Friday, August 26, 2011

Tweet by x25_princess (@x25_princess)

8/26/11 15:15
@barnsniper @Abhaxas @jadedsecurity I guess she's right according to my shrink. @elyssad can suck my cock. Obsessed w/ us or anything?

Lilith has a cock? Very interesting. And  I blocked her so why is s/he in my timeline. And when I replied formally to this ABhaxaSCAM they deleted my post immediately. 

We still haven't received a response from the Editor who should have some responsibility to monitor this crap given that they have access to my account and password and this is just bad for business to allow fraudulent or illegally obtained documents to be "linked in" to

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. 
United States of America 

Forgive typos! iBLAME iPhone

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