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The Strategy Behind Neal Rauhauser’s Twittergate: Social Media Marxofascism

The Strategy Behind Neal Rauhauser’s Twittergate: Social Media Marxofascism by Progressives, Part 1

by Arlen Williams,
October 25th 2010 6:21 PM

“I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time….

“I mean we really have to think about these things as a society; I’m not even talking about the really terrible stuff, terrorism and access to evil things…”

“…we know roughly who you are, roughly what you care about, roughly who your friends are.” Google also knows, to within a foot, where you are.

“I actually think most people don’t want Google to answer their questions. They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next.”

– Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, as referenced by the Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2010


What if a cynical political entity gained such information about its opponents? — and its own foot-soldiers?  What if that became the dominant power?  Well, what would Big Brother do (WWBBD)?

To understand this article, it is necessary to know what is in the “Twittergate” video – right down to the malicious and obscene depths of Internet harassment that includes funding abortion(s) as an intimidation/extortion tactic against a pro-lifer’s use of Twitter (i.e., the video may be disturbing).  It was previously shown with comments in Gulag Bound’s “Daily Inspection” item, this October 11th.

See Video:

Video, 10/6, “Twittergate – Democrats Hire Twitter-Thug

This Part 1 consists largely as excerpts of Neal Rauhauser’s own words about his social media strategy, along with a bit of analysis. And, for the sake of any attorneys, the entirety of this series of articles represent the “I think” opinion of this writer, as directly obvious as any or all of the facts and their implications may be.

We are now in the burgeoning “Internet 2.0” social media world, which the “progressive” strategy in question seeks to exploit, manipulate, and control  — and maliciously so, if one thinks deviously baiting opponents  into whatever behavior may be deemed material for a libel suit or even criminal prosecution is malicious.

But this strategy extends far beyond the persecution of Tea Party patriots and into a realm that Trotsky, Lippmann, Gramsci, and Goebbels would, one thinks, love for its new technology contest of both a propagandists’ means and the rewards of it ends.

Enter Mr. Rauhauser and the political ops firm, Progressive PST as they seek this ring of power.  Also enter nine-plus Progressive politicians who would be its ring lords. The long version of this firm’s name is Progressive Politically Strategic Campaigns for Twitter, as disproportionate as this may at first seem, for a 140-character-at-a-time social media. (Link to their inaugural announcement in Daily KOS.)


Rauhauser wears the earmarks of a Soros and Moulitsas bootlicker; he seems plugged in to the Sorosian spin of the moment, tweeting messages often found at the same time or shortly thereafter in sites such as Media Matters,, and the Huffington Post.

Rauhauser also writes items at Daily KOS and seems to have learned from the splash created by the Markos Moulitsas himself, consisting of the latter’s famous “Google bombing” manipulation of that tech-imperialist search system in the 2006 election cycle. You may recall, it forced search results negative to conservative office seekers to appear, top of page, when searching their names.  Perhaps the eccentric upstart, Rauhauser, wants to make his own splash of even greater Progressive proportion, through social media.

The “netroots” activism of the Obama campaign is seen as failing against the throw-weight of the Tea Party conservatives, very much including their (our) use of the Internet. Surely, the amoral neo-Marxists discuss what they can do about it. Marxists must control. Witness such proposals Net Neutrality, the registration of bloggers, and even perhaps, the use of the Internet kill switch. One may also recall the selective hyper-enforcement of copyright laws, as strings were pulled against YouTube publishers of key videos that have exposed the Marxist left, such as TheMouthPeace, NakedEmerorNews, and even the publisher of the “Twittergate” video, preventing access to these videos, for their using music deemed proprietary, while leftist videos skate free.

One discussion of the Marxist exploitation of Internet 2.0 social media was found in the August 2009 Harvard Business Review article by one Umair Haque, “Ten Rules for 5G Warfare.” There Harvard Haque explained that we are in the midst of a true information war and recommends various kinds of attacks, but especially through the instant communications of Twitter.

So now, what of the hand that Rauhauser has tipped?


…a series of diary-like blog items that together comprise a manifesto for clandestine and even automated Big Brother activities the accomplishment of which would bring America’s social media under a thugocracy.

In his own words we see Rauhauser, under the screen name “StrandedWind,” posing, posturing, and imagining mayhem which he might use (emphasis, mine)…

…in an August 31, 2010 entry entitled “Social Media’s Neighborhood Watch.”

There is a brewing problem with right wing extremism on Twitter.  This has escalated in recent days with the election coming on – stalking and intimidation attempts have been reported by several Progressive figures.  [Ed, no examples were given.]

I’m going to outline a community based strategy that will provide evidence for civil and criminal proceedings. We’re not talking temper tantrums, bluster, and account suspension like we see from the right. I want us to get up inside their network and collect actionable information.

As a civil outcome a suit penetrating the outer ring of crazy talkers, getting to their handlers, and then to the money men would be the final solution. Expanding a seemingly random right wing shooting episode into a conspiracy case leading to lengthy prison terms for everyone who incited the attack would also work wonders for cleaning up our virtual streets.

Two days earlier, Rauhauser set up the straw man, but implicated himself as one who would actually prompt potentially criminal behavior on the part of whatever unbalanced extremist he could find. In an August 29, 2010 entry entitled “Organized Intimidation? Ambush Time.”

There is a strong and growing Progressive presence on Twitter.  I am aware of two other leaders besides myself who are subject to harassment and intimidation from the right. The timing of this makes it appear that this is another centrally initiated effort similar to the flood of female conservatives who arrived concurrent with Sarah Palin’s “grizzly mom” prattle.

My response to the threatening conduct has been to basically dare the person behind it to actually step up and do something. I am far more aggressive than most and would not expect the rest to follow my lead.  An organized community response will be the best approach to beheading this nuisance before it gets any momentum.

Further along “Ambush” piece, he takes part in what seems to this writer, a psychological projection onto Tea Party activists, the behavior of his own malicious interests and those of a few of his comrades. Then he describes more of his tactics in treating those he would deem worthy of his treatment.

Planting the idea (quite true) that some of their not so crazy sounding second and third tier players may be Progressive agents will amp up the paranoia and drive the entire community further to the fringe as they seek to weed out our people.

People engaged in provocative online conduct feel insulated; they’re in the comfort of their own home, if they’ve engaged in a little bit of caution they may feel completely anonymous, and this emboldens them. Specifying the strategy we’ll use to break their anonymity won’t permit any mitigation on their part without adjusting their behavior, which counts as a win for us. We’re dealing with people who have likely had no interaction with the court system beyond a traffic ticket; the potential for a pro se litigant to force them into expensive, long distance, lengthy, discovery laden litigation doesn’t seem to cross their minds. The reality of travel, or frightful expenses, or summary judgments needs to be made real. We probably need to make a very visible example of at least one of them before the rest understand.

There is a small, but non-zero chance that the response to such activities might be violent. The recent interdiction of a mentally ill man, incited by Glenn Beck and on his way to shoot up the Tides Foundation, was a warning as to what our worst case might be.

Then, our self-designated agitator and psyops point man waxes moralistic:

It’s unfortunate that our nation has descended from rational discourse to demagoguery and incitement to violence, but we didn’t start this. And that means we can end it using whatever means we find convenient, so long as we remain within the bounds the law provides. There are several remedies available and we need only the wit and will to apply them to the problem.

The Twittergate video shows targets found by Rauhauser & Comrades.  This includes the now infamous His oddly telegraphed strategy may be the manifesto of one eccentric individual (via his Twitter account he has apparently described himself as having traits on the Autistic Spectrum…

…a subject about which he has written) but even if it is, his strategy has appeared bought-into and adopted, to a significant extent.

As shown, he was very overt in his desire to attack vulnerable individuals among American patriots, incite whatever mayhem he may, then use it against the Tea Party and liberty movement. Yet he, along with Larry Bruce and Beth Becker of the newly formed Progressive PST, were ostensibly hired by Democrat candidates, most or all apparently associated with Cap and Trade energy policy, itself such a corporatist/fascist opportunity for systematized corruption it has been labeled “Crime, Inc.” by television’s chalkboard dot connector, Glenn Beck.

Since the Twittergate scandal broke, Larry Bruce apparently ditched Progressive PST and is hiding out in the tall grass.  And what of these Democrat candidates for November 2nd’s election, that have publicly linked themselves to this group and its strategy?

