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"All around me, bitter tears are being shed over the fate of Holland, Belgium, France and England. I must confess to being a little dry around the eyes. I hear people shaking with shudders at the thought of Germany collecting taxes in Holland. I have not heard a word against Holland collecting one twelfth of poor people's wages in Asia. Hitler's crime is that he is actually doing a thing like that to his own kind...

As I see it, the doctrines of democracy deal with the aspirations of men's souls, but the application deals with things. One hand in somebody else's pocket and one on your gun, and you are highly civilized.... Desire enough for your own use only, and you are a heathen. Civilized people have things to show to their neighbors." -- Black writer Zora Neale Hurston at the start of World War II.

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WACO - Who Shot First?

Take a look at the following two photos.
These two photos, one from a video tape, the other from a film camera, show the first moments of the BATF raid at the Mt. Carmel church. Note the bullet holes in the walls of the church. None of the glass in any of the vehicles the BATF are hiding behind show any signs of being cracked or broken.

Now, examine this photo.

The wounded BATF man has been tentatively identified as BATF gent who shot himself in the leg while climbing a ladder. Note that he is being assisted from the area in full view of the upper floor windows of the church, apparently unconcerned with the possibility of gunfire from the occupants of the church.

The vehicle at the right is the horse trailer in which the BATF agents arrived for the raid. The top of it is canvas. It also shows no signs of any bullet holes, even though the Branch Davidians, had the been so inclined, would have been well advised to shoot through it to the BATF agents inside, and later, hiding behind.

The public has been told that the members of the church had .50 caliber rifles. Had they used them, the cars and trucks would have not stopped the bullets and there would be bullet holes on the sides of the vehicles facing the cameras where the rounds exited.

In short, there is nothing in these photos to support the suggestion that the members of the church were actually firing on the BATF at this point in the raid, let alone that the members of the church fired first.


Kathrine Andrade before the government's Mt. Carmel Raid

Kathrine Andrade after the government's Mt. Carmel Raid

Shari Doyle before the goverment's Mt. Carmel Raid

Shari Doyle after the goverment's Mt. Carmel Raid

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