Thursday, March 29, 2012

SOC-alled #Anonymous IP address!

Trace this bastard! It has surveillance cams and is overriding my kindle and netbook that has peer to peer static IP that connects automatically to a god damn terrorist already on the watch list!!

Who you gonna trust? A 24 year old with an X-box or someone who knows that some things are too sensitive to be released! Such as sealed DCS records, IRS files and the entire judiciary e-mail and cell numbers? Don't you get it? PROMIS started while my father was in US Attorneys office. Expert in CyberCrimes unit and International law! They posted his address and law firm on twitter six months ago! This could go either way! 1. They can continue to impersonate on stolen iPhone, Stolen Droid, fake Security tokens and make me look like a crazy bitch.

2. They can dig deeper and remember who I really am, and check my employment history. I used to write the Governor's correspondence. I am "on the list" of Nashville 44, the Mayors list of 100, have every single email address for state and local politicians and Judges... That shit is in @pastebin and they hacked ALL of Columbia University to get it. This can be verified with the head of Security of Academic Computing! 3. Or they can seek retribution for Treyvon Martin, MOVE bombing or Five Squad and to say "Fuck the Police" and take me out to even the score against Federal Agents and dirty cops. UK already pwned me to even the score for Gary McKinnon. They inserted a plugin with SQL injection into my blogs and my iPhone! #google Or they can access my PC and link to terrorist organization that has #Nukes and really hates America and Israel! Either way, we lose.

Go get his Xbox and his cell phone and find out who was feeding him false information while they wiped my drive and hacked all my cells and kindle.

Somebody is lying, and it's not me. You choose. I can play this either way... Stop treating me like a god damn meal ticket. I'll take you all down with me whether I intend to or not. Make. It. Stop.

Have the police set the record straight and do what you are supposed to do! Protect and serve and treat me with the dignity and respect I deserve for NOT inciting a riot or telling the world everything I know. Apologize. Get that kids Cell phone and Xbox MAC and find out who he is working for. I suspect he doesn't even know. He goes by the name "Spider" and he is #Monarch slave who doesn't have a birth certificate or a real name. The monitor and a shitload of SUVs and the local PD seem to be covering his "turf"

I know your dirty. Do you really want this to get any worse? Because we all know this goes straight to the top, and I'm not afraid to play that card if I need to take myself out of the picture. Or will I?

Do not fuck with my family. Cause as much as I love to hate them, I will not be used to facilitate any more violence pitting kids with guns in hoodies against SWAT teams with machine guns and rubber bullets.

I know more than you think, and I also know that I am disposable to the dirty cops and pigs you ate sending to my home.

I want some more helos next time, because I am being stalked right now by some dumb fuck who claims to be with the TBI. I need to check the mail, and get some fresh air, and last time I did that... I had an army (THE army) stop me at every corner only to find my home and mailbox had been broken into.

Now get me some damn helos at dusk, because if you are going to drop a bomb like you did in Philadelphia, I want to watch. And all the SUV's with no tags? COWARDS. If you are going to kill me, at least have the balls to look me in the eye and tell me why. Only a death squad wears black. Can you hear me now or did I stutter? Take them both out, or I will have to do what my father told me to do... it's him or me. At the end of the day... I am still my father's daughter and you don't have to like me, but you will respect me. Now, everybody... #MOVE

Elyssa D. Durant
Born in the USA



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