Thursday, October 25, 2012

The ANTI-Social Engineering of @ELyssaD™

For the Lulz...


AutismAid: My name is ELyssa Durant and I approve this message. © 2012

My name is ELyssa Durant.
There are many people on the web who may look like @ELyssaD™ on social networks and forums, but I am the ONLY Elyssa Durant in the United States of America. I may appear strange or different, but what you may not know is that I am a statistical and genetic enigma with a genius IQ and impeccable grammar! You may not understand everything I say or do because I may look normal, but like millions of others, I have what's called an autism spectrum disorder. What you may not realize is that I am one of the four most brilliant policy analysts trained by the some of the most esteemed experts in academia, trained in to evaluate people and programs in various clinical, legal and psychological competence by top ranked program in the United States! I spent twelve years training my mind and fine tuning my skills so that I can evaluate YOU and make a formal assessment clinically, legally and ethically. So before YOU judge me or jump to conclusions about who or what I am, be sure to check your facts and always consider the source. My name is Elyssa Durant and I approve this message.
Just me, e

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