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Sent: 11 April 2011 21:18
To: 'Elyssa Durant'
Subject: Posted on Freedom Flowers II 's Notes just now:


Hey Honey…..read and enjoy.


The following posted 5 mins ago on Freedom Flowers’ account #2 wall….:


NOTE: When it comes to my friends and my truth seeking family being attacked by Infiltrators, i take no prisoners!





The Following is from a conversation via Skype:


[4/10/2011 1:49:38 PM] Michael Dammann: chris the following is between you and me and not to be repeated:

[4/10/2011 1:50:06 PM] Michael Dammann: i ran a trace, and smeone in the administration of freethinkradio.com is bugging

[12:33:26 AM] Chris Flowers: What do you mean by bugging?

[1:05:59 AM] Chris Flowers: a trace on what?

[1:06:59 AM] Michael Dammann: she said that she had a tech guy examine why she was being kicked off with her own ip and then when using a proxy

[1:07:28 AM] Michael Dammann: and the guy said someone in the administration or with server access was filtering people out

[1:07:58 AM] Michael Dammann: she also mentioned her monitor shifting from left to right meaning someone is in your system taking screenshots

[1:10:04 AM] Chris Flowers: I'm shitty with puters dude, i still don't understand what you mean by a trace

[1:12:30 AM] Chris Flowers: do you mean bugging as in fbi survelliance lol?

[1:12:36 AM] Michael Dammann: right

[1:12:49 AM] Michael Dammann: installing something on ur system, a gateway

[1:12:52 AM] Michael Dammann: a trap

[1:13:02 AM] Michael Dammann: actually microsoft already installs that , but thers do the same

[1:13:25 AM] Michael Dammann: windows has a window only top ms officials have access to and they can access any pc anytime

[1:13:35 AM] Chris Flowers: idk man but no one here is nwo if thats what you mean dude

[1:13:47 AM] Michael Dammann: but abovetopsecret is known to install thosse and according to her freethinkradio.com does as well

[1:14:12 AM] Michael Dammann: what i mean is, you never know

[1:14:40 AM] Chris Flowers: well mike i know EVERY person here, some on a personal level!

[1:14:43 AM] Michael Dammann: it takes one, me and justin talked the other day and he suspected something because how quick it was all put up, that is just a suspsicion but the pc trace is something i trust, she has given me great info before

[1:15:04 AM] Michael Dammann: u never know man money seduces ppl

[1:15:27 AM] Chris Flowers: we get no money dude, the 3 guys who run this station put this money in

[1:17:04 AM] Chris Flowers: well you said you traced it, then now its a woman mike?

[1:17:43 AM] Michael Dammann: a woman is who helps me with this but gotten a guy to do it for her

[1:18:09 AM] Michael Dammann: i only experienced my screen shifting so she told me what it is, someone being in your system taking screenshots

[1:18:36 AM] Chris Flowers: let me make a propsed prediction here lol, you're gonna make an article about us and say bullshit like you did about Rodriguez, right?

[1:18:51 AM] Michael Dammann: umm no

[1:18:58 AM] Michael Dammann: i am telling u

[1:19:37 AM] Chris Flowers: And i am telling you, that here, we aint no nwo shits and some of these dudes are personal real life buds

[1:19:42 AM] Michael Dammann: rodriguez is a whole different deal

[1:20:15 AM] Michael Dammann: who do you really know, look at ken doc for example, those people are taking side with whatever is popula and we all know how thick the netwokr is

[1:20:53 AM] Michael Dammann: i trust no one chris, i trust u, justin, a couple others and thats it, but i fucking watch

[1:21:16 AM] Chris Flowers: Well what i can say is that here man, we aint no nwo nor are we shills on any level

[1:21:33 AM] Michael Dammann: just took 10 fake accounts outta my rh neg group we been infiltrated before we rose

[1:21:47 AM] Michael Dammann: they sit and wait

[1:22:11 AM] Michael Dammann: a dude claiming to be autistic in my group etc, they been there for years waiting

[1:22:26 AM] Chris Flowers: well those types aint here man

[2:36:17 PM] Michael Dammann: i dont make shit up, chris, i warm people up to tell me shit and got people running scans for me.

