Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dr. Stu’s Views » Finding Happiness Helps By Stuart Silverberg, Ed.D.

Wow! I’m actually writing my views online. It’s only taken me 9 years to take them to cyberspace. Hey, what’s the rush?

So the fIrst post – Finding Happiness – Well that’s a good one to talk about. This needs to sound important. Hope I can live up to that expectation.

So Welcome to my world. My views may very well change the way you think about things. Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean…

My basic premise is we are here to be happy and have fun, but our society places many demands, structures and limitations before us which make our lives both a carefully planned and unplanned existence that is indeed a challenge to stay happy in. When it comes to finding happiness, you need to be aware of the small things that make you happy and build on them. And then keep building even more.

Changes to your happiness level could take as short as a minute or as long as some years, but whatever amount of time it takes is well worth the effort you make.

After all, wouldn’t you like to be living a better life? I would. Since you have to spend your time everyday doing something, why not spend as much time as possible on activities or tasks that will increase your happiness state.

Think about this. As you focus on anything that brings you pleasure, you create a desire within you to do more of that activity or task and eventually if you continue to do it more regularly, in time you’ll end up simply doing as a normal and natural past of your life activities.

I know it’s a tough world out there these days with Economy having very unhappy days. But Economy will probably get better sooner or later because we really want it to and we’ll find a way to help it out. And I know that a great majority of people don’t like their work. So THEY say. And who’s THEY? I’m not really sure. But we know THEY are out there.

What I prescribe is a daily dose of happiness for a minimum of 5 minutes a day doing something you like. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of time. But wait! That 5 minutes is just on the first day. And that’s for someone who really doesn’t have hardly any time to doing something they like. But on day 2 you add a minute to the activity. And keep a minute a day until you are doing that activity as a natural and normal part of your daily routine. Then you’ll have a build in happness activity to look forward to each day and create more positive energy in your life.

Enough said for now. I welcome the opinions of others on this topic. More to come.

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