Friday, August 31, 2012

Washington, DC is watching Vernon too! 

I can't believe he is making this fun for me! Of course I realize that while I was doing live monologue to entertain Big Brother!

I might put him and his mutt on Letterman for stupid pet tricks. One problem! They are both dogs.

One or twenty more shots of Vernon coming up! He is literally walking in circles around my door and window. #Stalking Nashville, Tennessee

Ps In the background we have some serious network activity and cross scripting so if something blows up or zaps the power grid or water supply you can blame (or thank) Vernon for being so entertaining to watch. Depends which side your on. I personally believe I more valuable than this petty bitch who tells people I am stupid and yells in my window "you can't speak English"

Wrong. I can't speak moron!



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