To follow soon:

  • the Democratic Party candidates behind Progressive PST and Twittergate
  • a quick survey of the broader network of Marxofascist warriors in this warfare
  • the use of Twitter as a Progressive propaganda blaster akin to John Podesta’s morning teleconferences with journalists during the 2008 campaign and the JournoList machine — but at light-speed
  • a brief timeline of the development of the greater Progressive attack strategy, of which Twittergate is a part
  • summing up this demented and potentially criminal modus operandi and pondering its implications for our (America’s) future

Arlen Williams coordinates publishing of the new Webzine, Gulag Bound and has administrated the blog, Investigating Obama. Prior to this, he was an organizer of electoral action in Illinois and Wisconsin, while maintaining a career in technology sales. Arlen addresses the Marxofascist soft war for global empire, against authentic America and freedom and sovereignty worldwide, suggesting overwhelming First Amendment warfare in return.

He asks you to communicate with your neighbors, and to confront 2010?s politicians and candidates with “The Three SOVEREIGNTY NOW Questions.”

Contact him at

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Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archive | THE UNHIVED MIND

Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archive

December 7th 2011

The Library of Congress and Twitter have signed an agreement that will see an archive of every public Tweet ever sent handed over to the library’s repository of historical documents.

“We have an agreement with Twitter where they have a bunch of servers with their historic archive of tweets, everything that was sent out and declared to be public,” said Bill Lefurgy, the digital initiatives program manager at the library’s national digital information infrastructure and preservation program. The archives don’t contain tweets that users have protected, but everything else — billions and billions of tweets — are there.

Lefurgy joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris Tuesday morning to talk about the library’s digital mission.

Using new technical processes it has developed, Twitter is moving a large quantity of electronic data from one electronic source to another. “They’ve had to do some pretty nifty experimentation and invention to develop the tools and a process to be able to move all of that data over to us,” Lefurgy said.

The Library of Congress has long been the repository of important, historical documents and the Twitter library, as a whole, is something historic in itself.

“We were excited to be involved with acquiring the Twitter archives because it’s a unique record of our time,” Lefurgy said. “It’s also a unique way of communication. It’s not so much that people are going to be interested in what you or I had for lunch, which some people like to say on Twitter.”

Researchers will be able to look at the Twitter archive as a complete set of data, which they could then data-mine for interesting information.

“There have been studies involved with what are the moods of the public at various times of the day in reaction to certain kinds of news events,” Lefurgy said. “There’s all these interesting kinds of mixing and matching that can be done using the tweets as a big set of data.”

One benefit for the Library of Congress in receiving this large data set is that it’s been forced to stretch itself technologically.

“It’s been difficult at times,” Lefurgy said. “But we firmly believe that we have to do this kind of thing because we anticipate that we’ll be bringing in large data sets again into the future. We don’t know specifically what, but certainly there’s no sign of data getting smaller or less complicated or less interesting.”

The library’s Twitter partnership comes amid a renewed push by the administration and the National Archives and Records Administration for federal agencies to better archive their own social media postings and emails as potential government records.

“We’re basically in the same situation as the National Archives, only on a much larger scale,” Lefurgy said. “We tend to have a much larger perspective in terms of what we collect.”

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Rinse and Repeat! Vernon Stem "Trumps" Mayor of Nashville, TN

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Convicts to get phones in cells | Let me know when they get Internet!

Convicts to get phones in cells

by Valerie Elliott,
September 18th 2011

Convicts to get phones in cells: Prison chiefs hope it will thwart black market mobiles but critics hit out at ‘justice gone soft’

Prisoners could soon have telephones installed in their cells, allowing them to make calls from their beds.

Officials are searching for a suitable jail to pilot the scheme and HMP Isis, a young offenders’ institution in South East London, is believed to be the most likely choice. The prison can hold 252 inmates in single and double cells, and each cell would have a landline phone installed.

The move is intended to stamp out the illegal use of mobiles in prisons and the flourishing black market in smuggled phones. It will also end the scenes, made familiar by television dramas, of inmates queuing to use public phones on prison landings.

Many people will regard the move as another perk for prisoners – but prison staff are backing the plan.

Mark Freeman, deputy general secretary at the Prison Officers Association, said: ‘We think it will improve control in prison.

‘There is a major problem with mobiles at present. People smuggle them in and there is a massive black market. Others bring in SIM cards. The more business-minded prisoners run the operation like a BT monopoly.

‘Then there are the problems with public phones on wings. There are complaints about long queues and inmates having phone cards snatched from them by bullies. Often only one of the three phones will be working.’

Mr Freeman said calls from cells would be recorded and monitored but insisted that, as staff would no longer have to supervise queues for the public phones, the scheme would save money in the long run.

Prisoners will have to pay for their own calls by buying phone cards or credit from the prison shop. They will also be issued with a personal account and PIN number which has to be dialled before getting an outside line. There will be no incoming calls.Inmates will have to supply prison staff with the names, addresses and phone numbers of people they wish to call.

These lists will be vetted and agreed in advance to ensure that prisoners are not harassing victims or organising drug deals or other criminal rackets from behind bars.

Calls to sex lines and bookmakers will also be barred.

Precise details are still to be finalised and may vary from prison to prison. A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: ‘The Prison Service is currently exploring the possibility of a pilot installation in a state-run establishment. We cannot be more specific about where the pilot site will be at this stage.’

The plan has angered some in the criminal justice system.

Chief Supt Derek Barnett, president of the Police Superintendents’ Association, said: ‘This sends a confused message to many police officers who have spent time and effort investigating serious crimes and seeing the perpetrators sent to prison.

‘It’s important for prisoners to keep in touch with their families, but it would be difficult for police, victims and the public to understand this latest idea.’

John Howson, a council member of the 28,000-strong Magistrates’ Association, also accepted the importance of prisoners keeping in touch with family, but said a phone should be a ‘reward for hard work and good behaviour’.

Harry Fletcher, assistant general secretary of the National Association of Probation Officers, warned of the dangers of abuse.

He said many men were in jail following serious harassment of women, often ex-partners, and that one jail ¬currently held about 40 stalkers.

The vetting system would have to be very thorough to ensure there was no abuse, Mr Fletcher said. ‘Some women have had serious breakdowns and the danger is that the harassment could continue.’

Phil Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, West Yorkshire, is to raise the issue with Ministers. He said: ‘This is a ridiculous idea and is happening because the prison service is being run for the convenience of prisoners and staff.

‘The point is to be able to reduce the number of officers on duty. It’s another example of the justice system going soft, which makes the public lose confidence in it.

‘Many prisoners have a better standard of living inside than on the outside. No wonder people ask why prison doesn’t stop them reoffending.’

Phones have been installed in privately run prisons but this is the first time there has been a move to put them in state-run institutions.

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The call centre that knows when you're angry | EVERYBODY KNOWS WHEN I'M ANGRY!

The call centre that knows when you’re angry

by Matt Warm,
November 26th 2011

New voice recognition software has been developed to detect how users are feeling, scientists in Spain have claimed.

The new technology could be used in automated call centres to route enquiries differently according to the anxiety level of the caller.

Scientists at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and the Universidad de Granada (UGR) said “the system created can be used to automatically adapt the dialogue to the user’s situation, so that the machine’s response is adequate to the person’s emotional state.”

“Thanks to this new development, the machine will be able to determine how the user feels and how the caller intends to continue the dialogue”, claimed one of its creators, David Grill, a professor in UC3M’s Computer Science Department.

The researchers looked closely at the anger, boredom and doubt that people often experience when talking to automated call centre voices. By examining tone of voice, the speed of speech, the duration of pauses, the energy of the voice signal and up to a total of sixty different ‘acoustic parameters’, they have produced computer models of what people sound like according to the emotions they are feeling.

The authors of the study, which has been published in the Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, said it is important that the machine be able to predict how the rest of the dialogue is going to continue. “To that end, we have developed a statistical method that uses earlier dialogues to learn what actions the user is most likely to take at any given moment”, they claimed.

Using the ‘adaptive’system produced shorter dialogues, and they were usually more successful, the scientists claimed.

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by Daily Express,
October 11th 2011

A supermarket is to stop selling telephone handsets

A SUPERMARKET is to stop selling telephone handsets in a move that could herald the death of the landline phone.

With sales at an all-time low, the chain feels home handsets are going the same way as cassette tapes and video recorders.

Many consumers rely solely on smartphones, laptops, PCs and tablet computers. They can email for nothing or get around 100 minutes of calls and 100 texts for as little as £5 a month.

According to Asda’s own research, 37 per cent of Britons do not make calls from their home landline, though they may receive calls on them occasionally.

But 47 per cent can foresee a future where they do not need a landline. Among 18 to 34s, around one in five (19 per cent) does not have a landline phone at all, said Asda.

Its mobile phone arm is expanding as the chain phases out landline phones, which find it hard to compete with monthly pay-as-you-go deals.

