Friday, May 18, 2012

The Company

The Company

My dad used to sing this to me when I was a little girl... 

Two years ago, I had never even heard of the New World Order, Illuminati Elite.

I lived a simple, silent, and honest life, yet still managed to pass as "normal" until I wast cast aside, shunned, humiliated and brutalized by friends, neighbors and police. They knew nothing of the secret society simply referred to as "The Company"

Apparently, I have something they want, dead or alive. They want both my secrets and my silence, but more than that, they want my genetic code.  

They know who my father is and obviously realize I know quite a bit about his activities in counterintelligence, cybercrimes, and high profile cases.

Cases that made him millions by defending the most notorious bankers, corporate criminals and corrupt politicians that are linked directly to the Rothschild fortune and the Illuminati conspiracy.

The 'Company' has showed more interest in the last few months than my father has in the last 38 years.

In a perfect world, I would find out that my father didn't just leave because he is too busy working, playing or doing whatever....

But the sad truth is, my father has gone to extreme measures to distance himself from my life. He has no concept of how his negligent behavior and management of my disability benefits have caused me in the real world. But he is best known for his fancy footwork -- keeping money hidden so it can be transferred from one bankster to another.

But in a perfect world.. I would find out that he did this because he knew of the danger that comes by virtue of having a family history that is deeply involved with the CIA and corporate elite. I would learn that he did this to keep me safe from the heavy hand of his corrupt colleagues at the CIA, the Illuminati elite and the New World Order.

This so called "Company" goes far beyond the USA, CIA, or his buddies on Wall Street.  It goes deep underground beneath the hidden tunnels of Egypt and Gaza and the Israeli Defense Force -- and even Mossad have contacted me in some form or another to let me know, "when we come to kill you, be prepared, because we are very good at terrorizing terrorists"

Clearly their secrets are far more important than my life..

I'm in deep.  Much deeper than I could even admit to myself until it became so obvious that I couldn't ignore what was clearly a conspiracy to either silence me, kill me, or drive me to the brink of insanity so that my credibility, mind, body and spirit were broken beyond repair. 

I can't believe that I to convince myself that surely these events were unrelated to what I know.  I wanted to believe they were random "coincidences" or the result of bad choices, bad luck, and random acts of violence complicated by systemic corruption.

I am ready to take my place in the world.  I am ready to become the "man" I need to be so that I can protect my loved ones from being targeted as well.

I have always been  a vocal advocate for the weak and underprivileged, but I have never been more determined to watch the elite fall from grace as they have watched one of "their own" brought to their knees.

I speak not only for myself, but for a few others who have had their lives completely destroyed and torn apart by wolves and sheep who simply don't see the full picture.

RB:  this one's for you...  you have nothing to fear, but I'm pretty sure you already know that. It is the rest of these sorry fuckers that needs to worry, because paybacks are a bitch.

My father once told a colleague that I may be the only person who is as smart or smarter than he is, and if that is true, I would do the same to my own children if I had them.

So, despite the "bad blood" between my father and I, I suppose I should say, "thank you, daddy-- for making me stronger than I ever believed I could be..."

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