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Solutions To Sustainability | Nov 30th -0001

For All of US

The info provided below is from a friend in Canada! I think I will visit! Perhaps I can get better mileage on the return trip.

We don't have money, we don't own our property, our vote does not count, there is no law order or justice, & they want to kill US.

We all have a boat. It is our life boat. Unfortunately our boats have holes & leaks. These holes are unlawful taxes, energy extortion, & the nonsensical unlawful legal system.

16,000 men, women & children will die this year by drunk driver's, countless thousands by smoking cigarette's, thousands by medical malpractice - yet not 1 for smoking pot!

There are too many rotten apples in Washington! When you have rotten apples it is better to discard the apples & start over - fresh!

In the garden when you discover a weed - you pull the weed out. We must get to the root or the weed will grow again. We must destroy the weed or it will take over the garden & destroy our fresh fruits & our vegetables that we need for sustenance! Dare to think?

We have learned from all our mistakes!

G-d bless the Republic!

Remember Masada, American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, VietNam War, Persian Gulf War, & all the conflicts, so I ask what's one more? This is what we do!

Do you agree there is good & evil? If you ignore evil, are you putting your head in the sand or up your ass? Are you showing your best side? I say that stinks - you should get involved!

If you are not the solution you are the problem.


Hi katman

I sent this thru to EPA


Supercarburetors : The Solution To Sustainability

The technolgy that make it possible to change the gasoline into natural gas & methanol right onboard the vehicle and increase mileage drasitcally & cut pollution significantly.

Suppressed or misunderstood ? It matters not, but our children do help share this information - our only solution for air pollution.

If you are interested in your planet and health, it is very important to consider the air you breathe. Many health problems are related to lowered oxygen levels in our air. An automobile consumes 45 times more oxygen than an avg. human breathes. It does not have too. The following products are designed to lower pollution as well as fuel costs. You can make a small difference.

If we all do our part, we will make a big difference. We all eventually breathe the same air. Do your part to make our air cleaner. share this info.

HIMAC Research Publishing -- Book List Secret Super Mileage Report" -- by Bruce McBurney, Pub. 1996. -- The real facts on special carburetors & how they produce natural gas & methanol for greatly increased gas mileage -- up to 5 times, & how they drastically cut pollution. If you care about clean air & a healthy planet for your children, you need to know & share this information. This book explains how many of the pioneers in this movement set the stage for the new developments in this field. However, they didn't understand that the gasoline was converted into methanol & natural gas or how the additives prevented the systems from working. There is a money back guarantee if you are not convinced. Over 1250 copies sold (with only 1 refund). A must read for any researcher, environmentalist or skeptic. -- 68 pages. $19.95 + $3.50 S+H

"The Hydro- Boost Manuel" -- by Lee Brewer & Bruce McBurney, Pub. 1999. A How to Manuel on water conversion systems for hydrogen power supplement & other ideas to increase mileage & cut pollution. It is simple & easy to build & install, all parts are cheaply found in plumbing & local stores, no welding or machining required, just glue, drilling, & simple wiring. Increases vary 10 - 100%; but there is always less pollution. � 52 pages . $29.95 +$3.50 S+H

"Secrets of The 200 Mile Per Gallon Carburetor" -- by Allan Wallace. This 1997 revised version has Patents, Drawings, & Instructions of the earlier vapor carbs. It is 3 Books in 1. Book 1 is the above title. Book 2 is "Super Mileage Carburetors, How they Worked & How to Build them" & book 3 is "200 MPG Carburetors Fact or Fraud " Around 3,500,000 copies have been sold. This is an excellent reference book, but doesn't explained the fuel conversion to natural gas & the effect of additives. -- 116 pages . 29.95 + $3.50 S+H

"100 Miles per Gallon Seminar" -- by Donald E. Novak, physicist, Pub. 1979. Explains the vapor carburetor theories, but not the Thermal Catalytic Cracking. His patents including the Pogue & Fish as well as others. He also gets into furnace technology. This former Kansas University teacher presents interesting evidence of the suppression of these ideas.-- 89 pages. $29.95 + $3.50 S+H