Asda Mobile chief James McMurrough said: “Standing in one place to make a call just doesn’t make sense any more. Nor does untangling the wire, so we’ve decided to hang up on sales of landline phones.”

Many consumers rely solely on smartphones, laptops, PCs and tablet computers

Student Imogen Overton, 19, from Hertfordshire, said: “There’s no way I could live without my mobile. All my friends are nomads and the first thing I say when I answer the phone is “Hi, where are you?” No one says ‘I’m at home, stuck to the wall.’ It’s so ancient.”

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Thousands of inmates to be called "Mister" under prison service rule | THE UNHIVED MIND

Thousands of inmates to be called “Mister” under prison service rule

by Tom Whitehe,
September 13th 2011

Prison officers have been told they have a “moral duty” to call more than 10,000 inmates “Mr” and “Mrs” despite a ban by Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary.

The Ministry of Justice guidance says guards should use the formal address for at least 12,000 prisoners with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

The guidelines have been issued after Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, attacked as “ridiculous” a ruling that forced guards to call a notorious gang boss serving life for murder “Mr”.

One senior prison officer last night dismissed the guidelines as “unnecessary” and there were more important issues to deal with than what a prisoner is called.

The 26-page Ministry of Justice document called ‘Ensuring Equality’ states that prison workers have a ‘moral duty’ to ensure fairness to all.

It lists a string of “minority groups” which are singled out for special treatment, including elderly, disabled, gay, transsexuals, religious groups.

It says that when dealing with prisoners with learning disabilities, they should “use the prisoner’s name at the start of each sentence”.

They should also “prepare the prisoner for each stage of the communication – for example ‘Mr Jones, I am now going to ask you some simple questions’, or ‘Mr Jones, I am now going to explain what we are going to do’.”

The Prison Service Instruction (PSI) states that prison officials are not in a position to tell a prisoner if they think they have learning difficulties, adding: “If a prisoner does not think they have learning disabilities, it is not for staff to inform them otherwise.”

Inmates with dyslexia would be classed as having learning difficulties and it is believed they could be at least 12,000 prisoners in that situation.

Steve Bostock, national vice-chairman of the Prison Officers Association, said: “I do not see what difference calling someone with dyslexia Mister is going to make.

“These guidelines are pretty unnecessary and there are more important things to be worrying about that calling someone Mister.”

A prison source, who did not want to be named, said: “We have long been aware of the importance put on equality for prisoners, but for officers to have to address prisoners by their name at the start of every sentence is taking things too far.

“The prison service has changed for the better in the past 10-15 years, but there are some aspects of these orders which really stick in out throats, and this is one of them.”

Last year Colin Gunn, who is serving at least 35 years for orchestrating the murder of an innocent couple as a “revenge” attack on their son, won the right to be called Mister.

He complained that staff did not abide by unwritten rules that inmates should be addressed by their preferred title and won the backing of the prisons watchdog, leaving staff with little option but to address him as “Mr Gunn”.

At the time, Mr Clarke described the case as an example of “ridiculous” human rights claims “by ridiculous people”.

A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said last night insisted there was no general order call all prisoners Mister.

She said the guidelines refers “specifically to those prisoners who self-report as having learning difficulties” to ensure “all prisoners, with reasonable adjustment, have access to all aspects of prison life”.

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COMPUTER EXPERT TRAPPED BY THE INTERNET | The machine has become self aware


by Anil Dawar,
October 11th 2011

Tesco pizza like the one Joanna bought

COMPUTER expert Vincent Tabak’s constant use of the internet to keep tabs on the police investigation and find ways of covering his tracks led to his downfall.

Despite his vast knowledge, he could not hide his internet activity from police IT experts who built up a detailed picture of his online activity that was revealed in court.

He used his computers at work and at home on an almost daily basis to keep up with developments in the case, studying websites showing how quickly bodies decompose. He even watched a time-lapse video of a rotting corpse, the court heard. He searched Google maps to look at the site where he dumped the body.

In an apparent attempt to ensure any incriminating evidence he had thrown away would be destroyed before police got to it, he checked on bin collections in his area. One of Miss Yeates’s socks has never been found and mystery still surrounds what happened to the missing Tesco Finest pizza she bought.

The court heard how Tabak regularly checked weather sites at a time when snow would help cover evidence of his crime.

Despite his vast knowledge, he could not hide his internet activity from police IT experts

He also trawled the internet for details on prison sentences for murder and manslaughter.

And he even searched for details of CCTV cameras in his street and to find how many Renault Meganes, like his own, were in the UK.

Email exchanges between Tabak and his girlfriend were revealed in court in which he kept up a pretence of not knowing about the killing.

In one, Tabak described the case as “creepy”. And in another he wrote: “The whole situation is very mysterious.

“What happened with the pizza and more importantly with her?”

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FEMA, FCC Announce Nationwide Test Of The Emergency Alert System

FEMA, FCC Announce Nationwide Test Of The Emergency Alert System

November 9th 2011

Release Date: June 9, 2011
Release Number: HQ-11-099

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will conduct the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The nationwide test will occur on Wednesday, November 9 at 2 p.m. eastern standard time and may last up to three and a half minutes.

The EAS is a national alert and warning system established to enable the President of the United States to address the American public during emergencies. NOAA’s National Weather Service, governors and state and local emergency authorities also use parts of the system to issue more localized emergency alerts.

Similar to local EAS tests that are already conducted frequently, the nationwide test will involve broadcast radio and television stations, cable television, satellite radio and television services and wireline video service providers across all states and the territories of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa.

On November 9, the public will hear a message indicating that “This is a test.” The audio message will be the same for both radio and television. Under the FCC’s rules, radio and television broadcasters, cable operators, satellite digital audio radio service providers, direct broadcast satellite service providers and wireline video service providers are required to receive and transmit presidential EAS messages to the public. A national test will help the federal partners and EAS participants determine the reliability of the system and its effectiveness in notifying the public of emergencies and potential dangers nationally and regionally.

“A national test of our Emergency Alert System, with the vital communications support and involvement of participants, is a step towards ensuring that the alert and warning community is prepared to deliver critical information that can help save lives and protect property,” said Damon Penn, FEMA’s Assistant Administrator of National Continuity Programs. “Because there has never been an activation of the Emergency Alert System on a national level, FEMA views this test as an excellent opportunity to assess the readiness and effectiveness of the current system. It is important to remember that this is not a pass or fail test, but a chance to establish a baseline for making incremental improvements to the Emergency Alert System with ongoing and future testing. It is also important to remember that the Emergency Alert System is one of many tools in our communications toolbox, and we will continue to work on additional channels that can be a lifeline of information for people during an emergency.”

“The upcoming national test is critical to ensuring that the EAS works as designed,” said Jamie Barnett, Chief of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. “As recent disasters here at home and in Japan have reminded us, a reliable and effective emergency alert and warning system is key to ensuring the public’s safety during times of emergency. We look forward to working with FEMA in preparation for this important test.”

Over the past two years and as part of ongoing national preparedness planning efforts, FEMA, the FCC and other federal partners, state, local, tribal and territorial governments, Emergency Alert System participants and other stakeholders have been working toward making this test a reality.

As the federal, state, tribal, territorial and local governments prepare for and test their capabilities, this event serves as a reminder that everyone should establish an emergency preparedness kit and emergency plan for themselves, their families, communities, and businesses. Anyone can visit for more information about how to prepare for and stay informed about what to do in the event of an actual emergency.

FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

No related posts.

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Open Left:: Nothing || Damn! Neal Rauhauser 404 || FBI Organized Intimidation and Ambush




by Anil Dawar,
August 31st 2011

Feltham Young Offenders Institute in west London

ONE in three offenders locked up in Britain’s biggest youth jail last year was foreign-born.

Somalis are the largest group, followed by Romanians and Jamaicans, which make up more than 600 of the 2,000 inmates at Feltham Young Offenders Institute in west London.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of campaign group MigrationWatch, said: “Clearly the efforts made to integrate these people from immigrant communities have failed.”

The Prison Service figures, released after a Freedom of Information request, are for offenders aged 10 to 18 who entered the jail from January 2010 to April 2011.

Out of 2,081, some 632 were born overseas. Of those, 63 – one in 10 – were Somalis. Another 48 were Romanians, 41 Jamaicans, 26 from Afghanistan, and 24 from Nigeria.

Also in the prison’s “top 10” foreigners’ list, 21 offenders were from Algeria and the same number from Lithuania. A total of 48 came from Congo, Ireland and Portugal.

Under UK law, overseas nationals sentenced to more than 12 months can be considered for deportation – but not if they are under 17.

