Thursday, June 28, 2012

JadedSecurity » @th3j35t3r social engineers the lulz…


I’d like to throw a special thank you to @MoooCowMoooCow who has been keeping us up with pieces that I would potentially miss. Thank you, and you get the first @ElyssaD shirt




It’s only a matter of time before @th3j35t3r outs the @LulzSec crew. He had put up a script in order to identify the actual hosts that the LulZsec group was using on the cloudfare network. @LulzSec being more and more brazen had called out a few inconsistencies within the script including the IP Block. They had negated the script and had called theirs Lulzier..

This can’t possible end well for the group, with many actively seeking to out Anonymous & LulzSec for their recent scavenge and pillaging activities.

The Open letter to @LulzSec with a special mention to Sabu starts with the following

“Greetz Lulzsec,

(@atopiary, @securitopiary @anonakomis and most of all @anonymouSabu)

So Sabu,

With reference to your highly amusing open letter here: – I thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule of releasing personal credentials and sensitive correspondence, also thanks to Topiary for his clear injections of humor and assisting you with your grammar.

I trust it didn’t tear you away from your ‘lulz’ for too long?”

The rest of the letter goes on to call out specific points in where the group allegedly fell for pitfalls in the script. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this plays out as another group “The Web Ninjas” have also joined the mission to expose the leaders of the group with hopes to limit their success. The group has been reviewing the recent dumps of IRC & Twitter chats to determine the key members.

In keeping with their track record, #AntiSec has put out even more damaging information today with the release of the identities of 2800 Peruvian Special Forces members. Additionally 2 more notable releases one to a naturalist organization and one to a russian computer shopping cart. As usual I’m trolling for anything I can find.

#AntiSec this might be your next step?

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