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Thinking that one might be a sociopath

Thinking that one might be a sociopath

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This is a topic of great personal importance to some but is something of a taboo today. People are afraid to discuss it.

There are clinical tests for sociopathy. And there are many different kinds of this disorder. By no means does it mean that someone is violent or poses imminent physical harm to those around them. What it really means is that a person has no functioning conscience. They know right from wrong but it means as little to them as the Bud-Miller controversy.

Having a lack of inner empathy for others is a necessary but not sufficient indication that one might be a sociopath. A greater danger signal is whether you actively manipulate those around you for amusement and gain without any concern whatever for their well-being.

Here are some more specific questions to ask yourself if you suspect you might have this personality disorder.


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