Last night, an extraordinary row broke out after the charity Somali Action on Youth Crime claimed that the figures were “biased”.

Director Mustafa Ibrahim said: “Government forms don’t distinguish between Somalis and people from other parts of Africa, so Somalis get blamed for crimes by other people.”

But a Prison Service spokesman denied the claim, insisting that other African prisoners are not classed as Somalis. He said: “Feltham YOI does not classify African prisoners as Somali – this is categorically untrue.

“Prisons have a self-reporting system where arriving prisoners are asked to state their nationality and place of birth.”

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Oath Keepers Receive Tip of National Guard Unit Stand-Down, Refusing to Answer

Oath Keepers Receive Tip of National Guard Unit Stand-Down, Refusing to Answer Questionnaire Asking if They Would Use Lethal Force Against the American People

December 8th 2011

The below tip was posted on the official Oath Keepers Facebook Page by user “Pat Lowe.” We are in the process of verifying this tip, so it is as of yet unconfirmed, but we wanted you to be aware of it (it certainly would be good news for a change!). We will post and send out updates as we confirm and verify.

Message on Oath Keepers Facebook Page:

Paul Lowe
I hope you enjoy this great news as I did when I was told.
Paul Lowe
OUTSTANDING!! I just left my neighbors house. Devon is with the National Guard for this area. He just got home from a EDRE (emergency deployment readiness exercise) at the armory. He said that during the exercise 3 companies of infantry were polled by questionare about the drill and it’s purpose. One of the questions was, will you as a member of the Nat. Guard use lethal force against the American public if ordered to do so? One of the men stepped forward and refused to take the poll and explained that it was a moral judgement on his part and that he could not do so. He then placed his weapon on the ground and fell in behind the formation. Devon said it was like a waterfall, Every member layed their weapons on the deck and fell in beside the one lone specialist. This included ALL NCO’s, STAFF NCO’s and SENIOR NCO’s. The only people left in front of the original formation was 3 Capt’s. 2 Lt’s and the BN Commander who was so upset he started having chest pains from yelling and screaming about court martials and disbandment of the unit into other units. Devon is a Mstr.Sgt and he went with his troops and told them that he could not be prouder of any of them. He was floating while he was telling me this. Maybe we have more than just hope on our side. SEMPER FI. my thanks for the honor of being here Robert.
Paul Lowe
I just heard from Devon. He was TX’d by his Plt LDR and advised that the Specialist Who first layed down his weapon is being held in county jail by the Bn CMDR, awaiting a hearing under the UCMJ. Devon couldn’t get any more info than that. I don’t want to post the mans name until we have more information. I am so upset by this that I am having chest pains. How can they do this to one soldier and not them all. I will let you know how things go. Think I might go lay down for a bit. SEMPER FI.
Gary Greene
That is great, sort of, to hear. That the officers wont stand by THEIR oath is troubling. Where is this?

Again, this is unconfirmed, and we are working on confirming it. Please keep that in mind. But this is certainly the kind of mass, whole-unit stand-down that may well become necessary, especially in light of the treason of the US Senate, which voted 93-7 to authorize military detention and trial of U.S. citizens — claiming the power to apply the laws of war to the American people in the same way as they are used on a conquered, enemy population, like Iraq or Afghanistan. While National Guard units can, and have been used for riot control without violating their oath, we suspect that this survey was asking them about whether they would do something far worse than just keep the peace during riots. We will do our best to get to the bottom of this, and provide all details once confirmed.

If accurate, this is reminiscent of the stand-down during Katrina by SSGT Joshua May’s Utah National Guard Unit, where the whole unit let their commander know, in a peremptory refusal, that they would not participate in any gun confiscation:

UPDATE Dec. 8:

Paul Lowe

I just left both people involved with the incident that took place in the last few days. The soldiers do not want to pursue this matter any further, in any way shape or form. I was advised that the situation is being dealt with inhouse and there will be internal investigations into the conduct of certain ‘officers’ who started the poll and ordered certain persons held. The person allegedly being held was only there for a couple of hours. No punishment will be handed down to any of the soldiers involved. I cannot give any further information as to names dates reasons units or places. This is in respect to my friends here. If this upsets anyone I am sorry but this is the way the soldiers want it. You have my deepest apology and I truly wish I had never spoken about any of this with my friends here on or FB. I will be posting no more information of this type due to the repercussions which could come from this.

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Tell him AGAIN! In writing. Twice!

Perhaps he needs a translator because every time I happen to look outside or get mail, there he is. Either mopping, spraying, threatening or intimidating me, he is deliberately blocking access and compromising my physical and emotional safety.

I have autism spectrum disorder and he is making jokes and telling people to I am crazy or don't speak English? We don't take that very kindly is autism community. 

Food, medicine, air? 

Tell him that is criminal act! 

I have ADA accommodations on file. 

August 31, 2012
2:59 pm 



He forgot his mop! Big man on campus #Stalker

No more pictures of my psycho stalker, Vernon Stem. Apt F1 (according to Spokeo) 

He does not deserve my attention. He is a mere distraction from my real job! 

I think I made my point. 


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Washington, DC is watching Vernon too! 

I can't believe he is making this fun for me! Of course I realize that while I was doing live monologue to entertain Big Brother!

I might put him and his mutt on Letterman for stupid pet tricks. One problem! They are both dogs.

One or twenty more shots of Vernon coming up! He is literally walking in circles around my door and window. #Stalking Nashville, Tennessee

Ps In the background we have some serious network activity and cross scripting so if something blows up or zaps the power grid or water supply you can blame (or thank) Vernon for being so entertaining to watch. Depends which side your on. I personally believe I more valuable than this petty bitch who tells people I am stupid and yells in my window "you can't speak English"

Wrong. I can't speak moron!



Comic Book Character! Vernon Stem @blankmustdie

He is wearing a Steve McNair jersey. That's an insult to his memory for those of us who actually knew him and were not surprised to hear of his tragic death. Rest in peace, I don't care if Vernon put on a Superman costume, his only super power is his stupidity! Sorry, he goes on the list @blankmustdie

My name is Elyssa Durant and I approve this message. 2:22pm



The Fucking Word of the Day: Felonius

Wicked, base, villainous. Spot on!



An open letter to my stalker, Vernon Stem || CEASE AND DESiST

THEY WANT US DEAD! – Red Level Alert America

by Elyssa Durant,
October 1st 2011

(Miss American for FederalJack) While we are all focusing on the coming financial collapse, as bad as that is something much more sinister is in the works. It's very subtle if you are not paying attention. But, to the aware, it's blatant, insidious, and just as horrific as Hitler's Germany.

There is a small group of the world's banking elite who have worked for a few hundred years with ingenious precision and unlimited money, to corral, coerce, and conquer every country of value on earth. For people who are normal and not rabidly greedy, it's hard to fathom the idea of anyone trying to get control of the whole world, and taking a chunk of every measure of value traded between its people. 

What's even harder to grasp is that they will stop at nothing to do it. And I mean nothing! Look around you! Look at the millions of people slaughtered in just the last 10 years. Their leaders may have resisted the Cabal, but many if not all of those dead people were innocents. We have actually become numb to the idea of genocide, even when it's right under our nose!!! And we are sadly mistaken if we think we are somehow immune to the wrath of the most evil people on earth. They want us dead!

They would love nothing better than to use our own military against us by goading us into revolting. They have really upped the ante lately too. Swat teaming everyday Americans on a regular basis and making sure it's in the news, and in our face. If we finally snap, then they will have their pretext to kill us off en mass. They love the cover of war for murdering millions. 

Don't you think that our trick CIA could have found and destroyed Hussain or Gaddafi without dropping a single bomb? Smedley Butler was right, war is a racket. But I get the distinct feeling that it's just not quite as much fun for this group of psychopaths if there's not total Mad Max destruction.

If after pondering and researching these facts and events, you come to any other conclusion; you are in need of a serious wake up call. The Powers That Be (TPTB) have even carved in stone their desire to eliminate 80% plus of the population of the world. They need a much smaller herd if they are going to be able to steer and control everyone for a One World Government, under their control. A theme emerges when you look at the big picture. They find the things that we all need to survive or use, then put their agenda in motion.

If you still want to believe your government loves you, let me count for you the ways they don't.

