Thursday, August 25, 2011

Home  AD 6::22 am.  Data Dump? Your choice to read.

Wow. Data point I finally saw the video and saved it for later. My brother's birthday is Dec 8 and that was same day they ran PsyOp with phone hack, 20 hour hostage "situation" with no official record or any arrests made. Sharp shooters everywhere and I was upset bc I couldn't wish my bro  (ad) happy birthday on FaceBook. 

After sending all that info to my dad (former Deputy Chief for DOJ expert in CyberCrimes and International Law, all he has to say was, "are you taking any meds right now?" 

1. None of his business as I have never released medical info to him or my mother (for a very good fucking reason~ every doctor I have seen I left "home" at 16 told felt that my parents present a threat to my emotional AND physical health and well being. 

2. Completely fails to address the point that totally irrelevant to the facts the legal issues that he *claims* to have either no knowledge of or tells me it is "out of his jurisdiction" which is flat out bullshit because he flew down here in 2008. We had dinner with #Enoch (The "Fuzz") who is total illuminati puppet for Nashville who uses his Black church as a cover for all sorts of crazy shIT ~ including the "Inaugural Ball 4:44" and Adam Dread (AD) a Jewish white guy who has links to the Pittsburgh Heinz Illuminati family / fortune. 

We all has dinner along with    my SOC-alled friend Christina at the Bound'ry restaurant in Nashville because my father claimed to be here on business (he had a case in TN) SO he was either lying then or he is lying now. No doubt lying every where in between)

So I told him they posted a HIS home address and Social Security number online, and next thing you know, the site goes 404. 

I know, way too much info but imagine what it is like to know that the only thing all these people have in common is to delEte the little e! 

As I was saying earlier, even those who are Moriah (true Illuminati by blood) are subjected to incredible torture if they refuse to comply with the grand CONspIraCy 

They have clinics set up most major University hospitals ~ among those of Interest are the University of Pennsylvania where they have an institution for Multiple Personality Disorder to debunk any claims of Mind Control Slaves built in just in case additional people like Cathy O'Brien (Project Monarch Presidential Model) who *just happens* to be in Nashville too.  

COoiniDence? Me thinks not

Also linked to UPenn, Judge Eistenstein (Mental Health Court) and the Judge who evicted me for the $4.50 late fee that my father refused to pay. 

Fuck this world. I'm having an allergic reaction and I want to spend time with Spotty. The neighbors upstairs awe making all sorts of commotion and their water drains into my apartment. Time for some benadryl, and MY prescribed medication. Not some fucking moron at the state-farmed mental health facility who can't even put the right name on my wristband. That's bullshit. And even if I am #OTWFN it doesn't mean I'm not telling the truth!

Out for now. United Slaves of Asshats 6:22 am USA 


Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
United States of America

I know it's not falling on deaf ears. Thank you X :-)

Atm I'm the same as you... physically sick, pains & cramps in my hands and emotionally very very sad. You probably know that we have to watch our stress levels. When I have a very high overload I shut down & don't speak, it's not like I can't talk, everything is clear in my mind but I can't process it to say out-loud so I don't talk not even to myself LOL!'s hard to explain but it's very mentally painful. I don't know if you're the same as me in this regard.

So I understand that you're so tired and feeling pain get plenty rest please try to get as much as you can :-) It's so great to have someone to talk to about these fucking creepy people because you're right no-one understands! There's no point even talking about it to

 Dec 8th :D

THANK YOU from BaNaNaLAND ~~~~

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