Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dr. Stu’s Views » Talk To Someone By Stuart Silverberg, Ed.D.

Take an extra 2 or 3 minutes a day to talk to someone that you normally wouldn’t speak to for so long.  You might learn something about that person you never knew.

You’ll be amazed how this will create more connections with people in your life.

Many people in the world feel isolated from others or would love to speak a little more to others.  Just like many other people these days, I am rushing around from place to place and often don’t spend enough time speaking to others as much as I could.  Yes I am guilty.

But it really wouldn’t take much time to continue the conversation I might be having with someone for just a little bit longer.  In that extra minute or two, you might learn something about that person you never knew before.

I’ve tried it and I found that even just one more minute of conversation brought up new topics of interest that contained some new ideas in them or a good anecdote that would not have been communicated if we didn’t speak for that extra minute.

I know it sounds minute (pronounced mine-oote) but that’s just the point. It is minute and at the same time potentially powerful.

If you spent 1 minute more with 3 people, that’s 3 minutes.  How about spending 7 extra minutes with 7 people?  Can you afford 3 minutes or 7 minutes a day to create more communication, connection and exchange of information each day?  Try it!  See what happens!

I know there are times when you really don’t have any extra time but if you do, ask someone a question about themself or continue speaking about a topic for another minute or two.  Try it.  See what happens.

If you are so inclined, take notes or keep a journal of some special things that you hear or learn about in that minute.

Or leave some comments below about these conversation tidbits that you experienced where you walked away with a new idea, anecdote or some interesting information to share with others.

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