Monday, March 25, 2013

Enter Jude Vosika (@rockingjude) and Kimberly Guest- Social Engineering the Lulz


Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. United States of America Forgive typos! iBLAME iPhone

I did reply. But you already know that.

Kimberly Guest (Facebook) responded:

Kimberly Guest
really...shady, i have no clue to wtf you are even talking about. i seen the bitch threaten me with bullshit..just what it is. gezzzus, i'm the one with the impersonation, the theft, cybercrime..and this?? ha..feds, shakin'....

straight up? i don't practice that way. hell i'm a network marketer, not a hacker. looks real good for your company to post false information, i thought you're in the business to find TRUTH. don't ever deframe me or my reputation... so as i told the bitch..back up, get it together then i'll be sure and accept your apology.

lastly, i have no problems with you or yours...but posting this? yes, we will have problems. i'm not out here to play all ya'lls back and forth silly each his own, but not me. i've have enough taking care of me and my own to ever worry about this crap. whoever came up with this is dead wrong..period.

don't believe, so find out who done it? find out who's doing all this to me and my 14 yr old? feds can't...hell they can't find the dam door at smoke break. at this point i'll do whatever it takes to stop the ones responsible for the past three years of hell. and ego? no dude, i'm just sick of all this as it has taken over our lives. you know how it works, what's happens to the leave me out of your games or send an estimate and fix it. and then that's when you'll accept my apology...


Kimberly Guest




I’m not really sure what her infatuation is with my piece on Joseph K Black or care enough to look at if there is any affiliation. She either has some serious problems or BlackBerg Security Sucks at background checks too.

The websites (not that I dug deep, cause I don’t care enough to)

From this photo ID posted on her Picasa, you would probably assume she might have some emotional problems. Why else would she post a photo id of herself with her social security number clearly on the front (Notice my Blur Skillz). As a Security Professional, I just can’t bring myself to post it on my site.



Kimberly Guest



3 days ago
Krypt3ia Excellent.
3 days ago

Boris Sverdlik updated blog

      • What I cant understand is how transparent it is. I mean, its one thing trying to sockpuppet / astro-turf whatever, but at least have the decency to do it sensibly.

        This just smacks of epic fail and if I didnt already think the organisation was nothing but a huge scam / cluess enterprise / both, then I would now.

        I really, really, really hope they are not making any money. It makes me want to cry when I think about the hard work and skill I put into meeting client requirements….

    • Ack :) KimberlyG is next assuming they are not the same people.

      • To be honest, my initial suspicion is that they are the same person….

        Obvious mental health issues, obvious support of a charlatan (as described by Attrition…) etc…

        I’d be tempted to bet a shiny new 5p coin on them being the same person.

  1. i think this sums it up best

  2. BTW – sort of off topic, sorry – but have you seen her boss’ twitter feed (which has now become private). The profile states:

    “Being prepped to fulfill the role of National Cybersecurity Advisor. ”

    Please reassure me about this…..

    • I have no access to Mr Blacks Twitter. Oh well ;)

      • You arent missing anything. Seriously….

  3. Twitter account @josephkblack is really bizarre. I kind of scares me. :-(

    • Yeah me too… Nice e-mail.. DOH!

  4. [...] ElyssaD and her whack ass site which was scraping my content from Infosecisland. I later read  Jaded Security’s post filling in the gaps that I had given up on in my searches on her digital rats warren of sites and [...]

  5. Much,much more indeed. Social Security number,two SS claim numbers,current & past addresses,cell number,student loan amounts & info,two checking account numbers,birth certificate with her mother’s maiden name(full name of parents & where they were born),medical info(car accident,OCD,depression,takes klonopin,drs note regarding her neuropsychiatric issues-she seems to have been declared unfit to handle her own benefit checks and finances-unclear if she’s back in charge of her own shit),IRS issues from filing when she was still being claimed on her father’s taxes,crazy claims of HIPPA violations tax fraud and medicaid fraud,(pretty clear she didn’t qualify for medicaid but persists none the less),her time in “transitional” housing,the reduction in her food stamps,a crazy article she wrote about having her social security number stolen in a break-in(lmao),certificates for completing alcohol classes & “verbal de-escalation class therapeutic assault prevention system”(anger management?) and a fuck ton of other craziness. She’s litigation happy and has been turned down for all sorts of shit and is fucking raging about it.
    The best part-her father is a lawyer and former Assistant US Attorney,(criminal division),and there’s several copies of the same form that lists HIS Social Security number. Daddy’s site is From the legal papers she’s posted I’m sure he knows she’s a unhinged,wonder if he knows his SS number is out there for the taking?
    Joe sure knows how to pick ‘em. Apparently the best way to defeat hacking is to give all your shit away.

  6. You want to know how long she and her buddies have been not only hacking every account I have but posting cut and paste twitter posts…Over a year now and she is still at it…

    She claims I am CIA mole along with being a hacker…lolll…has 3-4 picture sites & 2-3 video sites as I keep having to flag stuff she puts up…I had to get a security firm for my blog…anyway…you can google my twitter name which will give you every thing else…I swear one of her sites is dedicated too me…TY for being able to do something…I blocked her and she still got in…twitter finally helped…any help you give is truely appreciated… ;)

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