"The Elusive High Mileage Carburetor" -- by Larry Wagner, Pub. 1984. This book explains the cracking of the fuel. His extensive study accumulated evidence in his research. He showed what he did to get 85 MPG in 455 C.I. Buick,; however fuel additives killed his invention. -- 94 pages. $15.00 + $3.50 S+H

"The Secrets of the 100 mpg Carburetor" -- by Thomas O'Brien, Pub. 1981. There is research & information on the supercarburetors & several Preprints of the Pogue newspaper information. He explains catalytic cracking & air ratios as well as the suppression of these inventions. � 112 pages. $15.00 + $3.50 S+H

"The Oil Crisis Answers" -- by J.E. Jackson, Pub. 1977. Explains various aspects of energy efficiency from Super Carburetors to oil filters & alternate engines as the turbine. This information explains profits as the priority, not conservation. An interesting read. Part text on web. -- 143 pages. $15.00 + $3.50 S+H

"Water Fuel Cell" -- by Stanley Myers. Pub 1991. It has been said he ran a VW dune buggy on water only. He tried for years to get financial help; but when he finally got it, he died mysteriously while celebrating the deal. A newspaper stated "His car & information were seized with no one explaining how he did it." This is his original information & articles on his system, -- 2 books over 180 pages. $30.00 + $3.50 S+H.

A clean environment is important to us all! Please help by sharing this information!


The Condensator is a device that uses catalytic reaction to break down engine oil vapours, that normally foul an engine, into useable fuel. It will only increase mileage by up to 27%; but it will decrease pollution by up to 75%. When you see what has collected in the container, you will be happy it did not go into your engine & into our air. The gasoline version is $130.00 for fuel injection or carburetor. The Diesel unit solves a major engine blow-by problem by trapping the unrefined oil in the container. This will reduce maintenance costs, air pollution & road oil pollution. The unit costs $600.00 -- plus installation.

The Power Cube is a radio transmitter for your vehicle's spark plugs. It will increase mileage & H.P. by 10-20 % by exciting the fuel in the compression stroke. It is regularly priced at $129.95 US; but we sell them for $150.00 Canadian. Installation is 1-2 hours & is not complicated.

Muscle Products, MT-10 & FT-10 are oil & fuel additives that are able to cut pollution significantly & increase mileage 20 -30% as well as extending oil change intervals & engine life. MT-10 is $30.00 for 4 oil changes. FT-10 is $20.00 & will treat 160 gallons of diesel or gasoline.

The Grose Jet is a replacement valve for inside the carburetor. It will keep the fuel properly regulated & prevent flooding. The gains vary depending on how bad the mileage was. $9.00 -$12.00 each.

These inventions & books listed as well as others have been misunderstood or suppressed. The only way to help ourselves is to share the ideas & help the inventors who already have the answers to the pollution problems that threaten our world & our children's futures.

We share the truth & the "right to know" about all SUPER Carburetors. This is the "Solution to the AIR Pollution". Our future depends on it. GET INVOLVED NOW!

NOTICE: IFF is not personally endorsing these products, but endeavoring to make available all information on alternative power and conservation of power resources. We are intending to check them out.

All Common Law Rights are reserved explicitly without prejudice
UCC 1-103, 1-105, 1-207.


I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice! Let me make that perfectly plain, clear and mutually agreed, that, and I repeat, I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice! This is my private opinion; I am only sharing information! Notice to agent is notice to principle and notice to principle is notice to agent. For those who would violate my privacy by intercepting this private communication, I fully reserve all of my absolute (sovereign) natural (natural by law) "creator endowed" inherent Rights! I also choose to exercise my Right of remedy In the event that any party attempts to use this writing in any proceeding of any kind! I make no claims as to the accuracy of the information! I could be wrong about all of it! Hereinafter "disclaimer". From now on until further notice the "disclaimer" is presumed in any further private or personal or public or official communication from me to you. "Disclaimer"

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