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Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

In a galaxy far far away ….. dum dum dum dee dee dum well something like that anyway lol

People have said a lot of things in the past few weeks about a certain competition V7N , So I jumped in with both feet, why people will ask, to be honest because I was bored. Remember I had a go at Jason Calcanis, and Blog Herald jumped all over me .. lol not Jason hmm

Well I had a go at John Scott recently mainly because I felt that he was having a pop at Mike Grehan, well I think those two have kissed and made up now so I’m not going into the details..

So why am I posting this .. dead easy, FlameWars can and do get you links. Ok the Flamewars rules :

a) Pick your fighting ground
Example Threadwatch, Notice Seobook is just pointing out a writeup on SeoBuzzBox, Ok Threadwatch is one of playing grounds like V7N, so if you’re going to pick a fight pick a ground you feel comfortable with.

b) Get in quick and straight to the point !
OK I knew that telling John to suck my dick would make him rise to the bait … well it had to really, lol. Also notice the “officially NOT on the fence so you better pick a side” to seobook .. chances are Aaron wall won’t bite back at me ..(phew He didn’t) but someone would have to back him up, hopefully John Scott’s Troll ;)

c) The response
John Scott returns his volley, it’s a very good return, and I would have been done and walked away. I knew that people would post the calm down or stop being childish etc threads, but John made a schoolboy error he posted a controversial image of a disabled child ! ( now in his playing ground that might have been acceptable but not here .. oops )

d) Sit back
The community should now attack or walk away, top tip… you do the same lol (notice half way down John Scott post

e) Wait and wait some more ..
BINGO the target .. yes a Flamewar should always target someone who is defending someone else. Mike Dammann steps up .. thank you lord a fool

Mike Dammann’s Post :
looking at people like DaveN and Mike Grehan and their lack of class and manners. So should everyone in this industry be.

Class and manners… ok, Mike Grehan has these, so he may feel offended but not me

I find it surprising that anyone would want to associate himself with such individuals. That speaks very poorly of our industry as a whole that anyone that low could be accepted as equals within our community.

LOL I’m a Blackhat Seo. I work in Casinos, Pills, Loans, and the Affiliate marketplace, Notice the Naked Bull Riding !! (added for my whitehat corp clients, I still love you guys too)

Those 2 are yes men and what DaveN has suggested for John Scott to do to him … wouldn’t be a surprise to me if that is how Mike and Dave have gotten your foot into the door somehow.

YES men HAHAHAHA, that’s too funny I nearly pissed myself , you see Mr Damman, you have the good and you have the evil, we are not the same by a long shot, I mud wrestle in the serps , while Mike swims in champagne, both top of our Game, just different games lol

Aaron doesn’t have to pick any side, Dave. You don’t get it. He is not on your level, he’s intelligent enough to understand seo without sucking up to anyone, and he is mature enough to choose his battles well and not fall into the herd mentality.

Yep, I agree I threw the Aaron bit in to find my Troll :)

But then again, if it wasn’t for following someone, you and Mike Grehan would be working at McDonalds or cleaning trainstation bathrooms together

Lol that’s too funny as well, I have worked at a Happy Eater (they are like McDonald’s but on our motorways), while I was saving up to go to college to learn how to programme which was kind of a big step because none of my friends or family were into computers, so that kind of rules out the bit about having to follow someone.

I have no problems of you bad mouthing me and you linking to my site, after all you’re a fucking nobody, but isn’t that part of the game, but please get some facts right .

I have been married twice, but never walk out on my family
I do live in a half a million pound house and have never lived in my car
I always pay my way and never free load or sneak into places
I have rode a bull naked (well with my boxers still on!)
And the ONLY competition I will be entering is the Greg and DaveN Vodka challenge, But again thanks for the Links


who has WHO by the balls now?


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