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The Gals of Rauhauser | The Trenches

The Gals of Rauhauser

by FoolishReporter,
June 21st 2012

In the interests of fairness and equality, we here at The Trenches thought it only fitting that after doing our piece, “The Ladies of Stop Rush”, we’d extend the same privilege to the women who have somehow ended up in Internet nutter Neal Rauhauser’s circle of influence.

Among them we have a business partner and possible sugar mama, a school teacher from New York, a crafty mole who wormed her way into various conservative circles in the past, and one mystery.

Beth Becker

We’ll start with Beth Becker, Neal’s business partner for Progressive PST, and rumored to be his financial pipeline for many of Rauhauser’s shenanigans. There’s a few interesting things to note about Becker.

First off, Becker, who goes by @spedwaybabs on Twitter claims to be from Speedway, IN in this interview here.  The two come on around the 19:44 mark. Now why do we know that name of Speedway, IN? Well, funnily enough, that was the town that Brett Kimberlin terrorized in the late 70′s, and has led to Kimberlin’s nutty behavior ever since.

A possible connection as to why Rauhauser and Kimberlin linked up? Possibly, but there’s never been much evidence to support that the two came together through Becker. Just some interesting…coincidences.

One other thing to note about Becker is that when I pressed the infamous @OccupyRebellion about Becker possibly being her, Rebellion flat out denied it. Shortly thereafter, I started following Becker on Twitter. Within a day, I had been blocked without ever interacting with her. Again… interesting coincidences.


Needless to say, she has some connection to Rauhauser, as evidenced by the strong reaction I evoked with my previously linked post about everyone’s favorite kook.

Thanks, but I'd rather not

Lane Lipton, aka @qritiq

How'd a pretty woman like you get mixed up with such an ugly SOB like Rauhauser?

Lipton runs a blog and also the Twitter profile noted above. She’s been deep in the weeds with this whole story for some time now, and is a friend of Rauhauser’s. It appears Lipton became a go-between Rauhauser and one of the principals involved in Weinergate and its ongoing fallout. A few examples:

If you do talk to Neal re FBI/counter-terror/etc., keep in mind that around 70% of what Neal says is true, the rest could be based on truth but exaggerated. I can’t recall him flat-out lying to me before. I dunno tho, maybe I just forgot.

From a separate e-mail:

I know it’s Neal, but I do think he is being sincere. About this anyway…It seems like a good idea to me -you have enough going on without having to battle neal. 

Battle Neal? But, but, but, I thought he’s just this innocent victim who always gets tangled up with right wing nutjobs and does NOTHING to deserve the crap thrown his way? Hmmmm.

Some more fun:


Neal sez:

I’m willing to exchange email and get a preliminary agreement done that way, but … I don’t think it’s wise to assign a where/when that might leak… 

Have Mike drop me a note if he’s serious. We’ll finish off this stuff tomorrow, and then we can discuss any future after that. It’s beyond unwise that he should talk about this at all …

well, Neal sounds kinda paranoid/uptight to me. 

Well, at least you seem to have some common sense in that pretty little head of yours, Ms. Lipton.

Perhaps the most fun one. Remember, always, that Rauhauser says the conspiracy theorist is “cognitively deficient”, although it appears Lipton realizes that is exactly the type of person Rauhauser is. Funny, that:

I’d suggest: 

-agree as you said -to plan a general area/time and confirm it later if it makes you both more comfortable

-to confirm just in general terms what you want as the outcome(s) of your meeting

-when he starts to write you what he wants, try to filter out the spy-vs-spy rambling and keep him focused and concise

-try to remember that he has Aspberger’s and he can be kind of tone-deaf when it comes to emails/social interaction

lol -good luck

Spy Vs Spy stuff eh? Anyways.

And in a brief written by Rauhauser, he shares his thoughts on his pretty little friend:

Lane Lipton – http// – she has been tracking the Weinergate saga and probably has a better grasp than most.

Jeanne McBride 

Finally, we have Jeannie McBride, who goes by @couldbeme7 on Twitter. McBride reportedly is a mole who befriends conservative circles targeted by Rauhauser, and once she’s gained their trust, begins with campaigns of disinfo. In this previous Trenches post, Rauhauser talks about his now “reformed” relationship with McBride. Here’s what he had to say about McBride:

This is like what happened with me & Jeannie McBride – we used to fight as bad as you and I…Now we *eyeroll* at each other’s politics, but we talk on the phone some times about kids and our health and these crazy guys around Pat that won’t leave us alone.

Jeannie and I – *eyeroll* to each other over views, but not hating on each other, and probably ignoring and/or smacking down anyone who tries to stir up trouble between us. 

Others have documented her activities here, here and here.

And there you have it folks. The women who have decided to ally themselves with all-around nutjob Rauhauser for reasons mostly unknown.

A school teacher, a progressive organizer, an infiltrator and an apparently psychotic mystery, oh my!

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