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/net/ : Project Skynet | Apr 25th 2011
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No. 133
Hello fellow citizen of the internet. You may not be aware that the internet as you know it may be in danger. I am here to give you fair warning that indeed; in January 16th 2012 it will be changed forever.

The United Nations and other world political bodies believe that they are hiding a very large and dangerous secret from us, and this could be no further from the truth. Because we the people, know all there is to know. The UN is, without the consent or knowledge of the people at large, passing a document known as the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement.

The ACTA, has a few effects on the worlds economy, such as increasing tariffs on trade (which raises the prices of foreign goods significantly), and monopolizing the worlds power, water, and production of limited resources, a few being lumber, oil, diamonds, and gold. The effects are that the companies bought in by the ACTA will have enormous capital gain, and the citizens that purchase certain products will see a small decrease in the price of home-made products and services.

However, along with the increase of the prices of foreign goods, ACTA has one very dark secret, the complete control of all intellectual property. Any site that hosts copyrighted material will be affected by the ACTA so vastly, that they will no longer be able to sustain themselves. Sites like Myspace, Facebook, Myyearbook, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Digg, Youtube, Metacafe, Deviantart, and so many others, will be forced to close or cut services due to the transfer of copyrighted materials. The ACTA laws on intellectual property still stay in effect, even if full permission is given to use said property. In order for a site like Youtube, or Myspace to stay functioning, they will be forced to pay the standard fee of $0.99 for every song played on the site for each user, for each video. It will be impossible to maintain the fee’s for audio, at the trillions it will cost them.

If you think this is bad, start your raging now, because you don’t want to hear this next part. Internet Service Providers (Comcast/Verison/Warner… etc), will be forced to monitor all data transferred from the internet to a user of their service. This is meant to be used for “Seizing Copyright Protected Information”. However, a new article to the ACTA is being discussed, that will also allow the ISP’s to copy this information without your knowledge or consent. Also if you are accused (it does not have to be proven), of transferring, or downloading copyrighted material; the ACTA forces ISP’s to restrict or prohibit your internet service, blacklist your name to receive internet service again, and fine you for the cost of the copyrighted material, as determined per state or national law.


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What can we do at the moment?
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Get postcards. Address them to your congressman/woman/transgender/alien ... Write only this. "Vote no on ACTA and COICA" Do the same to the supreme court.

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  1. Only have to tolorate it 11 months, 5 days before the world ends. So, looking back atleast we had more good years than bad with the internet.
    We're so fucked aren't we!?!