1. ASPARTAME (renamed AMINO SWEET or NEOTAME to thwart growing awareness)- Named commercially Equal/Sweet 'n Low, aspartame has now found its way into 5000-6000 food products. This artificial sweetener was denied approval three times. That is, until Mr. Donald Rumsfeld was hired as the new president of the Searl Co. The company has since been sold to Monsanto. This chemical literally turns into wood alcohol in your body, by-passing the blood brain barrier. Tests show it causes brain tumors and cancer, reduces fertility, can be addictive, and cause many other serious health problems. The incidence of brain tumors and cancer has risen dramatically since it was introduced. The test monkeys were trying to tell us something. A quick read on how they make it and you'll realize why it's so toxic. Instead of a "WARNING" on food labels, most products just say 'sugar free'.

2. GMO CROPS- Since these crops are patented; no one really knows exactly what types of genes are spliced into their DNA. They call them terminator seeds, meaning they do not produce seeds for future planting and must be purchased by farmers every year. The original theory was to blend Monsanto's herbicide Round-Up into the gene of the plant so the crops could be sprayed with Monsanto's Round-up without killing the plant. Way back in the 1980′s president G.H.W. Bush declared that if Genetically Modified crops looked like regular foods, then they were foods, and the government would not spend federal money on testing or researching their safety or efficacy.

It has since been a battle royal for independent scientists to show that these foods are indeed questionable as to their safety for human or animal consumption. Obvious evidence from around the world shows that farm animals, as well as mice and hamsters in laboratory tests, have a high incidence of death and deformity in second and third generation offspring, spontaneous abortion and sterility. 

These plants have infiltrated growing fields around the world and their derivatives are in nearly all our foods. Problems are arising in spite of the hyped 'improved crop yield'. Complete fields are collapsing, new 'super weeds' are growing, and the over spraying of pesticides and Round-up are destroying the biology of growing soil. GMO crops were never tested over the long haul, and now the very worm the farmers wanted to avoid are developing a resistance to the GM corn. Monsanto's answer? Plant up to 20% of the fields with NON-GMO to lure the worms over there! And, now they'll try splicing two kinds of pesticides into the corn seed. Last summer Monsanto had to pay GMO farmers to use their competitor's herbicide, since Round-up was not working anymore.

Organically grown crops are being contaminated by wind and cross pollination, and farmers are being sued for 'stealing' Monsanto's property. If they can't afford to fight the monster company, they are losing their farms and lifetime investments. Monsanto hires private thugs to secretly inspect organic farms in order to accomplish these take downs. The predatory Big Ag companies have declared war on smaller farmers and us. Scientists believe that once the distorted DNA of these plants go into our bodies, that our own DNA is invaded and that our intestines can literally become pesticide factories. Monsanto has put up vicious attacks on scientists who try to warn about GMO dangers. Recently the USDA ignored an urgent letter from a Purdue scientist about a newly discovered pathogen in GMOs, pleading with them not to approve Monsanto's new GM alfalfa. The USDA has even defied an appeals court order not to approve it until an environmental impact study was conducted, but they approved it anyway. What ever happened to the truth that "you can't fool mother nature"? If GMO's are not stopped now, indigenous seeds, organic foods, age old farming methods, clean and normal healthy foods will be destroyed forever. Since Monsanto lobbied against their 'Franken Foods' being labeled, and won, we have become the de facto 'environmental impact study'. There are already red warning lights flashing, but hell, who cares? Full steam ahead!

3.COREXIT- During the Gulf Oil Disaster, BP defied the EPA's 'order' not to apply this highly toxic deadly poison into the sea water. A 'no fly zone' was, and still is in force, so the public will not see that the spraying continues to this day. There has been a news black out imposed on scientists, researchers, doctors who are trying to diagnose and treat the many illnesses that the Gulf residents are sick and dying from. Plants and humans are being affected far, far inland, but no one knows the extent of the damage. The Corexit has produced new and deadly bacteria, one is known as Blue Plague, but that's where the story dead ends. Has anyone heard the numbers of the premature deaths on the Gulf Coast, compared with the normal death rates? No, I didn't think so. Somehow the news did leak out though, that the 'spill' has blown open and is gushing oil again, although it's questionable that it ever stopped. Gee, if oil drilling expert Matt Simmons was still here, maybe we could find out. He gave very good reports on TV. He died alone in his hot tub one night from what they said was a 'heart attack'. I sure miss him.

4. VACCINES- Does it seem to you that every day some new vaccine pops up that we must have? Shingles? HPV? In my 33 years of working with the public on an intimate level, I've never known anyone who died of cervical cancer. Hmmm. Each year they guess which flu bug might come around, and we're all supposed to line up. A couple years ago they said 'oops, we were wrong, come in for another stab' of a different brew. Two winters ago they said we were all going to die a quick horrible death if we didn't get the 'human, pig, bird' flu shot. I didn't even see anyone sick, let alone die, did you? Many got sick and died from the vaccine though. Is it any wonder the drug companies paid off congress some years ago to exempt them from any damage liability for their vaccines? We've all heard the horror stories about what these shots can do to people. Squalene, mercury, and lord knows what else is in these formulas, or how they are cultured. Since we aren't told, I'm not allowed to repeat rumors here. I did read last year that 83% of the people in California who 'contracted' whooping cough had been vaccinated for it though. Hmmm
Unfortunately, the government has admitted that 'some' vaccines had cancers cells in them, that they infected thousands of children in other countries with polio, and conducted illegal experiments on people with syphilis bacteria in Alabama and Guatemala. What a good way to hurt a lot of people at once; figure out what a whole lot of people think they need or want, then shoot it straight into their veins. But just as people are finally wising up to the dangers of vaccines, Big Pharma pushes harder and harder for vaccines to be mandatory for when they decide to create another fake pandemic or illness.

5. FALSE PANDEMIC PANIC- An investigation into the World Health Organization's (WHO) proclamation that the world was in a bonafide pandemic (after changing the criteria for that level 6 classification), it was discovered that there were unscrupulous and conflict of interest ties to the pharmaceutical companies. 

Wow! What a surprise! And yes, what was the payoff going to be? Billions of flu shots sold. Sometimes I think they need to float a trial balloon just to see how many people are still buying their scary propaganda, inflamed and enabled by the corporate owned mainstream media. Pharmaceutical companies, with the governments' help, have already accomplished blackmailing parents into shooting up their children with a plethora of vaccines if they want to send them to school. The Powers That Be are hell bent on finding some way to force their poisons into all of us. Keep in mind that whatever the TV is trying to sell you, whatever story they go hyperbolic over, it means one of 2 things. It is either to promote TPTB's agenda, or to divert your attention away from TPTB's agenda. And when they omit news that's important to your life, it's so you don't think there's an agenda at all.

6. PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS- I think the number of deaths caused by prescription drugs each year is up to 200,000 if I'm not mistaken. And that's not even the mistakes. That's the number for properly prescribed meds! The drug companies trump up a crisis, like cholesterol numbers that are too high, restless legs, hyperactive kids, whatever, just when they are ready to release their shiny new pill for exactly that problem. They lie and fudge in their testing, hide the flaws in the results, push for fast track approval, and wala! Billions more pour into their coffers, while people start keeling over in droves. By the time the FDA decides to even 'study' the issue, thousands have died. Don't you just love being the real test subjects for them? And you didn't even get paid to be in a clinical trial! Even if the hungry lawyers get the class action suits going, the award damages are far, far smaller than what the company has already raked in. Oh well, there's always 'collateral damage' with these things, you know? Haven't I heard those words somewhere before, like when the government is making excuses for killing 'innocent civilians' during war?

7. FLUORIDATED CITY WATER- This is a little trick they stole from the Hitler playbook. It's just so expensive to dispose of the waste from aluminum manufacturing, hmmm, what could we drum up as a good use for it? Never mind that it actually causes brain damage, or makes your teeth mottled and discolored, or corrodes your bones, we'll just put that skull and crossbones on the 55 gallon drums to warn people. But they'll still think it's good for them because we said so, right? Then we'll pay the dentists to agree. Gee, another thing a whole lot of people need, water! Now, one of President Obama's czars suggests adding in lithium to keep people calm, along with the other pharmaceuticals that have been found in our water supplies. No matter what we learn after the fact about what's been done wrong, it just continues on anyway, doesn't it? Why is that?

8. AEROSOL SPRAYING- Have you noticed all those pretty streams planes make in the sky over your head? I have. They can turn a clear Arizona deep blue sky cloudy, in just about an hour. Sometimes they make puff clouds that have streamers draping off of them. Cool! But maybe in a short time, you find you can't breath so well, or you find these cobweb like things on your plants, or it can look like it's snowing when it's 100 degrees! More cool! But it's a different story when you read about the testing of what's been collected in air samples, or in people's blood and saliva. Micro particles of aluminum, barium, strontium, arsenic, zinc, and too many to list other heavy metals, along with strange bacteria and fibers.

