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Naked Surveillance | Nov 30th -0001

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I've written in the past about privacy. This article explores another issue about our privacy.

But it's the law.

It is your responsibility to disobey bad laws.

The founding fathers of this nation did exactly that.

Do you remember?

Would you rather bow to a Queen or a King?

Please read & pass on before you do.


Naked Surveillance
by Russell Madden

Unbeknownst to Oregon resident Danny Kyllo, a police officer searched his home�even though the officer had not yet served Kyllo a search warrant nor even entered the man's house. What the cop did do in the never-ending War on People (aka "the War on Drugs") was point a thermal imager at Kyllo's residence.

The imager revealed that the suspect's domicile was radiating heat more than usual for such a structure. "Ah-ha!" the sterling upholder of the law thought, "Grow lights!" After combining this initial search with other evidence, a search warrant was issued. Lo and behold, the stalwart officers discovered that the hapless Mr. Kyllo had committed the no-no of growing marijuana plants.

Naturally, Mr. Kyllo took exception to this common practice of law enforcement. Using this thermal information from his home without first obtaining a warrant constituted an "unreasonable search" and thus violated Mr. Kyllo's Fourth Amendment guaranteed rights against unlawful searches. As such, any evidence obtained in this endeavor should be suppressed and not be available in any criminal proceedings initiated against him.

Seems clear enough, right?

The district court said, no, no, the use of a thermal imaging device does not constitute a search, despite the fact that the officer was seeking to obtain information about the conditions inside Mr. Kyllo's home without his permission and without a valid warrant. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that no search relevant to the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution occurred. This ruling has now been appealed to the Supreme Court. The Nine in Black have decided to examine this practice and issue a ruling on whether thermal imaging (at least if conducted from a police car rather than an airplane) is to be permitted.

We can only wish Mr. Kyllo good luck in his fight.

Peeping Toms of the State

Even though the average person would be arrested for voyeurism if he engaged in such "Peeping Tom" behavior, this is hardly the only example of agents of the State hoping to catch a glimpse of the "naked truth" about you.

Going on a plane ride? New imaging devices are available that can reveal the "real you" beneath your clothing, and in embarrassing detail. In the name of fighting "terrorism" and "gun nuts," the security folks who boringly process harried travelers may soon be better able than your closest acquaintances to assess the extent of your middle-age spread or the facts about your physique your clothes attempt to disguise or enhance.

Even if you are not one of the fortunate few who currently face this invisible groping, you may be lucky enough to experience a real hands-on search, especially if you match some arcane "profile" based on your sex, race, or ethnic background. No warrants, of course. Mere suspicion suffices. Stripped naked, prodded and poked, perhaps even detained while the upstanding defenders of your freedom wait to examine what you deposit in the toilet, you will no doubt accept unreservedly that such workers are merely "doing their jobs." Who cares that ninety-percent of those detained are sent away, innocent of any ill intent to violate the laws of this country? "Oops. Sorry." (Actually, I doubt your examiners will apologize.)

Now don't you feel ever so much safer as you wing your way through the friendly skies?

Maybe you believe that merely walking sedately down the street will not attract any undue attention. After all, as Obi Wan Kenobi told Han Solo, you prefer to avoid "Imperial entanglements." Be watchful, however, if you exercise your right to carry a weapon in self-defense. You may someday become the random target of officers wielding sensitive metal detectors that reveal your dirty little secret to their probing instruments. If the lovely ladies of the Million Mom March have their way, no appeal to the Second Amendment will protect you (let alone the Fourth Amendment). You will be judged an evil purveyor of "gun violence" merely because you own � let alone bear! � such a instrument of death and destruction. When the War on Drugs, the War on Terrorism, and the slowly brewing War on Guns merge someday into one gigantic War on Everything That They Don't Approve Of, your only hope will be to cower in the safety of your basement. (Darn. I forgot. That thermal imager thing...)

We already have school officials stripping little girls to their underwear searching for stolen goods. What new excuses will the guardians of our youth dream up tomorrow to justify their violations of our children's bodies and privacy? Regardless, those who will one day mature into our national leaders will be well-conditioned for the world of the future.

Chip Implants to Save the Children

Chip implants that today track the locations of pets and valuable livestock are already being touted as the next wave of convenience and safety for humans. The first widespread appeals to apply this technology to people may be directed to � yes � the children. How could you possibly object to anything that might ensure a teeny-tiny additional margin of safety for your precious offspring? Why, you have been fingerprinting your progeny, have you not? No matter that the real risk of them being abducted is minuscule. Every precaution must be taken. Why, not agreeing to chip implantation might be construed as uncaring and cruel. Child abuse? You wouldn't want to be accused of that, now would you? Besides, simply think of an implant as an extension of the national identification � oh, excuse me � the social security number you obtained for your children. Why, I bet the State could be convinced to offer you a tax credit if you comply! Maybe your insurance rates would drop, too!

No more lost children! What a glorious Utopia! No longer need you worry about exercising your parental authority and responsibility. Just as the State has relieved you of the bothersome necessity of obtaining child care, choosing your child's education, worrying whether or not to vaccinate them against obscure diseases, purchasing their health care, evaluating their toys for safety, deciding whether to buckle up your children or place them in car seats, so, too, will your beneficent guardian angels ensure that you can let your kids run wild.

Nor will you be able (or allowed?) to resist the siren call of this GPS linked little companion. At present, the authorities can only track your position via your cell phone. (For your own good, of course. How else do you expect the good folks manning the 911 phones to find you? What? You didn't ask to "benefit" from this loss of your anonymity. No problem! No need for thanks, either.) In addition to the implant linking you into this global web, it will soon be able to monitor your vital signs. Skyrocketing blood pressure? Heart attack? Gasping for breath? Help is quick at hand.

You will also no longer be pestered by the hassle of passwords or swipe cards or even fingerprints or retinal scanners. Your micro-buddy can handle all those mundane requirements of life for you. Throw in complete tracking of your purchases, jobs, medical history, emails, phone calls, and travels and there won't be anything about you that those who "feel your pain" won't know. You will stand before them revealed in all your naked glory � either literally or figuratively � any time they so desire. With knowledge comes power. With power comes control. With control comes�slavery?

Well, the politicos and their minions don't want you to take that final mental step. Doing that would reveal that the Emperor has no clothes. Realize that fact � that their "compassion" and their "caring" and their "concerns" for "justice" are nonexistent � and you will laugh. So, let's all open our eyes and take a good hard look at those who hope to leave us naked and helpless before them. While we still can, let's strip them of the drug (power) they lust after most, and laugh good and loud and long at their naked ambition.

See Russ Madden's articles, short stories, novel excerpts, and items of interest to Objectivists, libertarians, and sci-fi fans at from The Laissez Faire City Times, Vol 4, No 45, November 6, 2000

All Common Law Rights are reserved explicitly without prejudice
UCC 1-103, 1-105, 1-207.


I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice! Let me make that perfectly plain, clear and mutually agreed, that, and I repeat, I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice! This is my private opinion; I am only sharing information! Notice to agent is notice to principle and notice to principle is notice to agent. For those who would violate my privacy by intercepting this private communication, I fully reserve all of my absolute (sovereign) natural (natural by law) "creator endowed" inherent Rights! I also choose to exercise my Right of remedy In the event that any party attempts to use this writing in any proceeding of any kind! I make no claims as to the accuracy of the information! I could be wrong about all of it! Hereinafter "disclaimer". From now on until further notice the "disclaimer" is presumed in any further private or personal or public or official communication from me to you. "Disclaimer"

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