[2:36:40 PM] Michael Dammann: freethinkradio.com as a network is 1OO bugged

[2:37:20 PM] Michael Dammann: whoever runs the servers runs scripts to get into peopels pcs which is why william was confident to talk to me knowing i would be disconnected

[2:37:53 PM] Michael Dammann: i dunno who to trust, but i trust yours and justins intentions

[2:38:09 PM] Michael Dammann: but someone in your network cut me off that night

[2:38:31 PM] Michael Dammann: and i was warned about that over a month ago

[2:43:34 PM] Chris Flowers: Excuse me? Freethink radio pal is not bugged and we aint nwo mike. I dont need to warm or manipulate people to ask them to do things for me! You disconnected because you were afraid to face him! You were signed in AND ONLINE! We called you repeatedly dude and instead of your line not answering, it said busy. Explain that one mike!! NO ONE cut you or anyone off!

[2:46:26 PM] Chris Flowers: I'd also like to know why you keep bringing Justin's name into this. I talked with Justin last night man, go confirm it with him!

[2:47:36 PM] Michael Dammann: not dragging him into anything, but I know that the network is full of kooks and monitors and since he is not one of them i appreciate him

[2:48:12 PM] Michael Dammann: we are change overpowers your network

[2:48:25 PM] Michael Dammann: they control it

[2:48:59 PM] Michael Dammann: neither me or u scratched the surface, and they work on keeping it the surface

[2:49:24 PM] Michael Dammann: rodriguez been outed by me he has no chance

[2:49:32 PM] Michael Dammann: ken as well

[2:49:40 PM] Michael Dammann: so then my pc goes down

[2:49:50 PM] Chris Flowers: Kooks? No one here is a shill or stealing pics or anything! WAC has fuck all to do with us! WE control out station, The 3 guys who own the station are not part of WAC or any movement! Nor would they want to be!! Hey bro, these guys are MY PERSONAL FRIENDS! TWO of which i have knopwn for a very long time, oneof which is my FIANCE!

[2:50:21 PM] Michael Dammann: how about ken doc chris, you vouched for him

[2:51:38 PM] Chris Flowers: Ken is NOT part of Freethinkradio! Nior is Willaim Rodriguez! Nor is WAC! And yes, i  know Ken quite well! And yes, i trust him. You, i am starting to wonder about very much. You, i will take a closer look at! Gauranteeed!

[2:52:33 PM] Michael Dammann: just look at the ken convo and how he says one thing to me and another in public chris and if you cannot recognize that, then i need to question your integrity as well

[2:53:21 PM] Chris Flowers: My integrity? Go ahead and question it dude! I dare ya, war is not something you want to declare on me!

[2:53:22 PM] Michael Dammann: anybody backing ken is either a mindless follower or in on it

[2:53:47 PM] Michael Dammann: i declare war against lies and if u choose to follow them, then u are guilty by association

[2:53:59 PM] Michael Dammann: nothing personal, just a herd following

[2:54:10 PM] Michael Dammann: ken is scum chris

[2:54:13 PM] Michael Dammann: read the convo

[2:54:25 PM] Michael Dammann: a slimey piece of trash and u know it

[2:54:34 PM] Chris Flowers: mindless, talking to the wrong dude here man. Well, guess i should catagorize you as something seeing that i have seen a lot of shit about you from a lot of women! Including Crystal dude!

[2:54:50 PM] Michael Dammann: http://www.firetown.com/blog/2011/03/22/how-william-rodriguez-and-other-questionable-911-characters-get-protected-by-911-fame-seekers/

[2:54:55 PM] Michael Dammann: FUCKING READ


[2:55:28 PM] Chris Flowers: i know that you are up to something Mike. I know that you tried fucking with me once before and i have the proof on that dude from Holford and Maust. I know that you tried to post lies and shit about me, so i would back off now if i were you

[2:55:44 PM] Michael Dammann: i will not back off chris

[2:55:54 PM] Michael Dammann: cuz this shit is real

[2:56:03 PM] Michael Dammann: is ur call

[2:56:23 PM] Michael Dammann: ken doc protects fake heros, he is a gatekeeper

[2:56:56 PM] Chris Flowers: Hey, say what you want bro against william or ken, it's not my issue but dont tell me that our station workd for the enemy. All that will get you is known as a liar.