Have you ever heard of Morgellon's disease? It's where people develop moving fibers under their skin. It's one of the most horrible, unimaginable, creepy and disgusting skin ailments I've ever seen. Look it up. Dr. Clifford Carnicom has been researching aerosol spraying, otherwise known as chemtrails, for over 12 years and has discovered the Morgellons fibers in the fallen debris and in the saliva of 99% of the people he's tested. What do you know? One more thing we all like, breathing the air! By the way, it's not legal for the government to experiment on us without our permission, 

"UNLESS it's for medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial purposes, or for research in general, or for protection against, or for law enforcement purposes, including riot control". (Section 1520a Chapter 32 of U.S. Code Title 50). No wonder our 'representatives' scurry like rats when approached about this subject! They must have their own special air to breathe.

9. FDA- How many words are the limit for regular articles? Some doctors have been known to call this the Federal Death Agency. There are countless detrimental to life additives, fillers, chemicals, artificial extenders, dyes, poison in plastic food containers, and even radiation that are just fine with the FDA for us to eat. But don't you dare consume organic raw milk! Oh no no no. They just won't have any of that! If you report adverse effects from one of their approved elements, you may not hear back from them for years. You won't even be noticed if you're already a statistic! It just depends on what made you sick. If it was something a huge corporation makes, forget it. If you got sick from a peach you bought at a local roadside stand, or some lemonade from your neighbors little girls stand down the street, well its curtains for them. They'll get 10+ years in the slammer.
Just beware while you're shopping at your favorite organic fresh food grocer. Those black Suburban cars, swat team ninja cops, and big AK-47 rifles can be quite startling. Oh, I forgot about all the toxic chemicals that are allowed to go into our skin and hair products too. Boys and girls, don't forget to use your (cancer causing) sunscreen now. Remember to be careful in that bad sun! P.S. Watch out for domestic home grown terrorists like John McCain and Dick Durbin, they've been trying to outlaw your vitamin and mineral diet supplements, and they just won't quit.

10. VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT DEMONIZATION- The Pharmaceutical companies have a jealousy problem. They don't like all the money you've been spending on vitamins to stay healthy. It's just driving them crazy. So they got our government to sign onto some UN treaty called Codex Alimentarius. This multi country UN gig wants to judge just how little nutrition you actually need in your vitamin pills, something like what wouldn't be enough for your pet fly. Then they want to give the rights to BigPharma to make the pills, with only slightly more milligrams at one thousand times the cost. What the heck took them so long? And to make it even better, you'll have to go to your doctor (IF you can find one after ObamaCare kicks in) for a prescription for your vitamin A, B, C, D, Etc. So now, we won't have to worry at all about maintaining good health, because our loving government will do it all for us, right? So, when all the diseases that are caused by nutritional deficiencies return, all the pharmaceutical companies will be lined up waiting to fix us.

Are you getting the picture yet? Foods that are loaded up with chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, hormones and anti-biotics to counteract e.coli and staff bacteria; severely depleted in nutrients and minerals, and shipped in from all over the world with scant oversight. Yet they want to deny us the only means we have to counteract the industrialization and over processing of our foods. The deal is to keep us very sick, slowly dying, and drain our purses dry, before we die. Speaking of dying, how many people are killed by vitamins each year? None, or one? 

From the way the FDA is reacting, and Sen. Durbin's new bill, you might think there was a holocaust in progress. Well, there is….. But it's not caused by vitamins!!

11. EPA-Natural gas fracking (flaming tap water). 5 year Naval war exercises on all US coasts with every horrible kind of toxin, bomb, or chemical warfare germ you can think of. They even admit this endeavor will "take" (read 'kill') up to 11 million sea mammals. Nuclear leakage and fallout. Every imaginable chemical, pesticide, and herbicide. Chemtrails. Oil spills and gushers. Aerosol spraying of deadly toxins on oceans. Ocean trash dumping by corporations. Neglected toxic Superfund sites. Overflowing spent nuclear fuel pools all over the country. Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). Let's see. What am I forgetting? It doesn't matter. Anything is OK by the EPA apparently.

12. USDA- Let me give you a clue. All these alphabet soup agencies are head fakes. They were put in place by TPTB to make us think the government was protecting us and our country. And maybe for awhile, to get us believing in them, they were. But folks, the worm has turned. Look out. They are all there to enable the move to consolidate the elites' plan for total control over our lives!

Here's a line from a recent article: 'The USDA lied to farmers and ranchers about federal drought insurance. The government has refused to pay up during the worst drought in US history'. More farmers down the drain. The USDA is an enemy of the country. The FDA is an enemy of people. The SEC is an enemy of investors. The EPA is an enemy of the earth. I could go on if you like. Nothing is logical. Nothing makes sense. What's love got to do with it? Nothing. TPTB are brutal, evil, and diabolical. They delight in death and destruction, and enjoy watching us suffer.

13. FUKUSHIMA- What is Fukushima? I think I've heard of that somewhere before. Was that the name of a country somewhere near Japan or something? Oh that's right, there was a tsunami, and I think I heard something about a nuclear power plant. Boy, that CNN just jumps from one story to the next. Things are moving so fast these days it's hard to keep up. But I think somebody from England said something about not going out in the rain, or eating green leafy vegetables. But everything must be OK now, because I haven't heard any more about it.

Nothing is more despicable than to have our government order a news black-out about what is very possibly a life extinction event of mass proportion.

14. THE FOOD SAFETY AND MODERNIZATION ACT- Better known as 'The End of Small Farms and Don't Bother Looking For Roadside Fruit and Vegetable Stands Act'. Those small time farmers are going to be too busy complying with new draconian paperwork and regulations to worry about the safety of their organic crops. While they are busy paying the piper, the crops will die of neglect anyway. But don't get all huffy and think you'll just grow some food of your own. The Garden Police will show up with their AK-47s, and God knows what will happen if you don't have your permit! And don't even think about sharing your extra tomatoes with the neighbor. That is against the law now. They'll work best thrown onto the compost pile for next years planting.

Our loyal representatives twisted themselves into pretzels to get this bill passed. The lame duck congress even worked till the wee hours of the morning so no one would see what they were doing on the last day they were in office. Many who may have voted 'no' had gone home to bed. They got about 6 million letters, calls, and e-mails from the suckers who voted for them, begging them not to pass this dangerous bill! But they just couldn't resist giving us a parting gift, because they couldn't resist the parting gifts they got for passing this disgusting bill. In case you haven't picked up on it, every new bill in this Orwellian world we live in, has a name the exact opposite of what its underlying purpose is.

15. SMART GRID and SMART METERS- As if electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) from cell phones, cell towers, microwave ovens, HD TVs, wi-fi signals, medical CT scans, X-rays, and airport scanners, aren't enough to fry us, we now get to have the new and improved electrical grid along with the deadly 'smart meters' that go with them. Here's another gift from TPTB money grabbers who have nothing but their own agenda in mind. Even all the corporations who are going to be bidding for a piece of the action dare not bring up the issue of safety. Not a word! This may finally be the wake-up call for all the people who refused to believe their government has anything but their best interests at heart. Once again, our dependence on electricity will be used to hold us hostage, and to make us comply with something that may very well kill us! Not to mention that 'smart meters' are a complete invasion of your privacy and a way for Big Brother to keep track of your every move and even control your appliances remotely if they want. 

Please read up on this subject before they come to your town and alert your neighbors! The meters will be spewing strong pulses of microwave energy all through the environment, your home and everybody in it, then returning the signal to a receiver up to 2 miles away. Even if you didn't have one, don't worry, you'll be treated to all your neighbors signals as well, right through your walls.

Your utility's talking point will be that 'they are no more dangerous than a
cell phone', or that it only pulses twice a day. Outright lies! Apparently, they haven't been keeping up on their propaganda scheme. Even the WHO is finally admitting that cell phones do cause cancer tumors! Another case of hiding the health risks for the benefit of big corporations. And, according to Dr. Bill Deagle, who has been testing the smart meter, it's been putting out 100 times the EMF of a cell phone! I wonder how long it will take to kill people who are unfortunate enough to live in multi-family dwellings, or live with a meter bank containing hundreds of meters a short distance from their home? Don't think our government knows exactly what they're doing to us? The military has studied this technology extensively! The meters have not even been approved by UL, and you need a subpoena to get safety rating records from the utility co. How would you like to die? Cooked by microwaves, or fried in a fire? The meters have been catching on fire and may have been the cause of the gas line explosion in San Diego that took 8 lives and 47 homes a few months ago. 

Federal "investigators" said they were not going to investigate if the meter was the cause "because the meter did not cause the explosion". They don't look for things they don't want to find.

