sirius. In all other respects her channelled information very closely resembles my own. She states in a communication from a being called Kaini:

"We are reminded by our Paschat friends that they have committed us to clearing up certain points regarding you own origins. The first of these concerns the study of genetics and how we introduced one of our genes into Earth hominids. We must confess to being rather amused at your concepts of genetic engineering involving surgical procedures taking place in laboratories! How very unsubtle! We do assure you that by the time your planet was ready to receive the quantum leap that involved the 'crystal' gene, we had long since left our physical world behind us and were functioning in subtle dimensions of a kind many of you may not even have dreamt of."

Creation of Human Beings
The Elohim or 'the crystal people' had provided physical vehicles into which they could incarnate and although they had tried to be meticulously careful in this process there were some problems that they were not able to avoid. Firstly, in order to affect this transfer they had to find a way of creating an energetic bridge between the frequencies of the hominid species and their own finer energies. A simple analogy would be to imagine the physical bodies of the hominids vibrating at a 'C' note in the octave whilst our Elohimic race resonated to 'D'. To build a bridge they needed to step down their frequencies and to step up those of the hominids on whom they were working, to effective create vehicles vibrating at 'C #'. The consequence of this action was to bring human somatic resonance slightly our of tune with that of the Earth and we have suffered from this ever since. If human beings were truly in tune with the Earth we would never inflict destruction in the way that we do. There is no such thing as perfect balance at physical level but powerful imbalances, particularly when allowed to continue unchecked, will likely have destructive effects.

The second problem that confronted that Elohimic race was the pain of stepping into bodies that disconnected them from the higher levels of awareness to which they naturally related. There is a deep longing within many fully conscious human beings that they are not in their natural state, that 'home' somehow lies elsewhere. There has been a need to try to bring the physical body under the control of the Self and over time many different systems have been established, such as Hatha Yoga. On occasions, through different traditions, this has led to powerful feelings that the body is somehow evil or locks us into a state that is ante-god; that the flesh has to be mortified in some way for us to be redeemed. Then there is the whole question of sexuality and the balance between the masculine and feminine elements of the self. As mentioned, the Elohimic race did not enjoy sexual relationships in the same way we experience them today. Because their bodies were structured differently, they were not so driven by the physical drives that our genes so powerful generate within us to procreate. Getting to grips with these physical instincts was not easy and the consequence has been that at a very deep level within our psyches is a feeling that sex is an impediment to spiritual growth, that we need to be celibate in order to be truly spiritual. This has also come out in the balance or battle of the sexes, between the masculine and feminine elements of our nature.

Finally there is the fear of annihilation, for not only did the Elohim see their home planet destroyed but also knew that the flame of their race might also be extinguished. The fear of death has been a very powerful dynamic that has stalked human awareness for so very many years. Different cultures have confronted this problem in different ways, but at a very deep level the need to wage war to face this fear, has fuelled many of the belligerent tendencies that we carry deep within our genetic make-up.

Soul wounds
The five soul wounds held within humanity, which stem from our spiritual ancestors, this Elohimic race, can be summarised as:


We have all experienced these wounds at different times either in this life are previous lives. These were the wounds that Christ came to assuage, for he too experienced all of them during his lifetime in Palestine. We stand, now at a moment in our history where we can move beyond these patterns, these karmic influences into a new state of beingness. Many different forces are being brought to bear on this planet to help in this redemption process. The exercise given in the very first chapter will help you find a new level of resonant connection with the Earth. This is vital if we are to progress in harmony on and with the planet. We need to let go the past and embrace a new future, which reveals in the wonders of the physical body without denying our spiritual origins. Death is a transition from one state to another and will never be the final annihilation which some believe.

We also need to appreciate the balance of male and female in their complementary roles in world. We will only ever do this if we can see this balance manifesting in our mythological perceptions. God is neither masculine nor feminine but both. There is a complete harmonious integration of these two divine states within the Divinity and this matrix manifests down through all of the planes of creation. It is something to which we collectively need to aspire. The skills that were available to the Elohimic race in science and technology are becoming available once more to humanity. But these skills need to be tempered by a spiritual over-view that acknowledges the uniqueness of every species upon this planet.

The End of the Elohim
Since my first discovery about this race I have sought evidence for their continued existence in the different countries that I have visited. When I first had this revelation I travelled from Sedona to Atlanta to visit a friend. During my stay we went to visit some Indian mounds to the north of the city and whilst there I had a strong feeling that the Elohim had also come to this area. My guidance said that there was some special place, just to the east of the city that had been their home. When I asked my friend what was so special about the area east of Atlanta she told me of a sacred place called Stone Mountain where UFO's are sometimes spotted. This is a very large dome shaped granite outcrop that rises nearly a thousand feet above ground level set in a beautiful surrounding area has now been turned into a regional park. In visiting this magic place I did indeed sense the Elohimic connection but the mountain was abandoned, its inner chambers no longer held the peoples of this divine race. And so it has been in all of the other places that I have visited where I have sensed this Elohimic connection, such as the west bank hills opposite Luxor in Egypt wherein can be found the Valley of the Kings. It was surely no accident that these monarchs wanted to be buried in the sacred hills of this Elder race. I am certain now that the Elohim have either fully incarnated down onto the physical plane and are amongst us as ordinary people or have moved on in their evolutionary journey so that they no longer need physical or semi-physical incarnations.

Your Star Connections
You too may feel a connection with the stars, a sense that perhaps this is not really your home; many people do. So are you part of this Elohimic race or do you come from a planet around another star? The Native American Indian people of North America believe that their ancestors, the creators of their race came from the Pleiades. The Hopi call these beings the Kachinas, who once mingled with ordinary people but now only live in their sacred mountains. As has been already stated the star group we know as the Pleiades does lie in the same part of the sky as Aldebaran. They comprise are a cluster of seven stars which appear to be very close together. This is an optical illusion for the distance across the group, which in fact contains over 300 principle members is about fifty light years across and lies about four hundred light years from Earth. Some of these stars may contain planets, which house life similar to our own. Certainly there has been a range of channelled teachings coming through in recent years claiming to be from a Pleiadian source.

Another star that has attracted attention, particularly in Ancient Egyptian times, because of its brightness, is Sirius. Murry Hope in her book The Lion People talks about a leonine race known as the Paschats which travelled to the Earth in a distant epoch from Sirius who together with the 'crystal' people built a civilisation on the Earth. As already mentioned her descriptions of these 'crystal' people are very similar to my memories of the Elohim our main divergence being the star from which they originated. I am sure that spirits have travelled from other stars that we can see in the sky and perhaps you are one of them.

Stellar Links
The only way we can be sure of a direct stellar link is from clear inner memories but there are methods that give hints to which stars we have a special connection. Click here to find out how.

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