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Battling #Aspergers and #ADHD at work by @SpectrumScribe

Battling #Aspergers and #ADHD at work

by spectrumscribe, postcardsfromtheedgeofthespectrum.wordpress.com
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I changed jobs a few months back and what I knew would be a significant challenge has been more of a battle and for much of the time!

I’ve been forced into confronting my severe ADHD and Aspergers on a daily basis and my journey thus far has been painful.

  • The pressure and anxiety have, at times, has been crippling
  • But I’m still on track
  • In uncharted waters!

The prize for overcoming these battles is the dream that I have cherished since my youth.

But in order to cross the finish line I will need to reach far beyond the limits of my neurological impairments.

  • This is going to draw on skills that in some cases I will be accessing for the first time
  • As well as all of the mindfulness I can muster

To achieve this leaves me but one course of action.

I’m gonna to have to really suck it up

  • finally confronting my neurological demons……
  • and transcending my Aspergers and ADHD!

See you on the other side.

See Video:

See Video:

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