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Is Aspergers Genetic?

Is Aspergers Genetic?

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December 21st 2011

Over years, as more and more individuals suffer from the mental condition of Aspergers, one can’t help but wonder of its causes and question, is Aspergers genetic? Research into this field helps the people with the Aspergers gene to carefully consider child birth, to perhaps prepare better and if not to try and eliminate all extraneous factors contributing to Aspergers to the greatest extent.

It is very often that parents without the Aspergers syndrome have a child suffering from high functioning Aspergers and question the cause of it. The root and dominant cause of Aspergers is still being investigated and there are no definite answers, however one is aware that there are numerous factors that contribute to the cause of Aspergers such as environmental and habitual cues in addition to the more obvious genetic causes.

Theory on ‘Is Aspergers genetic’

Research on patients of Aspergers syndrome, when investigating their brain in search for abnormalities causing the neurobiological disorder, has revealed that there are clear differences wit regard to the structure and function of specific regions of the brain in a normal child versus a child with Aspergers. So when looking at, is Aspergers genetic, it was theorised that these defects are most probably caused during the cell formation of the foetus, due to the embryonic cells implanting and migrating in the wrong way. This ‘abnormal’ development leads affects the areas that control thought and behaviour.

When looking at statistics, it can be seen that there is a high propensity for Aspergers to run in families. Men in the world have Aspergers 4-5 times more than women in the world. And when it’s passed on, in most cases, it goes from the father to the son. When a boy child is diagnosed with Aspergers doctors always look to see even mild symptoms in the father if he not suffering from Aspergers, and in most times it has been found. Hence displaying a strong connection between the genetics of the father and son, suggesting a strong motive of inheritance, arguing for the question, is Aspergers genetic?

Is Aspergers Genetic – DNA

When examining the scenario, is Aspergers’ genetic, though it is clear that the incorrect implantation and migration of the embryonic cells takes place due to a genetic mutation, a specific gene has not been identified. However, there is evidence that a combination of deletions and omissions on a DNA sequence make one more prone to Aspergers and also determine the symptoms and degree of the condition.

It has been hypothesised that environmental causes such as exposure to toxins and other antigenic poisons in the environment could directly affect the brain development and functioning while growing up and perhaps lead to abnormalities in the regions giving birth to biological characteristics affecting your behaviour and personality. Another possible reason given is the dietary and how certain food in large amounts of the lack of other foods fail to completely nourish a child’s brain, once again leading to have a secondary affect on personality and behaviour and subsequently contributing to the development of Aspergers, providing an answer to the question Is Aspergers genetic.

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