Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sanity for Superheroes: Stalker or Hacker?

Vernon filed a complaint against me. Poor little slave doesn't like my website? Too fucking bad. I don't like him! Columbia University tightened up there security ten-fold after the entire University got hacked ("on the hunt for @ELyssaD") and DDoS when I met with Director of Security at Academic Computing. They (Lulz) took down the entire University "on the hunt for @ELyssaD root @pastebin ... Blah blah blah...
Vernon called the police because he didn't like my blog post I wrote detailing his "monitoring" duties which include harassing, threatening, and stalking me. Vernon appears to have impeccable timing every time I post anything on about the constant harassment and threats, he magically appears outside my window. Today he has a laptop... And I have a phantom visitor on my network! Redirecting DNS, server reset, kindle wiped... If he has a problem with what I have posted online than he can TRY to sue me for libel. Problem is, everything I've said is documented "on the wire" I noticed last night that SOmebody tore down the surveillance camera where Vernon and friends hide out to do their "business"

Well, I have tightened up my securITy... maybe it is time to time Metro tightens up theirs! Just me,


May 23, 2011
4:44pm #Illuminati
Nashville, Tennessee



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