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Aurora Shooting: The 3rd Side of the Story | hatrickpenry

Aurora Shooting: The 3rd Side of the Story

by hatrick penry,
July 21st 2012

Aurora Shooting: The 3rd Side of the Story

By Tony Muga aka: Hatrick Penry


Every story has two sides. Mine has a 3rd.

It is true that the 2nd amendment ain’t about duck hunting. AR-15s with extended clips are for the militia and minute men in case they have to fight off an oppressive, tyrannical government. But I say to you that the hand-held firearm, as we know it, is obsolete and has been for some time. The power elite cause us to live in an encapsulated bubble where technology advances at a snail’s pace (for example-we have not been allowed to see hologram technology yet, while Japan and other countries are), meanwhile in the underground bunkers, mad-scientists create greater and greater weapons of destruction with each passing day…with your tax dollar. Consider the 60,000 drones with hellfire missiles, the spray planes already in the air-only the payload need be swapped out to crush any resistance-and consider the power of nano-weapons:

Responsible Nanotechnology’, an online website, addresses the issue of nano-weapons:

“Molecular manufacturing raises the possibility of horrifically effective weapons. As an example, the smallest insect is about 200 microns; this creates a plausible size estimate for a nanotechnology-built antipersonnel weapon capable of seeking and injecting toxin into unprotected humans. The human lethal dose of botulism is about 100 nanograms, or about 1/100 the volume of the weapon. As many as 50 billion toxin-carrying devices-theoretically enough to kill every human on earth-could be packed into a single suitcase.”

This is not something the Pentagon or State Department are bragging about or allowing to be seen on the mainstream media. Militarily speaking, cards that reveal secret weapon technology should be played close to the chest and undoubtedly this is the case with nano-weapons.

Now please consider Admiral David E. Jeremiah’s statement from the 1995 ‘Foresight Conference on Molecular Technology’:

“Military applications of molecular manufacturing have even greater potential than nuclear weapons to radically change the balance of power.”

And if guns ARE obsolete, then the government and power elite have long known this and are using it to their advantage by:

1)hiding this fact from the American sheeple.

2)playing the ‘they want to take our guns’ meme to an extreme.

3)selling LOTS of guns……(just as I suspected, talk of an assault weapons ban has gun sales going through the roof…check this link here)

4)cranking up the fear factor

5)running ‘lone-gunman’ operations such as the Loughner and Holmes shootings which:

a)distract for months on end

b)do aid in passing legislation that restricts guns (obsolete or not, a gun still has the potential to kill a defenseless person and politicians do fear being assassinated)

6)knowing the sheeple believe whatever mainstream news tells them, the power elite have only to worry about the ‘truthers’, ‘conspiracy scientists’ and other critical thinkers who mostly stick to the ‘alternative’ media…now shills like Alex Jones can boost their credibility by telling the old ‘psy-op-is-for-taking-your-guns’ story, it sounds really great and is pretty damning of the government, and it generally is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about the shooting. But they know that. That’s why it’s such a great distraction and builds great credit with their shills. But I tell you again, it ain’t about the guns.

7)this distraction (like all the others we have been through recently from Breitbart to Kony 2012 to the  Giffords shooting to the Trayvon Martin shooting and more…) protects the Obama administration from the consequences of the largest provable cover-up of all time, that resulted in thousands of deaths (plenty of infants too), and happened on his watch as President. Read my quote from ‘Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media Infiltration’ right now to better understand and later when you have time, please read my ‘Plume-Gate: Tales from the Script’ (parts 1, part 2 and part 3) series where I distill key sections from the NRC FOIA documents:

‘The audio transcripts and email, even though redacted and full of ‘inaudible’ parts at the most convenient times, still reveal the inner workings of the cover-up and a vast multi-agency conspiracy. This, more than anything else, they want to hide. Think of whom all is implicated in the FOIA documents: DOE, NRC, DHS, FEMA, USAID, CDC, White House, GE and others…perhaps even the President, for how could he have not known? Obama is either involved, conspired against and lied to by these agencies or just a complete buffoon; but one of the three is our reality and NONE of them are good.  

How could Obama not have known of the fallout and its consequences? How can the President of the United States NOT know or not be informed about the REAL effects of the greatest industrial accident of our time, an accident that happened on his watch?

 Plume Gate, all things considered, is the Achilles heel of this administration in that it is a cover up involving the deaths of thousands of Americans, perhaps 3-5 times as many as 9/11, yet unlike the controversy surrounding the ‘inside job’ theory of  9/11, we have proof of their foreknowledge in the FOIA documents. Once the public at large is made aware of this fact, could it bring an end to Obama’s reelection chances?

 Which begs the question: why is Mitt Romney not using this bombshell information to his advantage this election season? Am I expected to believe Romney and his campaign team are also buffoons, blissfully unaware of the NRC FOIA documents? Why would anyone vote for someone who can’t stay abreast of the worst industrial accident of our time? Don’t they have numerous staff members working to uncover dirt on their opponents? ‘


And so I tell you, my fellow Americans, our government and military are no more concerned with our guns than they are with Iran building a nuclear bomb. The Aurora shooting and other events like it will be used as a distraction…a diversion. Remember what Frank Zappa said?

“The illusion of freedom [in America] will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”  

When they show you the brick wall at the back of the theatre, do you think your guns will save you?

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