Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FBI May Be Collaborating With Facebook Following Hack | Fast Company

FBI May Be Collaborating With Facebook Following Hack

The governmental crime fighters have been called in over reports that user data may have been compromised.

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Reuters is reporting that the FBI has been called in following last week's hacking of Facebook. Although the firm hasn't confirmed it itself--the social media giant claims that there is no evidence that user data has been compromised--anonymous sources are saying that the feds have been brought in for further digging.

The social media giant didn't release the news until late Friday evening, saying that they had fallen victim to a "sophisticated" attack. It is thought that the malware originated from a suspicious website visited by a Facebook employee, but was only discovered after the URL was flagged as suspicious. The news comes just weeks after a quarter of a million Twitter accounts were hacked, and both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal revealed that their computer systems were constantly being attacked by Chinese hackers.

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