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BREAKING: Witness Claims To Know The Identity Of The SWATter – Is This Rauhauser’s Beandog? | The Trenches

BREAKING: Witness Claims To Know The Identity Of The SWATter – Is This Rauhauser’s Beandog?

by Brooks Bayne,
June 12th 2012

A couple of caveats – we spent a good portion of the evening making sure that there was at least plausibility with regard to this allegation. As an organization, we at The Trenches fully support the rule of law, and we would never want to see anyone unjustly accused of a crime that they didn’t commit.

The witness refers to himself as Danny Shays (we’ve not been able to verify that this is his legal name), and he contacted us recently with the following allegation. Danny claims that he’s spoken to the alleged SWATter on two separate occasions. The man’s voice he identified in the recent 911 SWATting calls, reported on extensively by Robert Stacy McCain, Patrick Frey, and Aaron Worthing, is allegedly, Brett Warren, of Maitland, FL, who goes by the handle @solaar on Twitter.

Mr. Shays states that he is willing to swear an affidavit testifying that he has no doubt that the voice on the calls is not Ron Brynaert, as many others have claimed. He is certain that the SWATter is Mr. Warren.

Here’s the information directly from the witness’ email (this has not been altered in any way, save for redacting the address):

This is the douchebag.  He lives at XXXX S Sybellia in Maitland, FL. Last year, under Twitter handle @solaar, he trolled Greg W. Howard and threatened to slit his throat, among other things.  He ran with the beandogs, specifically leducviolet and methadonna. leduc was tagged in photos as a local, but I could never run down his id.  Methadonna was an Aussie, disabled hacker with bipolar issues.

Brett got my attention when he called me a fag, and when I checked his profile, it came up as a feed littered with threats to Tea Party folks. Brett was stupid. He tweeted his personal business, such as his ski trip to Summit Co., CO.  Using the photos of highway signs, I was able to locate him on that trip. I also saved the photos of his buddy in the ambulance after an overdose. The gang all went to jail that night.

Brett tweeted photos of his drug stash, among other things.

Using the info he made publicly available, I was able to come on a FB profile of Samuel Therber, which is another alias he uses.  I also had pics of his office at Sirius from his yfrog.  The same was true of his Twitter associates.  Basically, after I began outing them and calling them out home and posting street level photos of their houses on Twitter, they apologized and stopped making those threats.

Brett had contact with Neal R. under both of his Twitter accts (Stranded Wind and the name one).  Neal wasn’t quite aware of how busy Brett had been. Trust me on this.  He tried to dissociate himself, but it didn’t work out too well.  Neal had posted nude photos in his Flickr acct as well, which I have.

I never used the photos.  However, they were a nice deterrent for retaliation.

Neal did attempt to contact my law school and stir up shit, but that didn’t work because I had screenshots and email trails of everything.

Both Neal and Brett contacted me via VOIP numbers on Google phone. Brett’s voice is a match with the SWATter, in my opinion.  I talked to him twice.

He has unique syntax and tone, and the way he enunciates is unique as well at certain points.  It’s distinctive, and that’s why I immediately remembered it and said that’s the guy when I heard Mandy Nagy’s audio clips of the two 911 SWAT calls.  I tweeted Brett that his voice was turning up in all the wrong places here recently.

Brett also got busy as the University of Florida fan in an infamous video in which he professed to know four types of martial arts and challenged University of Alabama fans to meet him at a gate and fight him.

Brett also involved himself in Canadian politics when he posed as a conservative staffer, Michael Sona, then embroiled in a robocalling scandal.  He posted a Youtube video in which he posed as Michael Sona and issued a fake confession.  Unfortunately, the Florida fan vid is private and the Canada vid has been removed for TOS violations.

For my money, your SWATter is Brett Warren, and Neal is aware of this and panicking.

They have history.


This is a developing story.

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