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Types Of Technology Grants And How To Get Them

Types Of Technology Grants And How To Get Them

by Ellen Karsh,

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Technology grants are not just to help pay for computers. They are the most common way of funding equipment for a classroom, non profit organization and schools. Competition for the grants are high and require a well prepared grant proposal.

Technology grants can pay for software to improve a learning experience. They can pay for new cameras for community center. The grants can help pay for new medical equipment at a health center. The funds can also be applied for to help pay for technology material that will help a individual or child with a disability lead a more independent life.

  • Classroom Grants:
    Teachers, Educators, PTA Groups and schools can apply to get help with cost of interactive learning for technology such as computer grants, iPad grants and software grants. The money is to go for a specific project to help teachers teach and students learn. There are special grants to help teachers teach reading, for special education class, to teach music and to teach math.
  • Community Grants:
    Community programs and agencies can apply for grant money to pay for training and technology. Libraries and Career center commonly apply for technology based Community Action Grants to help pay for computer programs, computer equipment, software and other new technology to help job seekers, elderly and other community members.
  • Healthcare Grants:
    Doctors offices, health centers, nursing homes or school nurses can apply for grants to help pay for such things as software to improve care, training to learn a life saving device or new high tech medical equipment to help patients.
  • Economic Grants:
    Businesses, local governments and non profit agencies can apply for grants to pay for technology to help improve the economy. Economic grants are not just to increase jobs but to improve the community in whole.
  • Personal Grants:
    Individuals may apply for grants to pay for things such as computers, tech training and other technology expenses. Personal grants are highly competitive and not everyone will apply.
  • Research Grants:
    Individuals, students, teachers, businesses and organizations can apply for grants to research new technology that may improve society. Grants applications for this type of research needs to show some ground work and be able to show why the research is important.
  • Green Grants:
    Farmers, factories, individuals, schools and other groups interested in pressuring technology to improve the environment and/or decrease waste can apply for green technology grants.
  • Assistive Technology Grants:
    Individuals with disabilities or parents of kids with disabilities may apply for technology grants to help pay for costs of technology they may improve their life. For example a parent with a autistic child may apply for a Assistive Technology grant to help pay for a tacking device for their child. A individual that is hear impaired may apply for a software program that will allow them to do their job better at work.
Non profits focused on improving education, technology based companies and government agencies give grants to deserving applicants. I found the book below to be a great refferance to help find the right sources in the IT field. You can also use websites such as A grant proposal for a technology grant must be crafted and written in a detailed manner. Because IT grants are so competitive it is important to do all the research possible to be competitive with other applicants. A grant proposal can not just say that they need the grants because they want new computer equipment. They must state what is needed, why it is needed, how much the cost will be, the timeline and information to back each statement up. To learn more about writing a grant proposal go here. The federal government, state, county and city governments, as well as private and corporate foundations all award technology grants.
About Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams
Inventeams grants fund school IT invention projects that help the world. High school students along with staffs apply for grants to fund a invention they think will help others. Past Technology grant projects approved was a affordable solar charging unit, an alert device for hearing-impaired athletes and a device to recycle vegetable oil at restaurants
Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants
NEH is an independent grant-making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities. Previous grant award was $10,000.
Digital Humanities Start Up Grant For Research and Inventing
Digital Humanities start up grant to help pay for research and costs involved in inventing a project that will benefit humanity.
Digital Wish Grants
Digital Wish is a non-profit organization with a mission to assist teachers solve and improve technology shortfalls in the classrooms. These grants can help for technology that improves how the teacher teaches and the student learns.
HP US Philanthropy: HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative
The HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative is designed to support innovative and effective uses of technology in the classroom setting. These are classroom and education grants that can help pay for small and big costs in keeping up with technology in the school environment.
Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program (SHIP)
Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program (SHIP).
How to get Grants for Apple Computers |
Learn how to qualify and get a grant from Apple for computers, laptops, iPads and other technical equipment.
Computer Grants for Schools K-12 |
Learn how to get a grant for public schools to help with classroom and education experiences that involve new technology.
How to Get A Laptop Computer Grant Free |
Learn how to find grants to apply for to get a grant for a laptop.
Grants From Intel Computers |
Learn the process and where to apply for Intel computers for individuals, groups and schools.
List of Technology Grants
List of good IT grants to apply for.
Grants for Getting a Computer for College |
Learn how to find a grant to get a computer or laptop for education reasons such as going to college.
Computer Grants for the Disabled |
Computer grants for the disabled allow individuals with disabilities to work independently, and not have to rely on someone else for assistance.
Grants for Computer Equipment |
Grant funding for computers are for organizations that have a federal nonprofit designation.
Sample Grant Proposal For Computer Education Program
Simple grant proposal sample of a request for money to a foundation to help pay for tech equipment to build a computer education program.

Grant Writer Greeting Card by MikeLynchCartoons
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