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by Igor Barinov,
June 30th 2011

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Dirty Pearls

By On July 9, 2011 · · In News

Dirty Pearls Music Video shot with Kinect

Matthew Weckel’s story:

“I recently used a kinect to shoot a music video for NYC rockers the Dirty Pearls. We combined our kinect footage with footage shot on a Canon 5D Mark II and some after effects work to create a virtual static world for the band to [...]

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Kinect theremin

By Tom Smurthwaite On June 30, 2011 · · In News

Personally I don’t like theremins and it’s amazing how many people compare any interactive music to a theremin. Gripe over, thank god this is quick demo using kinect sdk. It does work well though……………

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A Little Boogie Woogie Wiggle Waggle

By josh On June 28, 2011 · · In News

Watch Vassilis and his kinected art school model avatar move to the beat. Nigel Ward his ICT Professor at the European School 3 in Brussels, Belgium put him up to it. Nice Moves Vassilis!

Nigels Words (Very Instructive!)
I filmed this pupil of mine, Vassilis Y., with a Kinect and [...]

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Synapse for Kinect Ableton Patch Tutorial

By Tom Smurthwaite On June 24, 2011 · · In News

In my quest for kinect midi controllers I found this great tutorial from the synapse people. Linking gesture to Ableton Live in an understandable way. Very detailed and clear instruction, all I need to do now is download Live as my version is too old (I’ve never used it anyway but that is an interface [...]

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Ableton live kinect looping

By Tom Smurthwaite On June 24, 2011 · · In News

The arrival of the kinect has opened peoples eyes to the possibility of interactive media but it has been here a long time. Dance-tech companies have been using motion sensing and capture to enable dancers to control the performance environment for years. The main difference in using kinect is the cost and of course the [...]

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Kinect SDK midi controller

By Tom Smurthwaite On June 23, 2011 · · In News

There is finally a dribble of apps using the microsoft SDK. For me the most interesting one so far is a gesture midi controller. It uses one hand for velocity and the other for pitch, then controls a hardware synth through midi. This looks very simple but I can see some amazing possibilities once you [...]

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Sensation MEXX Wall

By Igor Barinov On June 23, 2011 · · In News

Interactive video wall built for Sensation White rave in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
Made in pre-SDK era with Processing, Simple OpenNi, OpenGL. Programming by Eugene Roenko.

Thanks Denis Zeltser for sharing

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Space Palette (MultiMultiTouchTouch)

By Tom Smurthwaite On June 20, 2011 · · In News

Everything in the world of kinect moves so fast that you sometimes forget some of the great ideas from only a few months ago. I really really liked liked Tim Thompsons’ Multi Multi Touch Touch kinect instrument so I went to his blog to see what he’s upto.
Not only is it now [...]

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Microsoft Releases Kinect SDK Beta For PC !

By Madhav K On June 16, 2011 · · In News

Microsoft has officially launched Kinect SDK beta for PC. This software development kit (SDK) for Windows will allow .Net developers to write Kinect apps in C++, C#, or VB or any other .net aware launguage.

But they have not given more info yet on Kinect integration of Windows 8. Still have to wait some more time [...]

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Microsoft Rumored To Release Kinect SDK For PC Today

By Madhav K On June 16, 2011 · · In News

Microsoft is rumored to release Kinect SDK for PC today. There is an Microsoft event happening at 5:30 pm UK time where Microsoft have promised to make an announcement related to Kinect.

Event can be watched live on this link

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