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Neal Rauhauser Elaborates On Which Beandog is Guilty: “I have some stuff on the most likely swatter.” | The Trenches

Neal Rauhauser Elaborates On Which Beandog is Guilty: “I have some stuff on the most likely swatter.”

by Brooks Bayne,
May 24th 2012 11:25 AM

The latest email drop from our source. Again, Neal Rauhauser to Mike Stack.

Here’s the summary:

1. Crazytown
2. Neal admits he has evidence regarding a specific beandog responsible for the SWATtings.
3. Paranoia5. A NYC teacher, Lane Lipton, who’s been an agitant in this entire mess, injects herself as a surrogate of Neal’s in shady negotiations to get criminal charges filed against him dropped. Then she brings up Brett Kimberlin as an aside?

I’m going to reply inline, because laziness. Original email in italics, my comments not italicized. 

Re: Hey
From: neal rauhauser “neal rauhauser”
To: Mike Stack “Mike Stack” <[email protected]>


Given that Doug was in court with us, as well as others who may not have spoke up, I think it’s very dangerous that we should appear together at a known time. You haven’t faced this stuff yet, but Gabbie took a bullet through the back of the head and Gabe Zimmerman died along with five others in Tucson. What McCain & Walker are doing is *way* more intense than the stuff that lead up to that mass shooting. I am truly worried we could end up caught in the middle of a gunfight between deputies and some extremist group. It’s never been made public, but there were members of Michigan Militia periodically patrolling the Occupy Lansing camp because they got a hint I was there, and before that it was some League of the South guy in South Carolina who got interviewed by FBI hate crimes squad.

Here Neal is showing us that he’s either a paranoid delusional kook, a compulsive liar, or both. FBI hate crimes squad? To quote some poor dumb bastard who trolls people using a IP address (oops! hell, even TOR would’ve fixed that), “Derpy.”

As for your blog, I see the offer to take it down, but let’s play this one carefully. If you just take it all down and post an apology they know we talked. If you get quiet, say you’re thinking about it, then they are not sure. Long term I think what we do is this:

You want Mike to take down his blog and you want to orchestrate how it’s done. Noted.

1. you make a post “I took down what I wrote about Neal Rauhauser, much of it was wrong”


Which were the correct parts, Neal? Do tell!

2. I show up with my WordPress and make a one paragraph comment that says “We both got played, Mike & I disagree about politics, but we will not be attacking each other”. It’ll look nicer than this when I post, but the point is to leave something that is A.) Clearly me and B.) lets guys like vets74, or anyone who finds his writings, that he was mistaken about Air & Space and should leave you alone.

Both got played by whom? Frey? That Frey character sure seems like a voodoo priest. Not bad for a mild-mannered DA and writer.

So I am sure there is a state grand jury for James O’Keefe because those words came out of the investigator’s mouth, and I really suspect there is a federal grand jury in D.C. for the stuff they did with people voting as Eric Holder. I have less of a sense of what is happening with Mike Grimm and the extortion case, but it all adds up to a centralized federal prosecution rather than the individual jurisdictions trying to do something on their own.

Wait… Neal, are you really claiming you talked to someone in the FBI who told you that there’s a grand jury convened for James O’Keefe? Also, more Grimm conspiracy nonsense. 

I have been close to one other big federal case – bought some used equipment in late 1990s and it turned out to be from a mafia freight theft operation in the San Francisco area. What I saw was that as they knew they were caught they threw *everyone* under the bus. I was in Nebraska at the time, but they went to great lengths to implicate me because I went to the feds to complain. If Frey or anyone around him can shift blame to you for anything that has happened they will try that.

You were implicated in a federal case? Do you have a case number?

The FBI agent in charge of counter-terror for NYC was interested after I told her a bit about what you had been close to, but after some consideration I think it is unwise for you to approach them on your own. I also think you might have some sort of claim against Frey, but it’s not as clear as what Nadia has. This being said I think what you should do is:

I call BS again. More delusions.

1. Just dismiss on tonight’s mediation. I really don’t want to lug a bunch of papers across three train systems in the rain and pay for a cab ride back and forth if we’re just going to agree that Frey & Co. are the real problem.

LOL!  Oh noes, trains! 

