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Dr. Stu’s Views » If More People Ate Healthier Food, Then What? by Stuart Silverberg, Ed.D.

If More People Ate Healthier Food, Then What?

Posted By on September 28, 2010

Think about it.  What would happen if more people ate better on a daily basis?  What would change?  Many things, I suppose, could change.  It would probably depend on how many people did this.  For example, if only 5% more of the world’s population ate healthier, (currently the approximate Facebook membership number) this would start the momentum toward some changes that might occur in our society.  But how fast these changes would come to fruition is your guess as well as mine.

But let’s extrapolate a bit and look at the issues and possibilities.  First off, 5% healthier eating on a daily basis would equate to let’s say 4% less people being sick.  This would mean, doctor’s might have 4% less business as well as the hospitals and the drug companies.

Ok, so maybe some job loss would be in the picture for the drug companies.   But what business or industry would benefit from this scenario so these workers could find new jobs? Well, how about a potential increase in the organic farming industry?  There would have been a 5% demand for better food to be produced.

And don’t you think that other people who still would not be eating too well might observe these healthier people living longer and having more energy to enjoy their lives?  And they may become interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle themselves?  And so over time maybe 10% of the population would be eating healthier.  And then again, less doctor & hospital visits and less drugs to take.  And then even fewer drug company employees.  And more food industry and related and supporting industry jobs becoming available.

Of course, this discussion could go a lot further and look at industry by industry that could be affected by this one dietary social change which in itself could lead to other society changes that subsequently might lead to other industry and job related changes and so on.

So, keeping in mind this type of scenario, the future could improve and the world could become a better place to live, even though things are pretty bad in the society right now.

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