Thursday, August 25, 2011

DailyDDoSe™ An open letter to *AGENT DADDY* @ELyssaD™  11:33 WhY time

Drafted under pressure, to be updated when IP is restored. Or, I always have that netbook Jude fucked up.

Maybe, I'll use that. IP: Untraceable.

Wanna bet?

Dear Dad: This is to inform you that your Social Securty number and home address appear online as well. SO don't say I didn't warn you. 

Furthermore, they also gained access to .PDF file you sent from Munich and they were actually smarter than the fuckwits in Dept of Treasury or the IRS (or any other govt agency that had ample opportunity to straighten this shit out while I was living quietly accepting "the hand I've been dealt" BUT this dude named Lance pointed out that there are multiple accounts which is interesting, because he noted their was a discrepancy in the Social Security Records, I noticed the same thing about the IOTOLA escrow account when when I asked you to "please serve as my legal representative payee" regarding financial issues. 

Now of course, he made it into a joke and since this is an active disinformation campaign, they wrote it off and made (incorrect) assumption that my father (listing YOUR name and experience working with, for and against the Feds) that you were a concerned parent who put a leash on me to prevent me from entering the workplace. 

They were half right. 

SO, let's get back to the facts. As you eloquently stated when I asked you to serve as my legally appointed financial receiver of funds, "I make Ghengis Kahn look like Mr. Rogers" you agreed, but you didn't pay my fucking bills. As a result, I lost what l had including my job teaching for Metro. I lost my apartment because you didn't pay the bills on time, and you told me "I wouldn't pay a bill from God, unless he sent me a receipt" 

I'm sorry, but Metro doesn't work like that. And you know damn well that you never honored your commitment to me and violated the contract and legal responsibility to act in my best interests. You never had any intention of "acting" at all. You just never thought I would have the balls to confront you, and you seemed to quite angry that MY physician ruled that it was my best interest to have you removed.  

Sure, there was resistance. The case file kept getting lost, but eventually (after four months of NO income, I received a measly $515.50 and a letter from the Department of Treasury that they finally located in some PNC account but they never recovered the funds. 

I count eight accounts used by your law firm in the Affidavit presented to Judge Eisenstein (who I might add had memory lapse and did not recognize me after maybe a decade of working with him on various policy issues; either to debrief him or give him SOme bogus award for what I now realize is a total scam in the United States and Beyond!)

I will add quickly because my internet just shut down, and your friendly neighborhood sPyOp PsyOp just pulled in SO I need to call tech, in case their is another shooting so I can take video. 

Time: 11:33  #playcard 


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Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. 

United States of America 

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Aspie RAGE! Hold on to this because i'm pretty sure I'm posting an "Open Letter to AGENT DADDY" after the text I just got.

Let me respond first and think about possible consequences for telling him to fuck off :)) #oops

ASPIE RAGE! Ain't it Grand?



Just FYI. She deleted the post after I began to trace it. I made back up files. The pc I sent will connect to the same IP.

There's an expression, "Just Because your paranoid doesn't mean there isn't somebody out to get you."

She asked some very interesting questions that I didn't understand at the time ie your birthplace, and took me to HER Doctor where they wanted a full (family) medical history. She insisted that my mother was an alcoholic (my mother is bat shit crazy) but she doesn't need alcohol to be a bitch.

I never heard of the NWO, Illuminati, and didn't know about Disney, Wizard of Oz or trauma based Mind Control.

In retrospect, I see Jude did all the things that Monarch slaves do when they try to get someone into trafficking for the NWO.

1. held my passport
2. orchids
3. Took me to HER doctor
4. Held birth cerificate
5. Gave me a blue pill when I arrived

The list goes on...

Well, let me tell you something, I don't want her doctor anywhere near me cause he ain't doing such a good job. She is off the wall fucking nuts #OTWFN

SO, maybe I'm overreacting, or maybe I am am being used by ALL guilty parties.

I  don't give a fuck. Because she went after me to get to you. Or maybe you already knew this and don't want to be bothered.

Or maybe Kimberly who left a comment for *AGENT DADDY* on MY page was right, "the feds don't do #MOVE unless they need to."

That's the DailyDDoSe™

See you next week...


Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
United States of America

Forgive typos! iBLAME iPhone

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