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bizarre mind-control atrocity exposed, part 1

bizarre mind-control atrocity exposed, part 1 | Feb 5th 2008
Although I have not attempted to recover my memories, I strongly suspect that as a child, I was subjected to ritual abuse and other forms of torture in an attempt to fracture my mind into multiple personalities as part of the CIA mind-control program known as Project Monarch. See this:

But regardless of whether I was subjected to ritual abuse as a child, I will demonstrate in this multi-part series, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I was targeted by the Illuminati, the Freemasons and their henchmen in the CIA for a bizarre and lifelong mind-control atrocity. For more information about the Illuminati, see this:

Last year, a CIA agent confirmed to me that I had been subjected to ritual abuse as a child, but that I had broken away from my programming. I believe one reason why I was chosen for this lifelong ordeal was to punish me for rejecting the satanic way of life that was part of my family's heritage, and to teach me that being "good" doesn't pay.

I think another reason why I was selected for Project Monarch is that my father was in the Air Force and had a top-secret security clearance while working on the hydrogen bomb project in the 1950s. In my case, it's evident that Freemasonry also played a major part in my being selected for a lifelong mind-control project. My grandfather was a Shriner, which means he was a high-ranking Freemason, and my father was also a high-ranking Mason.

A number of books have connected Masons to ritual abuse and CIA mind-control programs, including "Trance Formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips ( and "Thanks for the Memories" by Brice Taylor ( )

According to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, "It is certain that onomatology, or the science of names, forms a very interesting part of the investigations of higher Masonry." In my case, the science of names connects me to Freemasonry, ritual abuse, the JFK assassination, mind control, satanism and other related topics.

I didn't wake up to this until recently, but once I did, I used this knowledge to piece together the clues to the mystery of my life. Names of people, streets, towns and much more began to take on a meaning that I had never understood before. It became apparent to me that people had been planted in my life whose names would connnect me to Freemasonry, ritual abuse, the JFK assassination, the Franklin Credit Union scandal in Nebraska, mind control, satanism and other related topics.

This was a way for the Illuminati to reveal to me that I had been targeted by a mind-control program without coming right out and telling me. In other words, it was designed to be plausibly deniable, but at the same time, to leave no doubt in my mind what was going on and who was behind the program. Arrogance is one of the Illuminati's weaknesses. They are so proud of themselves and so anxious to demonstrate how powerful they are, that they leave their fingerprints all over the place.

Certainly it's possible that the appearance of some of these people in my life could have been coincidences, but what makes me think there's something more to it is the sheer number of "coincidences." At some point, in the face of so much evidence, it becomes impossible to attribute all these examples to "coincidence," especially when there's so much other evidence of mind control in my life.

Jerry Rose, editor of the JFK assassination research journal The Third Decade and later The Fourth Decade, made the same point in an article titled "Jack Ruby and J.D. Tippit," published in the March 1985 issue of The Third Decade:

"The question, as always, is that of the point at which the reasonable mind rebels at accepting a host of coincidences and begins to demand that we look for the conspiratorial agency behind all these 'coincidental' happenings."

I have read the accounts of dozens of mind-control victims, and I share with them many of the usual symptoms, including being targeted by gang stalking, electromagnetic harassment, slander campaigns, unexplained rude treatment, references to my ordeal in the news media, and so forth.

But the phenomenon of the science of names, which I have experienced since childhood, is unusual and possibly unique to my situation. That's why I decided to expose it on this blog. If someone else is being targeted in a similar fashion, it could alert them to the situation. But more importantly, since it points to Masonic involvement in mind control, it could help people wake up to the fact that Masons are deliberately running this country into the ground so they can dissolve the United States and merge it into a global fascist dictatorship known as the New World Order.

I will be listing dozens -- maybe hundreds -- of examples in this multi-part series, but just to give you an idea, I'm going to list in this post a few of the bizarre "coincidences" that have been one of the hallmarks of my lifelong ordeal. Another hallmark of this brutal, covert and vicious campaign has been emotional abuse -- particularly the type inflicted by women who pretended to be interested in me and then abruptly broke off the relationship with no explanation.

After 17 years of marriage, my wife divorced me in 1993, but I was confident that I would find someone who was a better match for me, so although I resisted the idea at first, I eventually went along with the idea, not realizing that all my efforts to find a new life partner would be sabotaged as part of the mind-control atrocity.

