Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Plot Sickens: Conspiracy “Theory” | Comment from Jude Vosika, aka @rockingjude

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  1. vaxen_var says:

    WOW~ this was very interesting to say the least…Geez…I better get busy using all that power I have….and excuse me…but why the hell would I want to take you~OMG~ what a pain in my “trying to be nice” butt…lollll….I seriously hope you get some real help and I mean it…You are very intelligent…and Vax???…well hmmmmmmmm..since when did i think u hacked my blog?…probably more sloppy typing…

    Why am a threat exactly E [who btw looks nothing like her pic] loll…the dressing thing was 11..yes eleven yrs. ago after severe head trauma…but you won’t put this up…Also I am going to the authorities on adsense words and your pictures plastered all over my g site…and all the various other things plastered everywhere …done as in done~ xoxo

"but you won't put this up..." you bet your sweet ass I will. It just goes to show that you are STILL obsessed with stalking me and my family! But unlike you, I won't delete my posts to cover my ass! You can make all the accusations you like. The truth is out there.

just because you delete a post, it doesn't change the digital dna, you dumb bitch!

It also speaks volumes that you (Jude Vosika aka @rockingjude ) are using someone else's identity which happens to be illegal. Have you learned nothing over the past 3 years you have been stalking me?

go back to sleep or crawl down that rabbit hole and die there. there is no happy ending for you.

June 28m 2010
4:22am [your time]

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