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SWATtergate Cyber-Stealth: Neal Rauhauser Teaches Radicals to Mask Identities

SWATtergate Cyber-Stealth: Neal Rauhauser Teaches Radicals to Mask Identities and Threatens NSA

by Patrick Read,
June 21st 2012

Washington DC

By Patrick Read

The below information is a cache of content which was scrubbed from the net in 2011 by the now, Ex-Daily Kos & NetRoots radical, Neal Rauhauser.

It is entitled “Elementary Communications Security,” and was published on September 5, 2010.  It is from his “Open Source Intelligence For Progressives” ( blog, in which he educates his radical thugs on cyber-stealth.

Considering the rash of criminal, false Police Reports (“SWATs”) made against Conservative bloggers—one can certainly understand why Rauhauser deleted the content—as the below information (in addition to Robert Stacy McCain’s information here & Brooks Bayne’s bombshell here “Stop Rush Project Hired Rauhauser”) will help law enforcement & other investigators uncover the identity of the “anonymous” guilty party.

Brooks Bayne dropped a bombshell (here) exposing an email sent by Rauhauser to Mike Stack, who was instrumental in exposing Anthony Weiner’s folly with several young ladies on Twitter. The work Stack and his group accomplished resulted in Weiner’s resignation from office. And in regards to Weinergate, Rauhauser is convinced that paid groups of activist were responsible—it could never be that a politician just got caught with his pants down.

No. Rauhauser was literally obsessed with Weiner: “Weinergate Perps Pay Dearly” here One must wonder when he’ll realize that he is in breach of his mediation, since his defamation of Stack is still posted under his Daily Kos account.

Stack here is also the first known victim of SWAT’ing (a fake emergency call placed to Police requiring a SWAT Team to respond). Certainly, it is not too much of a stretch to think that Rauahuser’s obsession with Weiner & Stack’s SWAT’ing is beyond a mere coincidence. And God forbid anything ever went wrong, and someone was actually hurt in response to a fake call, as Rauhauser alludes,

I am truly worried we could end up caught in the middle of a gunfight between deputies and some ‘extremist group (Rauhauser, 2012).”

 It should be noted that the email was sent to Stack during a criminal proceeding against Rauhauser in New Jersey; where Stack was the victim & Rauhauser the assailant. From behind the scenes, Rauhauser continues to intimidate Stack,

Once the dismissal is done I have some stuff on the most likely swatter. Don’t get excited, I think it’s a beanie and they are wicked tricksy. I hunted them a bit after 2010 and decided it was hopeless – too complex, too dangerous for me to handle. We’ll look what I have over – you, me, and qritiq, then we’ll share it with Allyn Lynd, the FBI agent who is most known for dealing with stuff like that (Rauhauser, 2012).”

How would Rauhauser know who the most likely SWAT’er is & that they might be “untraceable?” As noted below, Rauhauser educated his group of thugs on cyber-stealth,

I use nothing but Google Talk (Rauhauser, 2010).”

RS McCain outted Rauhauser for having played a role in Anonymous, and rightly so (here). And Stacy also gives insight to some of Rauhauser’s other cyber-stealth here

Still, other sources state “Anonymous” is targeting Rauhauser now for having misled their group into violent political waters, strictly motivated by his aggressive radicalism. The exact same aggression led Daily Kos to permanently banish Neal Rauhauser (see the comment section on Daily Kos here)

Note: If “Profiles in Activism: Brett Kimberlin” was written by a “right-winger” then you can rest assured that it would have made mention of the allegations that Kimberlin is a pedophile—which also reflects some of the same tactics Rauahuser used in his role in Twittergate (here). Rest assured, neither were mentioned and the post glorifying them was most likely written by one of Rauhauser’s “friends,” if not himself.

And now The Trenches uncovers the genesis of Rauhauser’s cyber-stealth and the techniques used by Rauhauser in masking anonymous criminals,

“Google Groups is very convenient and so is their mail client. Both of these environments are ‘discoverable’ – you can get a subpoena for all your content and that’s that (Rauhauser, 2010).”

Rauhauser clearly worries about he & his group being subpoenaed. Let’s be clear, no one is anonymous on the internet. We are all swimming in government waters on the web & everything can be traced by authorities when need-be.  Considering Rauhauser’s threat of “warrantless wiretapping” the National Security Agency ( here phone (301) 688-6524) maybe now the authorities will take Rauhauser & his e-criminals a bit more seriously,

(Rauhauser, 2010)”

It should be clear as to why Rauhauser & his “friends” seek to destroy Greg Howard, Zapem and I here. Greg wrote the first installment exposing Rauhauser’s tactics long before Zapem & I were even aware of him (here) as were other media-outlets (members of the so-called echo-chamber). What would become known as “the beandogs” were initially called “The Greg W Howard Fan Club”— a list composed by Rauhauser (here)

But the repeated failure of the so-called media to expose Rauhauser led the three of us (and our own networks) to expose Rauhauser ourselves here. Considering it’s been 2 years since Twittergate was published, and Rauhauser cannot type an email without mentioning us “menacing kids’ ruining his reputation,” one might think the three of us did a pretty effective job.

Make no mistake about it—more and more information will be exposed going forward—and now it’s time to finish the job…

(Below the video is the screen shot of his OSINT4Progressive blog, entitled “Elementary Communications Security.” It is also located in full screen for easy viewing here )

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