Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Animals and #Autism: Creature Comforts

by Lost and Tired,
October 23rd 2012

I’m so truly grateful that we have blessed to two fantastic dogs.  Both Bella and Maggie as so sensitive to the boys needs.

Elliott has been having a rough time with everything lately. 

He very often has nightmares and is afraid to be alone in his room, especially at night. 

Bella seems to sense this and glues herself to him, literally.  She essentially wraps herself around him and lays her head across his chest.

She has been taking to Elliott at night because Emmett doesn’t like sharing his bed with her at night right now. Not sure what brought that on but Emmett’s been presenting with behaviors that we thought he had grown out of. 

Now they’re back. 

Either way, I grateful that Bella and Maggie are in our lives.

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