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Daily Dose: July 18, 2011 by @ElyssaD™

Subject: Pastebin root hack

abhaxas (@Abhaxas)
7/17/11 4:47 PM
@ElyssaD is a better look from the inside. pastebin is limited in size
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
7/17/11 4:44 PM
Whistleblower: @abhaxas on the hunt for @ElyssaD [ || NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT'S DONE! 

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. 

United States of America 

Forgive typos! iBLAME iPhone


July 18, 2011
Daily Dose 

This has been going on for several months. I believe their initial intent was to access my fathers acct because I found 55,000+ trackbacks to the person who physically installed static IP and let me use her iPAD for twitter and Skype while I was in Jackson Hole  WY. 

While I was there I purchased a Windows 7 phone but she put it on her family plan along with iPAD service for her iPAD. 

I used the iPod because she kept turning the Internet off and I was alone in a cabin in the Mountains. 

I had never used Skype or an iPad before and she kept encouraging me to contact specific people and added them to a group. 

I was stupid. I was naive. And it never occurred to me that she was THAT fucked up. 

I made the connections but never cleared out my password and she continued to use my account to "spy" on my discussions and terrorize me. 

I later learned that she is in fact a known "survivor" of Project Monarch. And then it all made sense. She was intentionally trying to terrorize me (she would send constant DMs telling me there was a fire and that her dogs would attack me. 

She also had a rifle lying on the porch and I would hear gun shots in the morning that were frightening. 

I should also mention that she left me alone their for 3 days right after I arrived to visit her son in a drug rehab facility. She warned to "be afraid" of her older son who was in an adjacent cabin. 

He would come in and out at random times with his friends (he is in his mid-late twenties and drinks a lot) 

Imagine my surprise when I walked out of bathroom to find all the shades pulled wide open after I distinctly pulled them closed so I could bathe. 


Her husband (who she claims is abusive and beats her) would come in without knocking and yell at me about electric bills and rent.
I was invited as a guest to stay for 3 months so I could find work and get out of Nashville which is absolutely dreadful. I live in Section 8 property with two registered sex offenders in adjacent apartments using my wifi. 

The woman across the hall sells crack and uses with other tenants. She assaulted the property manager on July 4th but was too high to remember. 

The police have been here every day last week and a few weeks earlier serving warrants for various offenses. Domestic violence and arrested one dude who verbally assaulted me (he also sells drugs- I think it's only weed but his guests are loud and smoke up in the parking lot right outside my bedroom window. 

Elaine's (across the hall) customers also park there and are so visibly intoxicated that one recently tore down the barbed wire fence that is 10 ft from my apt. Many of the cars have expired tags or no tags at all (cointelpro 101) and because I was a witness in a police shooting on March 7, 2009 the cops don't like me very much) 

I just spoke w property "monitor" who has agrees to drive me to the office today so I can speak with mgmt about the situation so I will be brief. 

Back to WY- The day I flew home, Dec 8 I arrived to find out that she had posted on twitter that I hacked her acct and she disconnected the w7 phone without telling me. 

It is impt to note that I had synced that phone to all my other accts and forwarded my email to

My old phone number was forwarded to the now d/c AT&T phone and my pc. I have never been able to get that acct secured and as a result all of my email and cell phone contacts are in the hands of a Monarch beta spy and have been made public through "pastebin" and hackers for "Lulzsec" and AnonOps are having a field day.

The have created a fake google identity and constantly troll and harass me. I tried to be nice and explain the situation but "you negotiate with terrorists" 

Among the ppl she asked me to "Skype" or invite to her "chat group" are Michael Dammann ( who was deported from USA several Years ago. 

George Alexander Mapp ( @dobroyeutro who is the "journalist" (spy) for David Headley Mumbai bombing extradited to USA 11/22/10 and Victor Bout an arms dealer. He had an affair with his wife to get the story and she fled to Pakistan. 

He is associated with Russia, Bangkok, Thailand, NIA, and is on the terror watch list. 

He is from Brooklyn and has 3 boys he can't see in NJ. He pretended to be my friend and just played stupid when I questioned why he continued to associate with @Firetown and @rockingjude knowing that they hacked my accounts and then claimed to be hacked themselves. 

I lost my shit and posted my public outrage on my blogs on 12/20. No response from Firetown and Jude (Vosika) then launched a VICIOUS troll party from 12/20-12/31. 

I was attacked and harassed by Ray Beckerman, a known Zionist and Atty in Forest Hills NY.

Enter the NWO. Australia, UK, Germany and the worst "bunch" is in the Netherlands posting threats against USA and Israel to use Stuxnet and SCADA. 

P-1. They do have it. And they tested it in Tennessee. Fail. 

In the 3 weeks I was in Wyoming my pc downloaded 16gigs of ???  

It is a rootkit botnet that ALWAYS shows up as an address in Utah or Kansas City. It randomly reboots or goes into silent mode and connects to Skype and windows Live which I do not have the password for. 

Admin privs belong to "The Company" and I do not have permission (user access) to download or install any drivers ie Printer or Virus firewall protections. Since she bought me the pc (after fuckung up my netbook I had used for two years) I don't have the restore disk. 

I also NEVER had the password to ANY of her accounts OR the Windows 7 phone so I use prepaid cell month to month. 

Before you ask, My sole income is SSI $664 / month. I don't work anymore since the shooting and don't have transportation. I have NO friends left in Nashville after I saw how shallow and fake they were after the shooting. Nobody called to see if I was okay and once they found out I had moved to "the hood" I was no longer on the A list for Nashville's finest. (sigh)

I write publically about my experience because it helps me heal and the public needs to know what is really going on in these corrupt agencies (child services, tenncare, mdha, SSA) all totally incompetent and it makes me sick. Physically and emotionally that I spent so many years working as a volunteer or paid ridiculous wages to keep a respectable job with the State of Tennessee or Metro Nashvillle Public Schools.  $10.46 / hour with no benefits or job security. 

The attacks are vicious and they are posting fake nudes of a fictitious acct they created to humiliate and impersonate me online and in real life. 

They pulled my SSA docs that were stored on my cell that were sent to my father and he forwarded them via email from munich. 

They posted his home address which were listed on the documents because I has asked him to manage my finances when I was going in for breast surgery in August of 08? They are selling T-Shirts with name and SS on it and claim to be donating $1.00 for every purchase. 

Donate to whom? Pretty sure none of these assholes have 501c status and they are using me for promos and advertising. 

It is humiliating. I can't even begin to discuss right now because I must get some rest & food before I go to speak with mgmt. 

It is worth noting that I have aspergers syndrome. And like Gary McKinnon in the UK am being used as a "fall guy" for some serious hacking which is really about money & CyberTerrorism.

Thank you. I will follow up later with additional details but I must first deal with mgmt about the drug activity and violence threatening my physical & emotional safety. 

I'm sorry I was stupid, naive, and did not know enough about cybercrimes to protect myself from this ongoing disaster. 

All I know is that I trusted the wrong person and now I'm screwed. But I do know this, this spy ring is composed of some really BAD activities that have all sites set on the USA. 

That's all for now, 

Just me,



Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
United States of America

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