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Benefits of Telecommuting: Why Working Remotely Rocks via @disimic

Benefits of Telecommuting: Why Working Remotely Rocks

by Katarina Kovacevic,
October 25th 2012

Working from home, or telecommuting, is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Advancements in technology – virtual private networks, company intranets and webmail, among others – have made it easier to accomplish daily work tasks from almost anywhere in the world. As a local business owner, I’ve experienced the benefits of telecommuting firsthand, and I’ve come up with a list of reasons why you should consider letting your employees work from home, too!

4 Benefits of Telecommuting:

  1. It’s green: When I worked at a public relations agency in Phoenix, my commute to the office was more than 25 miles one way. Thankfully, I worked for a local business owner who cared about the environment. She allowed me to work remotely at least one day each week to help reduce my carbon footprint.
  2. Saves on cost: Obviously, saving a significant amount of money on things like gas and office attire is one of the biggest benefits of telecommuting. But there’s also a cost savings for local business owners. You pay less office overhead when employees work from home and save on office supplies and utilities, among other things.
  3. Employee retention: As a local business owner, you know it can be difficult and expensive to attract quality staff. The ability to work from home is a major incentive for employees – not just for new hires but also for existing workers. This can have a dramatic impact on the future of your company because it boosts employee morale. Happy employees are more likely to work harder and stick around long-term.
  4. Reduced stress and sickness levels: How many times have you seen an employee come to the office even when they’re sick? Or, how many times have you done this yourself? You know the negative effect it can have on the rest of the staff. Allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely decreases the chance of spreading germs and it reduces stress because workers aren’t struggling to make it into the office when they’re ill just to keep up.

Tell us: Which benefits of telecommuting are most important to you?

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