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Aurora Shooting: Why Gun-Control is NOT the issue | hatrickpenry

Aurora Shooting: Why Gun-Control is NOT the issue

by hatrick penry,
July 25th 2012

Aurora Shooting: Why Gun-Control is NOT the issue

By Tony Muga aka: Hatrick Penry


As I have said in ‘Aurora Shooting: The 3rd Side of the Story’, AR-15s are not for duck hunting. They are the modern version of the flint-lock musket that was used against the British Red-Coats to win our freedom from the Crown. Therefore, in all fairness, the semi-automatic assault rifle cannot be subject to regulation of any form when you consider how powerful the weapons are of the force of which they might be used against. For the modern militia man, technology stops at the AR-15 or the AK-47. For the Pentagon, D.A.R.P.A. and other military contractors it does not.

At what point does the militia itself become obsolete? Can the American militia even compare to a force equipped with bio-weapons, chemical-weapons, nano-weapons and a superior delivery system in the form of thousands of unmanned drones? Shouldn’t the exact opposite be going on in that the American Militia and Minute Men should be acquiring new, advanced technology just as the government forces are? Shouldn’t both forces be relatively equal, just as they were in 1776?

If the militia is unable to defend itself or the citizens of our country, what’s the point to even having one? And going a step further, how much longer before the soldier and the policeman become obsolete? Will not technology advance to the point where a few powerful men control the entire face of Earth from a single room? How long before our forces are completely robotized and computerized?

Do you understand why the power elite prefer cold, calculating machines to the human mind and heart? Drones will execute their kill orders with efficient indifference, whereas a man might see fit to question his orders if they conflict with his own set of morals and ethics. Sometimes the old ‘thou shall not kill’ gets in the way, if you know what I mean.

(screen captures are from the ‘non-lethal’ weapons R&D documents from the Sunshine Project…this is the Freedom of Information Act at work! (FOIA))

It is my firm belief, now more than ever, that the whole world is a stage, as Shakespeare said, and each country an ‘actor’. A long-running script has been in play; perhaps the story should be titled ‘The Quest for Global Domination of Earth’. Everything is theatrical in nature and the ‘gun-control’ issue is no different. For example, the Iran vs. USA scenario is a contrived one when you consider the advance of certain technologies and the fact that the mainstream press would have us believe that Iran’s desire for nuclear weapons threatens the world. Please consider this quote from my article titled ‘About the Surveillance State, Technological Doom and Fear-Mongering’:

‘The U.S. government is promoting the hype and fear of the consequences of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon when the fact is that nano-technology makes nuclear weapon technology obsolete. A briefcase full of nano-bot-mosquitoes, complete with botulism injectors, could be devastating…and would leave the target area intact, something a nuclear bomb does not do. ‘Responsible Nanotechnology’, an online website, addresses the issue of nano-weapons:

“Molecular manufacturing raises the possibility of horrifically effective weapons. As an example, the smallest insect is about 200 microns; this creates a plausible size estimate for a nanotechnology-built antipersonnel weapon capable of seeking and injecting toxin into unprotected humans. The human lethal dose of botulism is about 100 nanograms, or about 1/100 the volume of the weapon. As many as 50 billion toxin-carrying devices-theoretically enough to kill every human on earth-could be packed into a single suitcase.”

This is not something the Pentagon or State Department are bragging about or allowing to be seen on the mainstream media. Militarily speaking, cards that reveal secret weapon technology should be played close to the chest and undoubtedly this is the case with nano-weapons.

Now please consider Admiral David E. Jeremiah’s statement from the 1995 ‘Foresight Conference on Molecular Technology’: 

“Military applications of molecular manufacturing have even greater potential than nuclear weapons to radically change the balance of power.”

Iran has scientists and military advisors who know this and are working as hard as they can to master nano-weapons, just as the United States is doing. This is commonly known as an ‘arms race’: America has suffered through one already with Russia. Experts like author Bill Cooper thought that the cold war arms race was a planned strategy between the U.S.S.R. and the United States and  was nothing more than a clever way of coercing taxpayers into financing expansive weapons research and development programs. Is the Iran-Nuclear scare a similar tactic or just an excuse for war?

As I have said, nuclear bombs are outdated dinosaur technology when compared to what a briefcase full of weaponized nano-bots can do. Why the hype over Iran’s interest in nuclear power? And why won’t Ahmadinejad cool things down by raising the issue of weaponized nano-technology and the world’s secret arms race?

Do you see how the whole conflict with Iran is an artificial one? The argument over Iran having a nuclear bomb is irrelevant and in reality, we should all be discussing the dangers of nano-weapons, bio-weapons, weather weapons etc.

