Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unauthorized? Unavailable ?? UNLIKELY #HACKGATE


I'm not am idiot. I just don't have time or patience to explain to morons how sophisticated (and impressive) the various control and surveillance techniques currently being used as control mechanisms in the United States.

They don't have funds for a library or technology or computer lab anywhere near here, nor can can jet provide wifi for the residents or but they seem to have am awful lot of finds available to keep reinforce the police state I have gotten used to over the last few years.

Entry and exit in combination with free cell phones w 200 mins per month Medicaid Medicare cards, EBT are all tracking behavior patterns and movement of the

People who can't get help when they need it, yet viewed ny society as leeches or too laze to work or go for job training (unavailable here even for people like myself who ads highly motivates and eligible for re-employment grants through federal programs~?

Well that mount never seems to make it to the hood. Even the $200 million in federal dollars received from the Feds has an adverse effect on this community because they cut all local services.

Desire having a formal statement from Army engineers that they misdirected cues for the "Great Flood of 2010 I have yet to see anyone confront the issue of misdirected funds that poured into wealthy neighbors whole my grocery store had no electricity lr for mild that sat on the warn display cases for FOUR weeks after the stores opened to the public.

I could go on, but if I dot get an extensor from NES to pay $233- electric I won't have juice for my toys this wedged.
of the funds (electric gate key - RFiD) in combination. with various surveillance and control mechanisms ranging from PsyOPs to flat our lock down by the police so they can reinforce the prisonesque community with over 20 armed fussed wearing masks and carting electronic assault rifles wheel setting up a mobile command center fir twenty hours with absolutely no provisions or explanation to the residents.

They had 12 men rotating shifts on a tower and the only official statement Made to the press was Do NoT Report. My cell was jammed after i sent out twotpic of SWAT and mobile comma d center. I had Jair got. The thing two weeks earlier and didn't appreciate the inconveniene.

SO that's what up with ELyssaD

The sheriff is here AGAIN now looking for someone [ELSE] on the property for some crime. Many I have called in myself. But I doubt they it. Because I am in the "Do Not Respond File." Presumed crazy. Check the facts.

There must be a record for the bodies no doubt ruled a"natural causes" when we all know damn well there was nothing natural about the incidents and circumstances surrounding that man's death. I want to know why there's is no video. And why the executive manager of the property was not notified OR asked to provide CCTV or a live feed to police.

You must have give all the satellites in plain view.

-break -

Blue lights
Satellite van
Meter Reader (they on the 16th)


And network definitely unusual (normal for me bit. not "normal citizens"

I just bitched out AGENT DADDY for not giving ms heads up on Pentagon #FalseFlag #PsyOp

Ed over and out need to watch the watchers because quite honestly I don't trust them.



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