My wife's maiden name was Mary Pat Dowling, so her initials were MPD, which is an acronym for Multiple Personality Disorder. Freemasons have long induced MPD in young children as a means of programming them for mind control. Mary Pat and I first met in the summer of 1967 when we were both about 12 years old. A "friend" of mine, and I use that term loosely these days, named Don Lawrence, first called my attention to her on the playground at the elementary school we attended in Niles, Mich.

Many times when the three of us were together, Don would say to her, making sure I could hear, "That's a little MPD" or "What's a little MPD?" Then he would look at me and smile. I always thought that was strange, but I never understood the significance of it until recently.

Don Lawrence moved to Niles from Pennsylvania in 1965, the same year that Lincoln Lawrence's book "Were We Controlled?" was published. That book suggested that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby may have been victims of mind control.

A woman named Mary Dowling waited on Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 20, 1963, at the Dobbs House Restaurant in Dallas, two days before the assassination. This was not the same Lee Harvey Oswald who was framed for the JFK assassination and shot to death by Jack Ruby. That man was also named Lee Harvey Oswald, but he had been known as Harvey Oswald as a youth. Later, he was sent to Russia on a mission for U.S. intelligence, and after he returned to the United States, he was set up with a job at the Texas School Book Depository.

The story of the two Oswalds is spelled out in a fascinating book by John Armstrong called "Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald." You can read about it here: and purchase the book here:

According to the late conspiracy researcher James Shelby Downard, the Kennedys are connected to the Beals through the "magic and mystery of words." Jackie Kennedy's aunt, Edith Bouvier, married a man named Beale, and John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917, at 83 Beals St. in Brookline, Mass. Beale onomatology is rendered thus: El-Bel-Baal-Be al-Beal-Beale.

I learned this from reading Downard's article, "Sorcery, Sex, Assassination and the Science of Symbolism" in the book titled "Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History," edited by Jim Keith and published in 1993. You can read more about Downard's research here:

Downard demonstrates that the JFK assassination was essentially a Masonic ritual, covered up by high-ranking Masons, including Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles and Gerald Ford. And since the Beals are connected to the Kennedys by the science of names, I feel that my lifelong ordeal is also a Masonic ritual related to the JFK assassination.

I can give hundreds of examples of how the science of names connects my life to the JFK assassination, ritual abuse, mind control, satanic cults, Nazi Germany, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, extraterrestrials and other strange phenomena.

As far as I can determine, the pattern of placing people around me whose names are identical or similar to the names of people involved in these subjects started in 1965, the year I turned 10 years old. But it reached its peak in 1998, the year I took a job on the metro desk of the Daily Southtown in Tinley Park, Ill.

I was one of five metro editors who worked together closely, and our desks were clustered together so we could communicate with each other easily. The editors I worked with were named John Hector, Mike Waters, Tom Finn and John O'Brien. Later, Karen Sorensen joined our group. This was before I learned about the Masons' bizarre obsession with names, so I didn't think anything of it at the time.

Later, after a fellow mind-control victim tipped me off to the science of names, I started to write down the names of people I had known in my life, and the pattern emerged. Here are the connections of the Daily Southtown metro desk to ritual abuse, mind control and the JFK assassination:

John Hector -- Daily Southtown night editor.
Holly Hector -- Therapist who treated survivors of satanic ritual abuse and described her experiences in a book titled "Satanic Ritual Abuse and MPD: Understanding and Treating the Survivor," published in 1991.

Mike Waters -- Daily Southtown metro editor.
Ethan Watters -- Co-authored the 1996 book "Making Monsters: False Memories, Psychotherapy and Sexual Hysteria." This book was one of the many fraudulent efforts on behalf of ritual abuse apologists to brainwash the public into believing allegations of ritual abuse are examples of "hysteria." The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a CIA-connected organization set up for the purpose of debunking the testimony of ritual abuse victims. It was established in 1992 after a number ritual abuse victims began to speak out about their experiences. Alex Constantine exposed the FMSF as a CIA front in his books "Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A." and "Virtual Government." See this:
Brent Watters -- Daily Southtown reporter who worked closely with me on many of his stories. This was part of a pattern that became apparent to me in which I would be placed into close contact with people whose names the mind controllers wanted me to remember.
Cecil McWatters -- Driver of the bus "Lee Harvey Oswald" allegedly took after allegedly (but not really) assassinating President Kennedy.

