Saturday, May 4, 2013

Un-entitled by Cody G © 2007

Un-entitled by Cody G © 2007
(former client of mine... patient journal)

Here I lay in my hospital bed,
My mind is lost, my heart is dead.

Please don’t feel my life is pain.
My shirt is marked with a big red stain.

I kept it real by the marks on me,
I have more emotions than there are fish in the sea.

Turned all around at break neck speed,
Just a little serenity is all I need.

When it comes to crazy, I do it great,
But when I find my mind it will be too late.

I can’t really tell you exactly how I feel,
Until I find out the wounds will never heal.

“The paradox of education is precisely this— that as one begins to become
educated, one begins to examine the society in which  he [or she] is
being educated.” - Baldwin

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