The utility commissions and the utility companies are playing extreme hardball with people who do not want to be microwaved in their homes. If you try to 'opt out', you will pay dearly to protect your health, while they are happy to place your life on the black jack table for that first winning hand. 

Judging by Dr. Deagle's own testing of his smart meter, it's obvious that any test results provided by the industry claiming the meters are completely safe are fraudulent! Further, they do admit that there has been no long term testing, but you'll need a subpoena to see their safety data. So just like cell phones, how can they dare to make any safety claims? "The meters are within the FCC's guidelines" they say. (Another alphabet agency) I guess cell phones are too, although the radio frequency levels they put out have just been listed as carcinogens. Once again, the people who will get rich off this boondoggle will be sailing away on their yachts, while you lie in a hospital bed dying of cancer. You can bet they won't have smart meters on their homes!

The government has offered bribe money to the states, utilities and the utility commissions (which came from us in the form of 'stimulus money') to institute this program. Then we'll pay for it again 'to reimburse the utility along with a 'fair' profit', by paying much higher rates. It is NOT mandated
by law, but if you refuse them permission to install the meter, they will come back and install it anyway and say you have no choice. Or they'll threaten to turn your power off! They thought they could pass this one off by saying it will save us money, conserve energy, and save the earth! But people are catching on to this one, and the lawsuits are already under way. (Good luck with that. How many judges do you trust these days?) Act now and get your city to ban them, please! And don't forget to educate your doctor. 

He'll need the info to treat your addled brain and confused bodily systems, if the Cabal gets their way. Every cell in our body has an electrical biology, and unless you aren't human, you will be damaged. It's the modern day version of a gas chamber. The chamber this time happens to be your own home, If this isn't our line in the sand, nothing is.

16. UNENDING WARS- Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be soldiers. If they make it back home, they'll never be the same. Look up Gulf War Syndrome. They are guinea pigs for every imaginable vaccine, and unwitting victims of America's own weapon of mass destruction called
depleted uranium. You could also become the proud grandparents of a grandchild with 2 heads and 4 legs. It has become very obvious that our government, our military, and our country have been the subjects of a coup 'd tat. The next time someone says our sons and daughters are defending our freedom, remind them of the black SUVs and swat team raids on the beautiful Amish farmers, or the 630 citizen deaths by cop tasers, or the no warrant, no knock raids on homes of innocent people, or the sexual assault by the airport TSA because people just want to visit their family in another state.

I know our young people sign up out of financial desperation and perceived patriotism. Once they sign they are compelled to follow orders, but
it is now apparent to the entire world that they are not fighting for our country, but for the agenda of the cabal of elites who want to own it all, including you. The military standing down is our only hope for saving the country. We need them to defend us, right here at home, from the enemies within, and the outside enemies who are fomented by our government's lies. I hate to say it, but right at this moment, our military is aiding and abetting the enemy to destroy our dreams, our freedoms, and our country. Is there not a single commander who has the guts to loudly and publicly just say NO MORE?!

17. OBAMA"CARE"- Written by the insurance companies, it will be the perfect covert plan to eliminate all the 'useless eaters' and save the government from paying all of us pesky Baby Boomers our social security. It won't be hard, since while they are adding 30 million people into the system, 60% of the doctors we have now will be long gone. They want nothing to do with it. Everyone knows that the medical system is in melt down as we speak anyway. One of my favorite parts of this travesty is the rule that if you are 'not up to date on your vaccines', you won't get care. It's such a fabulous law that the scum who voted for it made themselves and their staff exempt from it! Make your doctor appointments now! It may be a few years wait. Ask him if he makes house calls to jails, since that's where you'll be if you can't afford ObamaCare. By the way…. when your doctor (if he hasn't left the country) asks, by law, if you have any firearms in your home, tell him 'absolutely not'! Then ask him why he wants to know.

18. WEATHER MODIFICATION- Scientists say the technology certainly exists. I'm sure the ruling Cabal has unlimited funds to invest in it, and the Navy says they'll own the weather by 2025. We keep having rare, deadly, 'once every 100 years' droughts, floods, earthquakes, temperatures, and snowfalls, so I'm really suspicious about this. I think they own the weather now! It seems to add up to broke farmers, food shortages and sky high prices. Our government signed on to a UN treaty that prohibits all countries from using weather weapons. So, our leaders promptly privatized the U.S. weather bureau, and created numerous front companies that carry out their plans for them anyway. It's similar to hiring that company Blackwater in Iraq. They did such a good job for the U.S. in Iraq, and they're so proud that they changed their name to XE, as if that makes them seem any less dark.

19. FINANCIAL COLLAPSE/DEPRESSION- I forget. How many people died during the 1930s depression? One of the most telling discoveries were the thousands of coffins piled up that Jessi Ventura showed on one of his TruTV shows. That show was never aired again, and was removed altogether from the TruTV website and the internet. Are the coffins for the masses of people who will starve during the new great depression? Why did the government order them? If they are there in case of a big natural disaster, wouldn't the government just say so? Instead they removed the evidence from view. In detective terms, they call that consciousness of guilt.

Will someone please wake me up after I'm dead, and let me know if any of the psychopathic, demonic, control freak maniacs, who have gutted our country and our lives, are ever held accountable and banished from this world? I'd appreciate it. Thank You!

Please print out this article and give it to the people you care about. If they are still sleeping, but have any survival instinct left, maybe this will shake them awake. We are NOT in Kansas anymore my fellow Americans.


August 30, 2012 DailyDDoSe™

Open letter to my stalker, Vernon Stem

How dare you come in here and spray damn aerosols outside my door every time I come or go, block the exit when I attempt to leave?

You do realize that their are established laws against that since you are, of course a TBI agent, right?

Get the fuck over yourself. And grab your ankles, because I don't intend to be gentle with a man who is so god damned stupid and insecure he still thinks I will be intimated by your delusions, fantasies, and paranoid actions since BEFORE I ever even realized you're the same shmuck I met a few years back when I met with Aaron and Rusty to discuss an IT grant to provide my neighbors with Internet.

If I knew then what I know now, I would never have waited this long to say what clearly needs to be said to get you to modify your behavior so that I can move freely here or anywhere I wish.

I guess it wasn't enough for me or the office to tell you to stay away from me, so I ask myself why all the frantic, paranoid behaviors I have observed since the first time you scolded me like a school girl in front of a crowd of neighbors who gathered around me demanding answers for questions that were grossly inappropriate, abusive and insulting.

It is on record with the office that I have "NO SPRAY" order due to health condition.

Check with Traci Patton, HOPWA Service Coordinator, who made several home visits and told me to keep a record every time you harass me after witnessing your behavior firsthand and receiving additional complaints and corroboration from other residents including the one downstairs who you forced to sign a formal complaint you prepared in a advance.

So how many other "neighbors" did you ask before you realized that I was not going to bs evicted as you promised I would be several days after moving in?

Well, guess what? I'm not going anywhere as long as I continue to be treated like a hostage in a prison camp.

That is a willful violation of my most basic civil rights under the United States Constitution and borders on a human rights violation that I am quite certain would not only embarrass you, but expose your employer to an investigation for allowing it to continue.

This is my summary report should this result in legal action to force me out of my home that I thought was supposed to be safer than my last apartment where I was assaulted twice and revived constant threats from gangs, Neo-Nazis and other shady ass junkies that seemed to gather outside MY window to do their business.

So... let it be known...

1. You are Violating Urban Housing Solutions INTERNAL policy by issuing written complaints to establish a culture of fear;

2. Abusing your position as property "monitor" by overlooking blatant Section 8, Metro Code, MDHA, and HUD standards (eg Resident Guest policies) in exchange for written complaint forms against anyone who questions your "authority"

3. Submitting false complaints and police reports to cover up habitual violations of the law in order to keep Section 8 eligibility health and safety violations under the rug

4. Using this so-called power to "evict" anyone by compiling manufactured resident reports as a form of blackmail, and extortion;

5. Presenting yourself as a TBI agent to threaten and intimidate new residents;

6. Being a complete total fucking moron and too stupid to know when to stop.

Didn't think I would have the courage to speak up after being "conditioned" to fear by a petty little Janitor who preys on desperate, drug addicted mothers and thugs to leverage whatever power it is that you think you have?

Who do the fuck you think you are?

Don't you realize that your actions will now be the legacy that may ultimately result in shutting down the entire property for failing to meet minimum threshold requirements to maintain Section 8 eligibility status for the receipt of Metro (city) funds, Community Block Grants from the State and Federal Government for Special populations (Disabled, elderly, recovery and re-entry programs) that do NOTHING for the intended recipients of the grants;

Furthermore, failure to address the issues in a professional, legal and ethical manner will put you in the Idiot's Hall of Shame for all the world to see.

