Thursday, August 25, 2011

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PostSecret App Lets You Reveal Your Hidden Thoughts [VIDEO]

by Brian Anthony Hernandez,
August 25th 2011

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The concept behind the deliciously dishy PostSecret books and blog will soon make its way to your mobile device.

Since 2004, PostSecret has received more than 300,000 secrets via postcards from anonymous contributors. But now, the forthcoming PostSecret App, which the above video touts, will allow contributors to digitally share secrets, discover other users’ hush-hush thoughts and react to their submissions.

“For the first time, like-minded secret sharers will easily be able to make a connection, show their support or reach out to someone whose secret touches them, makes them wonder, laugh or cry,” PostSecret said.

PostSecret has built a hefty following, one that will likely help this app succeed: more than 1 million Facebook fans, 420,000 Twitter followers, 500,000 email subscribers and 4.1 million unique visitors to the PostSecret blog.

iPhone users can get their hands on the app in September for $1.99, and Android folks will have access to the app sometime after that.

What do you think of the secrets shared in the video? Will you use this app?

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