Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DailyDDoSe™ Illuminati InSighter :-) 9:11pm

I'm having all out battle with my dad. (who is Illuminati and he sent text "WE"  think you may be  paranoid,  discuss your feelings with your doctor and see what your thinks"

I replied, "I did discuss it with my doctor, and she wrote a letter to Social Security stating that it is my best interest to have you removed from my file as representative payee (receiver of funds)

I then told him #LulzSec posted HIS social security number online along with his home address, and that I was taken to doctor in Wyoming where they wanted HIS info, med history and birthplace. 

The way I see it at this point, ia my dad is in on it. SO yes, I got great rest. Buckling down because now I just put some more pieces together~ you may find "interesting" 

@rockingjude purchased plane ticket (3 hours notice) I flew back on 12/8. 12/9 she accused me of hacking her acct (which I SO did not do) and disconnected the AT&T data plan she so graciously got me ($14.95 month) 

Anyhoo, next you know I go outside and there's a fucking god damned #FalseFlag terror op that was not reported by the media. SO I can't go anywhere and I'm surrounded by 20-25 men in various military and police uniforms with electric rifles and a mobile command center set up in outside my apartment for 20 hours. Media was told not to report. They said someone held kid hostage with gun next door but their was no police report of anything. 

I think it was a god damn #FalseFlag #PsyOp because I was *supposed* to go missing or ape shit crazy. 

My dad did NOT give me the right answer when I "probed" so that open letter to agent daddy will probably wind up on the internet pretty soon! 

I will send you link to article about Hangman 11. I'm considered a traitor by #Illuminati because I won't go along with scam. 11 is mater number symbol for Illuminati but it also represents Justice. 

I'm currently trying to de-code Hebrew texts because I'm pretty sure I play pivotal role in the NWO and World War   III 

From what I've read the Elohim are sort of hybrid race (people with Aspergers hold critical piece of evolution) and "they" know it which is why the NWO is coming after people like you, me, Gary McKinnon so hard. We can't be fooled (for long) and we have righteous rage so we speak our minds and don't give a fuck what anybody thinks. 

The NWO don't like that much, especially when it comes from an in-sighter insider (ha ha I made funny #KnewWord Insighter lmao. Better go hashtag it before someone steals IT)

Anyhoo I think DaniEL (my middle name is Danielle) is in Hebrew transliteration one Judges and carries out acts of JustUS. 

 Elohim Emet (gods of truth) 

Elohim are also sometimes thought of as people who came from the stars (hybrid race) thus all the Disinfo regarding UFO and ET technology. The aliens are here. Welcome to our planet. Now kindly clean this mess up before we contaminate the rest of the Universe. :))   


I don't know of see emojicons (some apps won't show them) but I did symbols for Alien, oh noes,  surgical mask needed to protect US from wabbits (Alice in Wonderland programming uses rabbits) gavel for JustUS; scissors to cut the crap and satellite to beam this shit up to our friends (light workers who are multi-dimensional telepathic overlords coming to earth to save US from ourselves. 

Otay. That's all. Gotta do laundry and people steal that 'round here so I'm blogging InSight from Illuminati Insider while my blogs are still up. 



Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. 
United States of America 

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On Aug 24, 2011, at 17:44,  wrote:

08:40AM EST AusTRAILia

Morning Luv :)) hope you got some QUALITY!! rest.

It's so great to know someone else goes through what I do, because NO-ONE I know understands it (the extreme sensitivities etc). Last May a Psychiatrist put me in special 6 bed "psych ward" in a separate building from the main hospital !!!!! because he said I was having a fucking psychotic episode - there was no windows that could be opened & big metal door nobody could get in or out. (yep they gave me a pill too....) They take all your stuff even my iPod in case "I hung myself with the cord" LMFAO!!

All this because I had an ASD episode where I shut down. HELLO.... I WAS HOMELESS AT THE TIME ---- MAJOR STRESS!
I have my own private psychiatrist Adult ASD specialist (who I'm seeing today), so when the hospital rang him the next day he went nuts at them and I was allowed to leave. I NEVER use the public/government hospitals here, but because I was living nowhere some do-gooder charity person rang the fucking hospital.

I'm going to try to fix my camera so I can send you some photos of where I live & stuff. I have pics of the PSYCH WARD from last year (will e.mail them to you this arvo). When they discharged me after my they rang my PDOC I demanded my mobile back & turned the camera sounds to "off" & took pics of my bed & stuff while I was packing my things!! LOLCATZ how stupid are the staff? They need a big sign in admin saying: WARNING WARNING!! YOU CAN'T GET AROUND AN ASPIE - SO DON'T TRY

Okay I have a busy day ASD doctor appoint and have to work out a way to pay internet & elect bill.....oh for sure this will involve charity vouchers....hahaha ain't life grand :-))

Hope you liked  is one of my fav  songs, that song is so under-rated and it's a fantastic song, one of their best!

Anyways I'm reading everything you send & will hold onto the info if you need me to. Not on Twitter atm & have locked my account, still trying to get my head around CP (AND OTHERS LOL) and work out the best way to deal her PEOPLE HARVESTING ACTIVITIES. Because she's v good....they all are, just sickeningly persuasive. Ughhh it makes my stomach ill even thinking about it. PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe
 XoXo
Living in AusTRAILia.................CROCKodile of SHIT LAND

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