Maybe next time I see you and your ugly mutt outside my door, or walking past window, I call police on YOU!!!

That's the short and long of it, typed on my cell phone so forgive me for not providing links to the relevant laws, issues, precedent and statutes since I can't get a secure connection from inside a declared FEMA disaster zone...

You try to survive three years inside an MDHA / HUD property from hell! I send you fair warning, it's not as bad as you think, it's worse!

This is Just me,


That the DailyDDoSe™

August 30, 2012

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Virgin Mobile and Verizon retain content of text messages | GOOD!

Virgin Mobile and Verizon retain content of text messages

September 28th 2011

By Eric W. Dolan
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The cell phone service providers Virgin Mobile and Verizon retain the content of text messages, according to a Justice Department memo obtained by the America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of North Carolina.

Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, and Virgin Mobile all retain information relating to text messages, such as who the text messages were sent to and when, but only Verizon and Virgin Mobile retain the actual content of the text messages. Virgin Mobile keeps text message content for 90 days and Verizon keeps it for 3 to 5 days.

The Justice Department document, “Retention Periods of Major Cellular Providers,” was published in 2010 as a guide for law enforcement agents seeking to obtain cell phone records.

The document also reveals that Verizon, Sprint and Nextel retain IP session and destination information, potentially allowing law enforcement to ascertain what sites someone has visited on their cell phone.

Information that could be used to determine the movement of a cell phones is also retained by the cell phone service providers. Cell phones continuously transmit data to cell-sites scattered across the nation and cell phone service providers keep records of the this geolocational data, essentially recording the physical movement of anyone carrying a cell phone.

Verizon and T-Mobile keep that data for one year, Sprint and Nextel keep it up to two years, and AT&T keeps it indefinitely.

ACLU affiliates in 34 states across the U.S. have filed public records requests seeking information from law enforcement agencies as to when, why and how they are using cell phone location data to track Americans.

“The ability to access cell phone location data is an incredibly powerful tool and its use is shrouded in secrecy,” said Catherine Crump, staff attorney for the ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project. “The public has a right to know how and under what circumstances their location information is being accessed by the government.”

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Mobile phone giant challenges new US regulations on internet neutrality | THE UNHIVED MIND

Mobile phone giant challenges new US regulations on internet neutrality

October 1st 2011

Verizon files lawsuit over Federal Communications Commission’s right to rule on flow of web traffic.

Juliette Garside

The largest US mobile phone company has began legal action against new government regulations that protect the free flow of internet traffic in the latest twist on the “net neutrality” debate.

Verizon Communications is taking the action following the publication last week of new Federal Communications Commission rules barring fixed-line broadband companies from prioritising or blocking any legal content on their networks.

Some companies would like to charge content producers in exchange for delivering their material, such as movies, to consumers faster than other non-paying internet traffic.
The rules, which come into effect in two months, are more lenient on mobile networks. Phone companies are only barred from blocking voice and other applications that compete with their own services, but are allowed to manage all other traffic so that their systems are not overwhelmed.

Nonetheless, Verizon is challenging the FCC’s right to set rules on net neutrality. “We are deeply concerned by the FCC’s assertion of broad authority to impose potentially sweeping and unneeded regulations on broadband networks and services and on the internet itself,” said Michael Glover, Verizon’s general counsel.

“We believe this assertion of authority is inconsistent with the statute and will create uncertainty for the communications industry, innovators, investors and consumers.”

The challenge was expected. Following approval of the FCC’s open internet regulations in December, Verizon filed a similar suit earlier this year, which was thrown out after the court determined the complaint was premature. Publication of the rules on 23 September in the Federal Register gave Verizon its opportunity to mount a fresh challenge.

The rules are illegal because they would modify Verizon’s existing spectrum licenses without its approval, the company said in a notice of appeal filed on Friday at the US district court of appeals in Columbia.

Those arguing for an open internet say the FCC rules do not go far enough, giving mobile carriers too much freedom to throttle traffic. Media reform group Free Press filed a suit in a Boston appeals court on Wednesday arguing the regulations were too weak.

“When the FCC first proposed the open internet rules, they came with the understanding that there is only one internet, no matter how people choose to reach it,” said Free Press policy director Matt Wood.

“The final rules provide some basic protections for consumers, but do not deliver on the promise to preserve openness for mobile internet access. They fail to protect wireless users from discrimination, and they let mobile providers block innovative applications with impunity.”

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Internet Trolling being punished with Jail now in the U.K. dictatorship | THE UNHIVED MIND

Internet Trolling being punished with Jail now in the U.K. dictatorship

September 13th 2011

Reading man jailed for dead girl ‘trolling’ insults

Natasha MacBryde threw herself under a train after being bullied

A Berkshire man has been jailed for posting abusive messages online about a schoolgirl after she committed suicide.

Sean Duffy, 25, of Reading, was handed an 18-week sentence for posts on social networking sites about Worcestershire teenager Natasha MacBryde.

He previously pleaded guilty at Reading Magistrates’ Court to sending indecent or offensive communications.

Police said Duffy also posted abuse about dead teenagers in Northumberland, Gloucestershire and Staffordshire.

Duffy, of Grovelands Road, admitted two offences of “trolling” a term used to describe the trend of anonymously seeking to provoke outrage by posting insults and abuse online.
Being bullied

They related to Facebook and YouTube posts about Miss MacBryde, 15, from Bromsgrove, who Duffy had never met.

He was traced by police through information from his internet service provider and arrested.

Miss MacBryde had thrown herself under a train in February after being bullied.

Duffy subsequently posted anonymous messages on a remembrance page – “Monday 14th February will always be remembered as Tasha MacBryde day” – set up by her 17-year-old brother James to allow friends and family to pay their respects to the teenager.

In one of the posts he called her a slut. He also posted a video on YouTube, entitled Tasha the Tank Engine, showing the children’s character Thomas the Tank Engine with Miss MacBryde’s face.

Jo Belsey, prosecuting, said the family were “understandably outraged, disgusted and hurt”.

In a statement read to the court, her father Andrew MacBryde said he “could not believe anyone could stoop to such depths” after his son told him of the online posts.

He added that Duffy’s actions had “added to the horror of dealing with the death of their beautiful daughter”.

The magistrates were also asked to consider three other cases when sentencing Duffy, who the court heard suffers with alcohol problems and has Asperger’s syndrome.
Given Asbo

He had also posted offensive messages about Lauren Drew, 14, of Gloucestershire, who was found dead after suffering a suspected epileptic seizure, Hayley Bates, 16, of Staffordshire, who died in a car crash, and Jordan Cooper, 14, who was stabbed to death in Northumberland.

On Mother’s Day he posted a message on an online memorial page to Lauren reading: “Help me mummy, it’s hot in hell”.

Duffy also produced an image of Hayley with crosses on her eyes and red marks on her face. He also wrote explicit messages to Hayley’s sister Heather.

The family of stabbing victim Jordan had also seen abusive messages directed at the youngster on an online memorial and a YouTube video defacing an image of the teenager.

Sean Duffy had never met the teenagers he posted messages about

Magistrates also gave Duffy an Asbo, banning him from using social networking sites for five years.

Outside court, Lauren’s father Mark Drew said: “Lauren didn’t deserve this.

“Seeing him in court was really hard. I was so angry.

“Lauren was my only daughter and I worshipped the ground she walked on.

“This person hid behind the computer screen with no feeling.”

Mr Drew urged Facebook to do more to prevent the website being misused, adding that it was “a wonderful thing if used right”.

Carol Gelder, Lauren’s mother, told the BBC: “It was quite frustrating because we couldn’t stop it. We didn’t know how to stop this person.

“With the pain we were going through anyway we didn’t anticipate that we’d have to deal with this as well.

“I remember going up lying next to her and just crying and thinking I can’t protect her from this.”

Lance Whiteford, mitigating, said Duffy had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at an early age and one of the characteristics was an inability to judge the reaction of others.

He said Duffy had also struggled with alcohol problems and lived “a miserable existence”.

Duffy had no previous convictions but had received one caution for a similar offence.

Paul Warren, chairman of the magistrates’ bench, said: “This case serves to illustrate the harm and damage done by the malicious misuse of social networking sites.”

Sherry Adhami, of the charity Beatbullying, said: “Today’s ruling is a monumental move towards bullying and cyberbullying being taken more seriously and sends a strong message to society that bullying, whether online or offline, is not going to be tolerated.

“It’s time that stopping bullying at the source is placed higher on the government’s agenda.”

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