The same is true for the tired old argument for gun control. The real issue we should be discussing is how the Pentagon and DOD, technologically speaking, are about to render the American militia (and the AR-15) useless.  This is worrisome indeed when the whole purpose and idea behind the militia is to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Do you not find it strange that while their power grows exponentially, even to the point of secret technologies we may have no idea exist, we the people suffer more legislation restricting what few outdated weapons we still have access to?

“Our power in the present tottering condition of all forms of power will be more invincible than any other, because it will remain invisible until the moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can any longer undermine it.” ~Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion.

For those who will argue that a psychopath would have a decreased ability to kill if assault weapons were banned you might want to think a little more…at what point do the restrictions stop when you consider that there are a multitude of ways a person can kill large numbers of people, if so inclined? Will we outlaw gasoline and matches? Will we outlaw all harmful and poisonous chemicals? In the hands of a trained expert, a katana becomes an incredibly lethal weapon at close range (movie theatre) and requires no clip or ammunition…will all swords and daggers and knives be outlawed? One could drive a semi-truck into a crowd of people if one were so inclined…how will we outlaw that? We must have semi-trucks to deliver food and supplies; we can’t outlaw all trucks can we?

Meanwhile D.A.R.P.A. and a multitude of ‘defense’ contractors are busy with billions of our tax dollars building the perfect weapon(s) of mass destruction, or in the case of nano-weapons where only the specific human target is destroyed, weapons of mass lethality. You see, that’s the beauty of some of the new breed of nano-weapons…the target human(s) will be killed but the target nation itself (the infrastructure, museum and artifacts, technology, government buildings (computers and paperwork!), even the fighter jets, tanks and missiles), all of it will be left intact, unharmed. This gives the phrase ‘spoils of war’ a whole new meaning…

In the case of these repeated mass shootings that seem to be cyclical in nature, I cannot stress enough that if the CIA could hypnotize a girl to plant a briefcase bomb without her knowledge back in the ‘60s, and if 7,800 veterans are suing the CIA and Army for planting ‘radio control devices’ in their brains without their knowledge or consent, it is possible that all these drugged up, unable-to-talk-about-it-shooters, are under some form of mind control and are not the random lunatics we are led to believe. Can anyone deny the seemingly orchestrated, prepared, pre-planned response by corporate controlled mainstream media? It’s almost as if the articles suggesting further gun control were written before the shootings even happened. There seems to be a pattern emerging.

Are these cyclical shootings that have so much in common part of a larger plan? If a New World Order wants our guns and wants us RFID chipped, they know there are two ways to accomplish this:

1) By outright brute, overwhelming force.

2) By causing the people to WANT to give up their guns and to WANT to be chipped.

The latter method can be achieved by a) repeated mass shootings by CIA mind control subjects b) an underground campaign to kidnap children in America on a regular basis c) repeated strikes with earthquake/weather control technology/false flag terrorism that will render the need to locate missing citizens after each event d) releasing pedophiles into society while non-violent drug offenders occupy their cells in prison (the ankle bracelets don’t stop them from kidnapping and murder) e) closing the  majority of our nation’s sanitariums and denying the substantial funding that real mental health care requires (easy decision to make for a man who lives in a gated community with armed guards) f) using weather/climate modification technology to promote drought, crop failure, food shortages and a ‘get-chipped-to-eat-program’…to reduce fraud and abuse, of course. G)  non-stop propaganda on TV and in public schools.

Part of the problem holding people back from giving consideration to these arguments, instead of out-right dismissing them offhand, is their foolish belief that ‘America’ still exists as a sovereign nation and that type of thing does NOT happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is another part of the theatrics I’m afraid. That is to say, convincing you that America is still a sovereign nation.  In the new millennium, we find that trans-national corporations rule planet Earth, not nations or politicians. Elections do occur around the world, but consider that many of these are also mere theatrics; the ultra-wealthy candidates were pre-selected by the power elite. We are allowed to choose any candidate we want, as long as it is from their list of candidates. Again I say, trans-national Corporations rule the Earth. For all intents and purposes, the New World Order is already here. Just a few more moves before the theatrics will come to an end and outright tyranny will rule the land.

And so with the resurrection of the possibility of an assault weapons ban and gun sales now spiking across the country I ask you: is it fair to take David’s sling away before he fights Goliath? Is the debate one about gun-control, or should we be debating why our nations militia and the AR-15 is fast becoming obsolete? What about mental health care, violent movies, violent video games and violence on TV? What about young kids left alone on the internet without adult supervision? Shouldn’t we talk about those subjects? Shouldn’t we talk about where all our tax money is going, because it is not going to our schools and it is not going to help our economy…what else are we to conclude that those who cause these problems are the ones who want our guns. And it’s all part of the plan.

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