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April 12, 2009: ID Theft || Washington, DC

The reason my tax returns kept getting rejected by the IRS is because my mother claimed me as a dependent and refused to file an amended return for $70-

The condo I am renting from her was presented as "Trust" and was supposed to be my "reward" for NOT filing criminal charges. The case is still open and the IRS already determined that no one can claim me other than myself. She took thousands in  tax write offs and I lost everything including any "trust" in my mother's judgment. 

I told her $70 wasn't worth it and to get a new accountant. She didn't listen. 

This goes to show a pattern of abuse that provides a financial gain at my expense. Here we go again. She was planning "forfeiture" before I even moved in.

I'm not going anywhere. I am standing my ground. 

After reading the latest research on fluorescent lights and Aspergers, no wonder I feel dizzy. 

Whoa! That was supposed to be fixed! Not even a bulb in the doorway or plug for the bathtub. No. What she wasted money on was installing flood lights and mirrors to generate MORE light and heat. She even put a blue light on night table with total disregard to my health and needs. Very sad day. I don't have any envelopes and I have to mail in forms to transfer benefits. 

Fuck. That. Shit. 

I am going to stand firm. 

She did not honor verbal agreement and I my "basic needs" are NON NEGOTIABLE. I am recipient of federal benefits and she is playing baby games over "Jeans?" 

I hope it was worth it. I can't sleep on those pillows. I can't work without a desk. What happened to my bookcases? 

I don't even have a dish towel, a sponge, can opener or the time or energy to deal with this daily bullshit.

I want peace and quiet so I can do my work. 

Agitated beyond belief. 



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Sorry to hear that! Why?

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Being cut this week from SSI / Medicaid.

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There are a lot of things in the financial world that do not make
sense. Such as having my tax return rejected from the IRS because
someone had filed a tax return using my social security number.

Countless calls to the IRS, and although they were able to identify
the person who had used my number fraudulently, they would not release
that information to me so I could file a police report for identity
theft (as I was instructed to do by regulatory authorities.)  It took
the IRS 9 months to send my refund, something that most people receive
in less than 2 weeks.

So, after about a decade of this situation, and going through the
motions year after year,  to provide alternative forms of Income
verification, I think I am well within my rights to be a little

This year I will be fling for an extension, as other related issues
are currently under investigation.

Now I don't have much money, in fact I don't have any, but I find
white collar crime despicable and repulsive.

When taken into account the substantial cost to society, not to
mention the havoc it wreaked on my life, I respectfully think that
maybe you should not assume that someone is making false claims just
because you don't think it sounds "right."

Lots of things don't "sound right" however that doesn't mean they
aren't true.  Gotta go now, I have a date with eBay to auction my
social security card
To the highest bidder. Clearly, it is not worth anything to me so long
as the authorities fail to do their part in ENFORCING the laws
associated with Identity theft.   Sure, it is easy to blame the victim
as being irresponsible or somehow negligent in these situations,
however I will refer you to some fascinating research that has been
done on the emotional consequences of Identity theft.  The cost is far
more than just an issue of financial discomfort, it is something that
can ultimately leave you questioning your own identity.

It should be noted that Identity theft is a criminal matter, so
whatever costs associated with such events, the victim is not
reimbursed for any of the costs associated with having their life
disrupted by something that is ultimately completely beyond their

It happens more often than you think, and it is a complicated,
intricate, and time intensive to resolve such crimes, are in more
complicated... To be continued...

Edd, Ed.M.
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