Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NEVER go to "chat"

JadedSecurity √ (@jadedsecurity)
7/22/11 11:47
@JosephKBlack @Abhaxas Awwwww... Come to webchat.. you have a room full of fans.
Joe Black ✔ Vetted (@JosephKBlack)
7/22/11 11:45
@Abhaxas I do not negotiate with Cyberterrorists. I'm like Optimus Prime meets pissed off Pikachu. I bring pain. Lots of pain. ~Joe Black
abhaxas (@Abhaxas)
7/22/11 11:19
@JosephKBlack Come to irc.freenode.net #jadedexpozure
Joe Black ✔ Vetted (@JosephKBlack)
7/22/11 11:15
@LulzSec You removed the line between military and civilian targets. Media outlets working with the LulzSec Cyberterrorists will be attacked
The Lulz Boat (@LulzSec)
7/21/11 8:18
We're currently working with certain media outlets who have been granted exclusive access to some of the News of the World emails we have.

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. 

United States of America 

Forgive typos! iBLAME iPhone

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