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Breitbart’s Last Night: He Prepared for War in the Trenches Against Neal Rauhauser

Breitbart’s Last Night: Wherein He Prepared for War in the Trenches Against Neal Rauhauser

by matthogan,
October 18th 2011

Andrew Breitbart was a giant. While he was, of course, human and I didn’t agree with all of his views or behavior, he had a uniquely American fighting spirit, the same that once endeavored to crush Nationalist Socialist Fascism and brutal Soviet Communism.  I am especially mindful of this spirit of ours, this capacity we have as Americans to pull together in times of terrible pain and peril to accomplish feats unmatched in human history having just returned from a sobering visit to the Pearl Harbor Memorial.  Though this country collectively has “lost its way” many times, through economic, political, cultural & military turmoil – just when it seemed we could be written off, we found a way to come back stronger than ever.

Since Andrew’s passing, the Conservative movement has honored his memory and courage while debating amongst each other the best manner in which to continue his fight, achieve victory, and end the great nightmare of the past three years of Leftist not-so-soft tyranny.

“What would Andrew do?” is often asked now, as a generation of Conservative activists all inspired by the new media hawk’s characteristic fearlessness take up his mantle with the steeling war cry of “Breitbart is here” or “I am Breitbart!”

Well, we now know a great deal about what Andrew Breitbart was doing in the months prior to his tragic passing.

The Trenches is in possession of exclusive correspondence between Mike Stack and Andrew Breitbart taking place beginning in January of this year and communication between Breitbart and the activist team “Undead Revolution,” whose research on Neal Rauhauser was already well known and used in the blogosphere, that was exchanged on the last night of Andrew’s life (Andrew’s messages are grey, and Mike’s are green).

A great deal has been brought to light recently about convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin [read: R.S. McCain’s “Kimberlin Files”], his associate Neal Rauhauser, and Rauhauser’s network, whom appeared to have joined causes after the WeinerGate scandal.  Even before that, early alarm bells were being sounded about Kimberlin and his big-name funded non-profit organization Velvet Revolution.

This expose of Kimberlin began with Daily Kos contributor Seth Allen (@Prepostericity) whose work became the basis for a piece by’s Mandy Nagy (@Liberty_Chick) in October 2010. That piece ran four months after Neal Rauhauser’s “beandogs” had harassed many Conservative bloggers, including Greg W. Howard, whose professional life was ruined in what became known as TwitterGate.

TwitterGate was the chilling prologue to future events, climaxing in the SWATting of Conservative activists pursuing greater public awareness of Neal and Brett. From Rauhauser’s rumored connections to the intelligence community to the radical anarchists of Anonymous and their Leftist operative counterparts “Anonymiss,” to super-troll Matt Edelstein of Stop Rush and “‘Randy’Gate” fame, to e-thugs and the small time criminals of the Beandogs, by February 29, 2012, Andrew Breitbart had finally had enough.

As should be clear through-out these text correspondences, after his haunting tweet on October 18, 2011, Andrew had indeed taken a vested interest in the operations of Neal Rauhauser and the thuggish tactic of SWATting.

Neal Rauhauser (@weoccupyamerica), Brad Friedman (@thebradblog) & their convicted domestic terrorist pal, Brett Kimberlin need exposure.

— AndrewBreitbart (@AndrewBreitbart)

In January, 2012, activist Mike Stack was in contact with Andrew about a forthcoming piece in Yahoo News by Douglas Matthew Stewart regarding the hit piece by Bill Bastone of “The Smoking Gun,” the latter of which widely inflamed the kook WeinerGate conspiracy theory known as “Weiner Trutherism.” [read: DMS’ Yahoo piece on the SWATting, Bastone’ harassment, and the potential Rauhauser connection]

Breitbart, Stack, Michelle/ZAPEM (another person who Neal Rauhauser is afraid of, as evidenced in some of his recent email correspondence) of smartgirlpolitics, The Trenches’ own Patrick Read, the Undead Revolution team, and others continued collaborating resources and research on Rauhauser and company all through the early months of the year. While Andrew expressed severe sympathy for the plight of those harmed by the SWATters and other brutal Team Rauhauser intimidation tactics, and vowed to help “stick it to Neal in any way,” he also divulged just how extreme was the constant hate the Left had aimed at him. Primarily, the million dollar lawsuit brought against him, with its origins dating back to the Shirley Sherrod story. “It was taking its toll on him,” Stack recalls when he talks about that time. That is very telling of a ‘happy warrior’ who, even in death, many of us still fashion as an unyielding pillar of strength.

Mike Stack gives Andrew ZAPEM’s number in his chat with Andrew the night he died.

Nevertheless, Andrew endeavored to reach out to those who could provide him the necessary data to make a proper judgement about the task at hand.  His heart was too big and invested in the movement in which he’d grown to be a leader… to not continue to be a leader.

The night of his death, Breitbart joined the Undead Revolution ventrilo voice chat room to discuss receiving their next cache of research on Neal Rauhauser and company (much of which has now become public domain) published here at The Trenches and across the blogosphere.

Over a year and a half after the names Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser first appeared on the radar of Breitbart and his staff and almost a year after the first SWATting, Andrew was finally resolved to not let the tactics of organized, well-funded, and increasingly dangerous radicals continue to ruin Conservative new media citizen-journalists’ lives.

The question that needs to be asked (and one we hope to answer) is: Why the delay?

Mandy Nagy (Liberty Chick) direct messages to Mike Stack, 3/15/12

It is not and never has been the desire of The Trenches to rehash events or reopen wounds from the past, but we will continue to investigate this time line and report as necessary, with respect to ongoing law enforcement investigations.

Since the beginning of this latest chapter of SWATterGate, more and more Conservatives have been sucked into this absolutely unnecessary vortex catalyzed by individuals with no desire to facilitate a healthy democratic process.

Following the Trenches release of the Rauhauser/Stack Emails, 6/14/12

We have confirmed the existence of the necessary investigations by the proper authorities, and remain joined with those in the blogosphere who have called for swift action, both legal and congressional, to address the threat of SWATting and bring those who’ve engaged in this despicable behavior to justice.

As explained in The Trenches’ mission statement, the members of this publication stand together against the organized left with an eager willingness to cooperate with those who first and foremost wish to see the American Constitutional Federalist system, her exceptional traditions of the rule of law and a culture of personal responsibility restored. The most important step toward this goal is winning at the ballot box this November.

At the end of the day – despite what may be comparatively nuanced differences in ideology, personality, personal history, or strategic approach – seeking truth should be paramount in an open and professional discussion within the arena of ideas.

Bellum Letale

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“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” -Sun Tzu

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