Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inside BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 has arrived. Today.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 has arrived! Get it today [VIDEO]

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January 21st 2013

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The highly anticipated BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 officially launches today. RIM’s enterprise mobility management solution with BlackBerry Enterprise Server has evolved over the past decade, and today we’re pleased to offer our re-invented solution to help businesses embrace mobile trends and enable management, productivity, and secure interaction with corporate data. I caught up with RIM’s Jeff Holleran, Sr. Director of Enterprise Product Management, to discuss the launch:

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Features of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

A cost-efficient, secure, reliable, and scalable solution, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 offers a robust feature set to help you get your employees up and running on their, or your, devices. Here are some of the new features, and there’s much more.

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