[2:57:06 PM] Michael Dammann: i got 20 more shots on holford and maust but not posting shit till they try more

[2:57:29 PM] Michael Dammann: ur station is bugged whether u know it or not

[2:57:40 PM] Chris Flowers: Lol, well i got more on them than you think dude and on a few so called seekers!

[2:57:52 PM] Michael Dammann: i am not going public

[2:57:57 PM] Michael Dammann: on anything to do with u

[2:57:58 PM] Michael Dammann: dumbass

[2:58:04 PM] Michael Dammann: i tell u one on one

[2:58:13 PM] Michael Dammann: is not against u

[2:58:33 PM] Michael Dammann: i am telling u someone with server access aint right

[2:59:14 PM] Chris Flowers: Hey pal, i am far from a dumbass. You think you are a tough guy? ome on my show 8pm est and TRY top talk like this to me and cl;aim we are disinfo

[3:03:14 PM] Chris Flowers: Funny aint it mike that you claimed your computer crashed while you were on air, then now say we dropped your call? Which one is it?

[3:04:41 PM] Chris Flowers: Add Trevor Davy, Mike TMFD, he's the guy that controls the backline,


[3:13:49 PM] Chris Flowers: How do i know? Actually if it dropped, you would automatically go offline, which you did not. Trevor is adding you on skype, talk to him!

[3:14:46 PM] Michael Dammann: added

[3:14:59 PM] Chris Flowers: Good.

[3:20:55 PM] Michael Dammann: fuck u chris he is a fraud

[3:20:57 PM] Michael Dammann: i caught him

[3:21:34 PM] Michael Dammann: give me ur server guy and not some bitch

[3:21:49 PM] Michael Dammann: [21:04:07] Michael Dammann: you run the servers?

[21:04:12] TMFD: yup

[21:04:26] TMFD: now what?

[21:04:48] TMFD: you spread some lies because you got caught in one?

[21:04:56] Michael Dammann: what is the dns?

[21:05:02] Michael Dammann: list all 5

[21:05:12] TMFD: dont play fuckin games with me

[21:05:13] Michael Dammann: 6 i mean

[21:05:17] Michael Dammann: list them

[21:05:18] Michael Dammann: now

[21:05:22] TMFD: u

[21:05:28] Michael Dammann: u got 30 second

[21:05:29] Michael Dammann: s

[21:05:31] TMFD: i'll tell u if you're right

[21:05:40] Michael Dammann: list 2

[21:05:44] Michael Dammann: and i list the rest

[21:05:55] TMFD: i aint giving you that info i see right thrpough your data mining ass

[21:06:19] Michael Dammann: times up


[21:06:25] Michael Dammann: u fucking pussy

[3:23:08 PM] Michael Dammann: is that all u got chris?

[3:23:36 PM] Michael Dammann: i blocked ur bitch

[3:23:41 PM] Michael Dammann: give me someone who knows shit

[3:38:18 PM] Chris Flowers: Hey Mike, do you always run away like acoward, here from Tevor idiot

[3:38:22 PM] Chris Flowers: he still on?

[3:32:55 PM] TMFD: tell him btw, he was wrong... google search the dns he gave

[3:33:05 PM] TMFD: http://www.coolwhois.com/d/ULTRADNS.NET

[3:33:46 PM] TMFD: go daddy? wrong

[3:34:43 PM] TMFD: http://www.coolwhois.com/d/+pdns1.ultradns.net

[3:35:30 PM] TMFD: http://www.coolwhois.com/d/+pdns5.ultradns.info+

[3:39:09 PM] Chris Flowers: Trev aint no fraud arsehole, he's a personal friend. Now, i am totally convinces as to what and WHO you are.

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