2. I will write a note introducing you and Jay Leiderman. He is Nadia’s lawyer, he is not mine, so you would be talking to him as if he were going to be your counsel in a civil suit against Frey, and he will advise you on the particulars of talking with the feds after what you have seen.

He became your lawyer right after you agreed to pay him, per the email we published yesterday

3. Once the dismissal is done I have some stuff on the most likely swatter. Don’t get excited, I think it’s a beanie and they are wicked tricksy. I hunted them a bit after 2010 and decided it was hopeless – too complex, too dangerous for me to handle. We’ll look what I have over – you, me, and qritiq, then we’ll share it with Allyn Lynd, the FBI agent who is most known for dealing with stuff like that. I think this is a separate issue from Frey and so forth – we can do this without either of us being exposed to any trouble.

Neal, as was confirmed to me, the criminal case against you brought by Mike Stack has been dismissed. Here you admit that you have information regarding who the likely swatter is. I’d say given all the evidence that’s been presented in hundreds of blog posts, you’re now due a visit from the FBI since you haven’t given any information “on the most likely swatter”. Thanks for admitting you know who it is.

We know how you would be exposed to Frey (via him writing about leftist asshattery online), but how would Stack be exposed to Frey? By Frey blogging about you and your pals? Frey would have no reason to blog about a conservative who was attacked by you and your pals. Or would he?

Qritiq (AKA Lane Lipton)? Why is Lane Lipton, a leftist teacher from New York, being referenced here? More on her below. 

4. We’ll see what Jay has to say about Frey & Co. I know the feds will want more information on them, but lets make sure you’re clear before that is set in motion.

Looks like Jay had a response from our story about you yesterday, Neal. Right after I shared the story with him, he tweeted this:

Stupidity is often its own punishment.

— Leiderman Devine (@LeidermanDevine) June 12, 2012

OK, look at this and let me know … I have to leave about 3:00 to get out there by 7:00.

mailto:[email protected]
GV: 202-642-XXXX

Given Neal’s assertions, if the FBI ignores Mr. Rauhauser’s own words, I’m calling for Holder’s resignation. Oh… wait…

Here’s an email from Lane Lipton, (@qritiq on Twitter):

neal-stuff May 23, 2012 1:39 PM
From: Qritiq “Qritiq” ;
To: [email protected]

Hey Mike – guess you know Aaron skipped court. Sounds like judge not so happy about that.

I think Neal actually does have a pal in FBI counter-terror. He says he could probly arrange meeting for you if you want, but suggests you have lawyer with you during convo. (I assume that agent is in DC, but if they are in ny office, i could accompany you if you would like.) Neal also offering to sit down with you (and maybe FBI agent) in nyc to come to an agreement with you.

If you do talk to Neal re FBI/counter-terror/etc., keep in mind that around 70% of what Neal says is true, the rest could be based in truth but exaggerated. I can’t recall him flat-out lying to me before. I dunno tho, maybe I just forgot.

Neal would like to try to hammer out a truce/agreement with you before tomorrow morning. Again, I think taking down anything negative about each other is a good idea. If Neal has requests beyond that… well, I’d ask a lawyer before agreeing to anything with Neal.

off-topic, but when i gave a quick look to rsmccain’s twitter stream the other day, it read like it was scripted to me – just looked off and pre-planned re mccain’s “discovering” about Aaron’s battle with BK.

So later, when he said he had to move his family into hiding – well, that’s kinda hard to swallow. BK supporters are spinning it like rsmccain’s church booted him off their property because he was hosting/harboring a wacky David Kouresh-type race-baiter, and church leaders were concerned about it. I suspect the actual truth is that mccain simply took his kids away for a Memorial Day vacation.

Why is a teacher from NYC involving herself in a situation as convoluted and seemingly as dangerous as this? Looks like she’s deep in the weeds of the recent drama regarding her Robert Stacy McCain analysis, and the Aaron Walker/Brett Kimberlin chatter. Why is she bringing up Brett Kimberlin in an email about a truce between Stack and Rauhauser? Interesting. Also notable, is that Neal’s own surrogate has reason to believe that he isn’t truthful, and that he exaggerates. Yeah, I think we’ve noticed, Lane, but thanks for the confirmation.

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