Tom Finn -- Daily Southtown editor.
Terri Finn -- Mother of a boy who was molested at Small World preschool in my hometown of Niles, Mich., in 1984. The boy's testimony against the defendant, Richard Barkman, was instrumental in Barkman being sent to prison for five years following his conviction in 1985. At that time, I was working as the sports editor of the Niles Daily Star. Although Barkman was the only employee of the school to be tried, dozens of children told therapists that they had been molested, and some of them talked about bizarre satanic rituals they had been subjected to as part of the abuse.

Other employees besides Barkman were allegedly involved, but as typically happens in ritual abuse cases, the prosecutor chose not to pursue evidence of a wider conspiracy, and the case was prosecuted as a simple case of child abuse by one defendant. One reason for this is that ritual abuse is protected at the highest levels of society, because judges, politicians and other powerful members of the establishment are directly involved in the scandal. For more information about this, read "The Franklin Cover-Up" by John DeCamp and "Why Johnny Can't Come Home" by Noreen Gosch. See this:

Another connection between the Small World case and the Daily Southtown that the mind controllers in charge of ruining my life wanted me to make was the relationship of Tom Finn to the Southtown's graphic artist, Bonnie Ballew. Bonnie often visited Finn at his desk to socialize, and it was obvious to everyone that they were good friends, so it was natural for me to connect them to each other. That was important because one of the employees at Small World was named Laura Ballew, so the Ballew-Finn connection was a reference to the Small World case.

John O'Brien -- Daily Southtown editor.
Cathy O'Brien -- Co-author of "Trance Formation of America," published in 1995, which is the story of her enslavement in Project Monarch. Cathy was subjected to ritual abuse when she was a child in an effort to split her mind into multiple personalities. She was then programmed to be a sex slave and courier.

Karen Sorensen -- Daily Southtown editor who joined the metro desk soon after I did.
Kathleen Sorenson -- Foster parent who was killed in a suspicious car accident after "talking too much" about the satanic cult in Omaha, Neb., that was sexually abusing children. Her story was detailed in "The Franklin Cover-Up" by former Nebraska state senator John DeCamp. Kathleen decided to speak out about what she had learned from children in her care. Together with her eldest foster daughter, a survivor of ritual abuse, she spoke at public forums around the state, gave radio and television interviews, and appeared on Geraldo Rivera's nationally televised special on satanism.

I'm not saying that John Hector, Mike Waters, Tom Finn, John O'Brien and Karen Sorensen are involved in ritual abuse, mind control or anything like that, although the newspaper industry is flooded with CIA operatives, and it's certainly possible that some of those operatives are involved in the scandal. What I am saying is that the officials in charge of my mind-control project, whether they're from the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, Naval intelligence, Army intelligence, Air Force intelligence or some other government agency, arranged for me to be placed into that position so I would come into contact with those specific individuals.

Apparently, as part of my own particular lifelong project, they're not permitted to explain what's happening to me verbally or in writing, so they have to resort to other means when they want to communicate with me. At some point, they must have decided to let me know who was behind the nonconsensual mind-control experiment that is my life.

Occasionally, I receive more direct indications. In the summer of 2004, the Matt Beal project was escalated from covert status to a more direct approach with the introduction of an organized slander campaign, gang stalking, microwave harassment, electromagnetic harassment and other forms of psychological warfare. For more information about this aspect of mind control, see:

As a result of being targeted by this latest form of harassment, I sought to reach out to other victims for moral support. Unfortunately, many of these so-called "victims" turned out to be agents. One such agent is the one who told me that I was part of Project Monarch as a child, but that I had broken away from my programming.

She wouldn't tell me more, so I'm not sure if I was supposed to be trained as an assassin, a sex slave, a courier, a patsy, or just what they had in mind. But there has been a pattern throughout my life of placing me in situations that seem designed to lower my self-esteem and humiliate me in various ways. I suppose that made me easier to control in a way, but it also caused me to feel a great deal of anger toward the people responsible for this, which fuels my efforts to expose this atrocity.

I'm not writing about this subject to make people feel sorry for me, although I do want people to feel outraged that this is happening to innocent people in the United States. My primary motivation for exposing what happened to me is to help stop mind control before it enslaves the entire human race. For readers who are not familiar with the subject of mind control and the threat it poses to humanity, here's a good place to start:

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