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Project World Awareness: This psychopaths kettle is boiling... she did warn us....


Foresight Through Hindsight | Project World Awareness


  • osmankadrikoca on April 28th, 2009

    ‘When an artist looks at the world,he sees color..

    When a musician looks at the world,she hears music..

    When an economist looks at the world,she sees a symphony of costs and benefits..

    The economist’s world might not be as colorful or as melodic as the others’ worlds,but it’s more practical..

    If you want to understand what’s going on in the world that’s really out there,you need to know economics..„

  • Lisa on September 8th, 2010

    Hey Jude, this Rocks!! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide a place where we can gather and start the conversation. Luv ya!

  • admin on September 9th, 2010

    I’m in lala land so going to take a rest…Thanks for the comment Lisa…can always count on you xoxoxo


  • Elyssa Durant on September 9th, 2010

    “The paradox of education is precisely this– that as one begins to
    become educated, one begins to examine the society in which he [or
    she] is being educated.” – Baldwin

  • vaxen_var on September 9th, 2010

    Hope all your lala’s are us… ;) Happy 9 of 7 jude san.

  • admin on September 9th, 2010

    I think this article, published in 1993, gives an excellent perspective on why 9/11 and the war on terrorism were ‘needed’ for US For. Pol. Leon Hadar: The Green Peril, Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat (Cato Institute)

    Here are some more articles posted on this in 2006 (ignore the Dutch comments)

    Nye/Woolsey – Defend Against the Shadow Enemy (US Senate, 5 Sep. 2001)

    Donald Rumsfeld: From Bureaucracy to Battlefield (Sep. 10, 2001) Ever read this speech ?

  • admin on September 9th, 2010

    OHHH and BTW…my lala’s were fine lolll

  • Elyssa Durant on September 10th, 2010

    Hey Jude~ I just came across this comment iin the Examiner


    631 778-5024

    The eror is real and although I can’t call perssonallly, I’m wondering if there is some way we can le that there ARE people who give a damn. Aritcle link

  • Lessat on September 10th, 2010

    Your gift of Words & Wisdom is a blessing to us all ….thank you for always reaching out to help your fellow man. Hugs

  • opphoto on September 10th, 2010

    Just popped by to check on you and your your lala’s ;-) Thanks for the meeting spot, it’s a great start!

  • admin on September 11th, 2010

    Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring | Danger Room | Wired… <> hold 4 HiStory…

    Thanks for all checking in hope to hear *more* from you ;)
    ~love, me

  • admin on September 12th, 2010

    per your post Ellysa…

  • Krystin Piel on September 21st, 2010

    nice blog!! Learning something new everyday and benefiting from the posts of other people is one reason why I love to read blogs. Thanks for sharing this.

  • admin on September 22nd, 2010

    You’re very welcome…enjoy!!!

  • Just1Marine on April 5th, 2011

    Great site my friend. Stay Free, Semper Fi

  • rockingjude on April 5th, 2011

    Semper Fi~


  • Al Holtje on March 24th, 2012

    Hey Jude, I’ve been around for a long time. Worked as a cryptographer at NATO Headquarters in Paris for 3 years during the Cold War and came away at the early age of 22 with the ability to look at any problem figure it out and then put the pieces back together. I did exactly that on Wall Street for 35 years. Designing and implementing systems. In 1987 I was asked to look at the new computerized trading system and said: “NO” it had too many loop holes and needed to be strengthened. System was making big money so nothing got done. Later that year i realized that the system could experience a sell off and invested in puts on the S&P500. The market crashed and well let’s just say, I have the confirmations to prove it.

    That being said. Here we go again except this time, it’s out of control. Thank you very much for publishing my article “Bursting the Bubble” and, if there’s anyway I can help let me know. Again, great site and … Thank You
    Al Holtje

  • rockingjude on March 24th, 2012

    Would love to talk with you…I wasn’t on the inside but a group of us that were trading released what was happening with the housing market etc way before anyone even realized it was a problem…ergo I decided our private boards weren’t enough and built this site…got on twitter and started talking… ;)


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RockingJude in all her glory... 

I let it rest. When she disappeared from the blogosphere and her precious twitter, I secretly hoped that she had either followed through with her frequent threats of suicide or was finally receiving the long term psychiatric hospitalization that she so desperately needs. 

No such luck. Jude reappeared to solicit sympathy and assistance from some of my biggest fans (DefCon 4 types) begging them to protect her from me and my hacking skills. 

Jude Vosika, "allegedly from Wyoming" accused me once again of hacking her site and begged for assistance from AntiSec and LulzSec. 

Little Miss V claims she had to hire security professionals (again) to secure her pathetic, unoriginal site, (which, incidentally is not registered in her name or place of residence) as a result of being hacked since 2010 by me and my "cronies."

I have two things to say:

1. What is so damn special about her pathetic website worthy of hacking? She BEGGED me to post these generic comments just so my name would be on her page. She also took my original writings (protected by copyright) and posted them as her own on her stupid little site. 

Since she can't spell, write and has no education or real "creds" you can find other comments and people complaining that she merely steals materials from others (like myself) and when she wants to troll or harass people she uses fake names since hers carries no weight. 

This is clearly evident in the screen cap above where she pretends to be a well respected and independent thinker using his name to threaten me on my blog. 

"You don't need to be a rocket scientist" to realize that Jude Vosika was posing as someone she claims also hacked her when I met her a few years ago under VERY bizarre circumstances.. 

2. If you're so damn sure I am hacking you, call the fucking Feds. God knows you have enough an interest in them judging by how you stalked and fixated on my father; posting his bio and credentials on YOUR pathetic little website. 

Glad that shit got suspended. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. 

To be continued if need be. 

Quit while your ahead, stupid cunt. 

PS  Also noticed Jude posts under multiple admin accounts, Gravatars and multiple aliases and personalities; but she sure loves using her self-proclaimed "celebrity" and the name ROCKINGJUDE ( @rockingjude on Twitter and FaceBook) and her less than interesting timeline to create, drama, terror, fear and to enlist help from 200,000 or so [probably] paid followers to stalk, bully, threaten, harrass and terrorize her victims.

I wonder how many of these people have ever met this deranged woman.  I sure wish I never did.

Word of advice, if you ever see "Hello, it's me" in her tineline-- she has slipped into an altar ego where she "hunts" her victims with the help of few friends for days, weeks, months, or in my case, years on end. 

I have an advanced degree in Psychology and worked as a therapist for the state, the CDC, SAMHSA, and several other agencies and organizations.

I could you her diagnosis, but that would be sinking to her level and she would claim I am victimizing her.

Do yourselves a favor. STAY AWAY!

[originally posted June 19, 2011 updated in light of recent events April 20, 2013]


Just me,

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