Friday, April 27, 2012

Sanity for Superheroes: Hate Crimes in Tennessee IMAGE FILE

Hate Crimes in Tennessee IMAGE FILE

Nice message to receive from a Neo-Nazi who celebrates Hitler's birthday... This city doesn't investigate Hate Crimes, just immigration status 287(g)

BIG PROBLEM! Send in the fucking troops! I have people calling me "cracker Jew" telling me that I will burn in hell-fire and throwing bricks through my windows. Posting my address online and strangers sitting outside my apartment because "I look bored" How can he tell from 20-30 feet away sitting in a gold lexis with the engine running? Two incidents today. Stranger approaches me abruptly to ask inappropriate questions.

When I excuse myself (I made it clear I was NOT interested in chit chat; and told him I was on the phone) and he STILL persists interrupting my conversation and won't leave.

Tells me he lives here and thought he would say hi, "I saw me walking" AND? "I thought I knew you?"

So after I process this information, I quickly jump to my feet to see if he does live here or if I was over-reacting and being rude.

I cut through court yard and he turns corner in hurry down the street and disappears with dog.


I notice mailbox break in and send photos to police twitter account. Fast forward five minutes, a car pulls up (Gold Lexis late model) shouts, "Hey" out the car window with engine running.

I clearly take offense to being treated like some prostitute on the street while I am peacefully sitting beneath a tree in playground reading my mail. I shout into phone a description of what is going on, and tell him to go away before I call police (as per Lieutenants advice) and he says, "I just thought you looked bored."

Really? He could see all that from inside his car 30 feet away? Does he have x-ray vision to see through trees? No.

Was it the same person? I don't know because he never got out of the car. Either way, it's suspicious.

And that was all before noon.

Now receiving outrageous messages claiming to have naked photos and video of me with "black dude who has AIDS" calling me dirty East Side Ho which beats being a ho off Dickerson pike. Hate messages accompanied by image above. I don't doubt there may be photos, but I can assure you that people went to great lengths to keep my private affair private. The text messages were already stolen and leaked; though probably not destroyed, my name was kept out of the press since they had bigger phish to fry.

Exposes the dark side of secret societies (Illuminati) in high places.

Mission accomplished. Whistleblower fell victim to blackmail and lost the one thing he truly loved.

Well done, boys. Just remember that there is a second set of those records that are floating around out there... SOmewhere. Respect. Get some quickly because I may need to call 911 if this person truly is "waiting" outside my apartment to "fuck up some gang-bangers" he seems to think are friends of mine thanks to good ole agent provocateurs.

Or maybe I won't call and let these two Monarch slaves kill each other over some video that sure as shit is not me! Actually, not a bad idea. It will save us all a lot trouble. 2:56am 4/23/12 I'm not even going to video tape jack shit. So, by all means, do not respond (as if you would anyway!) Later folks! CodeGreen and I didn't have to lift a finger. Monarch v Monarch should be interesting.

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