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Arms of Iran: Ich Sun the 21 year old iranian ComodoHacker revealed 7/11/11 #ITYS

Arms of Iran: Ich Sun the 21 year old iranian ComodoHacker revealed

by CWZ,
September 30th 2012 8:11 PM

The 21 year old Iranian hacker is a lone wolf that is responsible for the Stuxnet retaliation and the DigiNotar CA breach. The hacker uses pastebin te deliver his messages to the internet.

An audit from DigiNotar by the Dutch government found that the attack apparently started on June 17 and ran for more than a month, despite the hacker's claim of July 11. During that time, the hacker managed to break into several CA servers, a Kaspersky representative noted, where he launched various attack tools, and ran custom scripts and tools designed to compromise DigiNotar. Overall, more than 531 fake certificates were issued as a result of the attack.

Meanwhile, Fox-IT, a digital investigative company hired by the Dutch government, said about 300,000 Internet Protocol addresses had accessed sites using fraudulent certificates between July 27 and August 29 and almost all of them originated in Iran, according to a Computerworld report. That echoes what Google said about the attack primarily affecting people in Iran.
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The 21 year old iranian hacker his motives: 1. While Comodo stated last week that the sophistication of the attack indicated that it was based in Iran and state-sponsored, a letter posted on text-sharing site Pastebin and signed by Janam Fadaye Rahbar, claimed that he acted alone and was not part of any state-sponsored political agenda, nor was he affiliated with the Iranian Cyber Army, a hacking group believed to be part of the Iranian government.

In his message, written in broken English, Rahba explains that what motivated him was the failure for any action to follow revelations of Israel and the United States being behind Stuxnet, a cyberattack on nuclear facilities in Iran believed to have originated from the two countries. He brags of his technical abilities and threatens those "who have problem with Islamic Republic of Iran."

2.Trying to strike out at the Dutch government, the hacker pinned the motive behind his attack on the government's role in the Srebrenica genocide, which occurred 16 years ago on July 11.

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The mindset of the 21 year old hacker on the Western Governments: The Western governments, Western media and Western corporation. He claims that the US and Israel already had acces to Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail using Echelon.

He criticizes the media in a number of ways. He regards it as unfair that Iranian ambassadors were quizzed by the media regarding the Comodo attack, and yet no equivalent scrutiny was given to US and Israeli officials over Stuxnet. Similarly, the Western media wrote about the Comodo attack, but ignores Echelon and HAARP—in other words, that the media swoops into action when it appears that Iranians might compromise the secrecy of Westerners, but doesn’t care about Westerners spying on the rest of the world.


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